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My Last Hope

Ok just a warning I am terrible at summaries. What if Jasper wasn't meant for Alice? What if there was no Bella and Edward was with Alice? What if Jasper had been part of James's coven? What if the Cullens have a new member named Samantha? What if Jasper and Samantha(Sam to most) were meant for each other and just didn't know it? A/U Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! I disclaim. Stephenie Meyer owns all recognizable characters and plot lines.

At first this is probably not going to make a lot of sense but this idea randomly popped into my head so I figured I’d run with it. Ok so lets make sure we have this straight. Everyone’s a vampire, Alice and Edward are together and Samantha recently joined the Cullens. Recently meaning right after they moved from Forks though she had been a ‘vegetarian’ for a long time before that. Jasper is wandering with Laurent, Victoria and James and is a human drinker. Everyone’s powers are the same and Samantha’s you will find out later. Since there isn’t a Bella(she just doesn’t exist) that means that the coven’s will have to meet somewhere else.

1. Kill Each Other/Live Forever-System Of A Down

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Samantha’s POV

I sat on the bank of a small creek and dangled my feet in the water. I was in a clearing in the middle of the woods somewhere in Canada. Today was the anniversary of my human husband’s death and I just needed to be alone. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the Cullen’s, they’re like the family I never had, but around this time I just need to be by myself to work through the grief that still lived in me even after nearly 30 years.

Jason. I thought sadly as I pictured his face in my mind. His face was the one memory I always wanted to keep with me. I’m going to sound crazy but sometimes he even visits me when I block out everything and just close my eyes. I don’t sleep, but I can go into a deep trancelike state where I can almost dream.

I laid back on the grass, still wet with early morning dew, and let the rays of sunlight bounce of my skin, making the facets sparkle like thousands of diamonds. I closed my eyes and let the sounds of the surrounding forest block out some of the grief as the day starting to get brighter and the animals started moving around more.

“Jason.” I sighed almost silently, the name just a whisper with the wind. He was really truly gone. After 28 years you would think I would know that, but it seemed like in the last couple years I started realizing just how gone he was. It felt like I was waiting for something, or someone, but I couldn’t figure out what. Alice was walking around with an extra happy attitude, but she wouldn’t tell me why.

I sighed and stood up. I’d been here for 2 days now I had grieved properly, now it was time to get back to living and working as best as I could to help people. I’d taken 3 days leave from the hospital where I worked with Carlisle and now I had only one day to get all the way back to Oregon from where I was in Northern Canada.

I ran without thinking the entire way. I had found that if I let my mind wander it would inevitably bring back a picture of Jason’s face and I would break down again. The Cullen family was supportive and comforting, but only Esme really knew what it was like to lose someone you love, no matter if it was a baby or a husband of less that a year it hurt and she understood that which is why I connected best with her.

I climbed the tree outside my window and slipped through it. Alice was already there sitting on my carpet reading my newest copy of Rock Sound and engrossed in an article about Disturbed. I have an obsession with rock music. I love anything that has a heavy beat or lots of loud noise, I think because it blocked a lot of stuff out of my head. Edward absolutely hated it and we often had long arguments about which were better, rock or classical.

“Sam!” She squealed when she noticed my presence and jumped up to attempt to crush me in a hug.

“It’s good to see you too Alice.” I said, laughing and returning the hug.

She pulled away and led me towards the bathroom. “Guess what?”

“What?” I asked confused as to why I was going in her. I was a vampire for crying out loud!

“We have another coven of vampires coming to visit in a few days. They are interested in our way of life.” She said as she sat me down in her Barbie chair of torture.

“And I need a makeover why?” I asked as she started brushing out my long chestnut hair.

“Because there are two single guys. Duh.” She said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I groaned and closed my eyes, blocking out everything she was telling me about the two guys. “You’re finished! And you look fabulous if I do say so myself. Now what should you wear?” She went and rummaged around in my closet for a bit before pulling out a dark blue blouse and a pair of dark skinny jeans with my old high-tops.

I eagerly took the clothes that I would feel comfortable in and slipped into them. Finally I decided to brave a mirror. “Wow.” I said after a few moments. I looked like a different person. My hair was straightened and tied back in a twist that looked good and yet complicated and the makeup she had pasted all over my face enhanced my delicate bone structure and added a slightly rosy tint to my usually white cheeks.

“Told you that you looked fabulous.” Alice said as she came to stand beside me.

“Thank you, but when is this coven coming?” I asked.

“Oh I’d say about 24 seconds.” She replied before skipping away presumably in search of Edward. I groaned and flopped down on my couch. What I really needed to do was go hunting, but obviously Alice saw that idea because a few seconds later she was in my room and dragging me down the hall.

“So now I’m not even allowed to go hunting?” I whined.

“No. You are going to sit in the living room with the rest of the family and act like you want to be here.” I smiled at her statement and sat down in one of the armchairs. My iPod happened to be on the end table next to me so I picked it up and put on a song by Disturbed called ‘Down With The Sickness’. I smiled happily and settled down in my seat.

As Alice had said after about 24 seconds, counting the ones it took her to get me to the living room, the doorbell rang. Since at the moment I was the only one here I dropped one headphone out of my ear and slipped by iPod into my pocket set to shuffle my songs and went to answer the door.

There were 4 vampires standing there and all were covered in leaves and dirt and such so I figured that they were nomads. The second thing I noticed was the red eyes. I stepped back a step, repulsed, by the sight and waved them in. “Hello I am Samantha Cullen, but please call me Sam, and Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Edward should be down in a second or two.” I said politely as they all crammed themselves on one couch. Well it was a pretty big couch anyways.

“And who are you all, if I may ask?” I wondered aloud.

The dark haired man next to a bright red headed woman spoke up. “I am James, leader of this small coven, this is my mate Victoria, and then we have Laurent,” He gestured to a slightly dark toned man with dark hair, “And Jasper.” He gestured the last man. James was blond with pale skin and there were bite marks all over his neck, but they didn’t take away from his beauty and even I would call him beautiful.

At that moment Alice waltzed in with Edward trailing behind. I glared at him for not stopping his wife before she got to me and he gave an apologetic smile and a shrug. “Hi I’m Alice and this is my mate Edward.” Alice said in her freaky sparkly voice. “I see you’ve already met my sister. She doesn’t have a mate. Her human one died right before she was changed.” Alice said, raising an eyebrow at the two single males. I glared at her and stood up.

“I think I’ll go hunting now.” I said and before Alice could stop me I was out the door and in the woods.

Jasper’s POV

I was running in the woods somewhere in Oregon when I came across another vampire’s trail. There were more than one and I found other trails criss-crossing through it. In total I counted 7. I couldn’t fathom how a coven could be that large unless they were starting an army