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Cullen Family Movie Night

What happens when five vampires and one human are alone in the Cullen’s house with nothing to do? What every other group of teenagers would do: A movie night! With favorites like 1408, Lord of the Rings, Because of Winn-Dixie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, One Missed Call, Harry Potter, RV, and many more! Breaking Dawn Disregarded.

It's not to late to submit a movie idea or two for me to add into any of the following chapters!

2. Chapter 2: Part 2

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Part 2


“Someone’s got an attitude,” Edward mused as the screen flickered.

“Look who’s talking,” Emmett joked, “This guy makes you look like a kid with an ear infection.”

“But he’s just as crazy in love as I am,” Edward whispered to Bella, who curled up happily next to him.”

“Eddy and Bella sittin’ in a tree,” Emmett sang.

“Don’t start,” Alice growled.

“Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales….” Emmett sang under his breath.


Sweeney Todd

“A singing demon barber? Come one people!” Jasper yelled at the screen. “Doesn’t look like a demon to me!”

“What about Hellboy, I wonder?” Rosalie scoffed. “Was he supposed to be a fluffy bunny rabbit?”

Edward snickered before throwing some popcorn at Rosalie’s head.

Rosalie growled.


High School Musical

“Jeez, that girl needs to get a life,” Emmett grumbled. “All she does is complain about Troy and Gabriella taking her spot in the play.”

“I hear you, brother.” Jasper grumbled.

“We’re soarin’ ” Bella sang.

“Flyin’ ” replied Edward.

“There’s not a star in heaven
that we can’t reach,” they both sang in perfect harmony.

Please stop!” Rosalie begged.

“I like it!” Alice chimed happily. “They sound better than you and Emmett at night!”

Rosalie turned away, her lips pursed.


Pirates of the Caribbean

“I have to admit,” Jasper muttered, “Jack is a pretty good captain.”

“Speak for yourself,” Emmett muttered, “If I had my way, I’d be captain of the Black Pearl. Savvy?

Jasper and Edward groaned; Edward chucked a pillow at Emmett’s head.

Emmett ducked. “Missed me!” he sang “‘Cause I’m Captain Emmett Cullen!”

“You’re Captain Dead Meat in thirty seconds if you don’t shut up,” Alice chuckled as Jasper and Edward started growling.


The Messengers

“That. Is. So. Fake.” Rosalie muttered.

“So are you,” Jasper grumbled.

“Odd how Jess looks like me,” Bella muttered. “It’s the same thing as in Zathura, only she isn’t a main character.”

“Oh my gosh,” Emmett cried, “Bella’s KStew in disguise.”

“Shut up, Emmett,” Alice growled. “Kellan Lutz looks too much like you in Accepted.”


Alvin and the Chipmunks

“For once, my head hurts,” Emmett moaned.

“Yeah, well, they sing pretty high,” Jasper growled sarcastically. “Right, Edward?”

No answer.



“Edward? Bella?”

Not a peep.

“Lucky them,” Alice snickered.

“You know something we don’t, right?” Jasper asked.

“Yep,” Alice sang, “And if I told you, Edward would rip my head off.”



“Oh my gosh, I cannot believe Bella and Edward are missing this!” Emmett howled

“Robin Williams is so funny.” Jasper choked out through gasps of laughter.

Alice rolled on the floor laughing. “How can the RV take that kind of beating?” She wondered

“I don’t know,” Jasper said.

“But whatever it is,” Emmett chuckled, “It’s really funny!”

Rosalie cracked a smile, thinking of what kind of RV could survive something like that.


Finding Nemo

“A clownfish? Excuse me, but the coloring is funny enough without having to resort to jokes, you know!” Rosalie snorted.

“Yeah, but he can’t tell a good joke, now can he?” Emmett guffawed.

“Ho ho ho,” Jasper muttered.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” Emmett sang

Alice and Rosalie shrieked with laughter.

Jasper cracked a smile.

“I love being able to make everyone laugh!” Emmett said happily.


One Missed Call

“I really hate that ringtone,” Jasper growled. “It’s too cheery for getting killed.”

“Final Destination is something similar,” Emmett said.

“What?” Jasper muttered, “Stupid ringtones?”

“No,” Emmett said, “People dying.”

“Can I kill you?” Jasper growled.

There was a pause….

“Don’t open the door, don’t open the door!” Emmett screamed.

The T.V turned off, and the windows blew open. The piano began playing creepy-sounding music, and evil laughter filled the room.

The T.V flipped on again, and Edward was standing by the piano, resplendent in traditional vampire garb.

Alice threw her head back in laughter, slapping her leg in delight.

Emmett, meanwhile, had leapt into Rosalie’s arms, squeaking in terror, while Jasper had jumped off the couch, and was now crouched in front of Alice.

“Jeez,” Edward laughed,” You should’ve seen the looks on your faces.”

“Scare much?” Alice snickered.

Laughter filled the room.


Blades of Glory

“Har har!!” Emmett roared, slapping his knee.

“Can it, big guy,” Jasper muttered.

Alice turned to Edward, now dressed in normal clothing.

“Where’s Bella?” she asked.

“She’s waiting for me….” Edward trailed off, and smiled. Alice gasped.

“Oh, that’s tonight?”

Edward nodded.

“What’s tonight?” Jasper whispered over Emmett renewed guffaws.

Edward told him. Jasper gaped in awe.

“And I have an idea as to how we’re going to get there,” Edward added.

“Let’s watch X-Men next!” Emmett called.



“Magneto needs a life!” Emmett called out.

“No,” Edward replied, “What he needs is a good kick in the pants!”

Jasper snickered.

“Does it matter?” Rosalie scoffed, “He a fictional character.”

“So are you,” Jasper pointed out.

“Say that again, I dare you!” Rosalie screeched.

“Holy,” Emmett yelped, leaping behind the couch.

Edward covered his ears, Jasper covered his eyes, and Alice covered her mouth at the exact same time.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“A river of chocolate?” Edward muttered. “Is that even healthy? I mean, the rocks probably aren’t real rocks, but rather rock candy. However, that might be considered a health issue. Not to mention the Oompa Loompas. What if they have some sort of disease they carried over from their old home, and they unknowingly infect the chocolate with the germs?”

“You just don’t want Bella to eat that stuff, do you?” Emmett snickered.

“Stop talking, Emmett,” Edward growled.

“Hey, calm down!” Alice yelled, and Jasper sent calming waves of serenity around the room.

“We’ll settle this later,” Emmett growled as he slumped into the couch



“That’s very interesting,” Emmett muttered.

“Got that right.” Rosalie muttered.

“Hey, Jazz,” Emmett called. “What’s you’re opinion?”

“He doesn’t want to answer,” Alice said, “But if someone here has a baby, we are not naming it Paulie Bleeker.

“So true,” Rosalie replied over Emmett’s guffaws.

Emmett didn’t speak again, until later.

“Do you think that would happen to Bella and Edward?” He asked.

No one answered.

“Hello?” Emmett called. “Alice? Edward? Bella? Jasper? Rose? Anyone? SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!”


Port Angeles Cinema

Now Showing:


“I love this movie already,” Edward whispered as Bella sat next to him in the dark theater, nibbling on popcorn.

“A human and a vampire fall in love,” Alice sighed. “The ultimate Romeo and Juliet love story.”

Someone’s phone buzzed.

“Tell me how it ends,” Rosalie hissed as she got up and exited the theater

“Except no one dies,” Edward, corrected. “I’m seeing this in lots of teenager’s heads.”

“Good thing Emmett isn’t here,” Jasper muttered, “otherwise we’d be the laughingstock of the theater.”

“Odd how the main character’s name’s are Bella and Edward.” Bella whispered. Alice and Edward nodded.

“You don’t think….” Edward whispered.

“It’s us, right?” Bella mused.

Bella and Edward stared at each other.

“Nah!” they muttered.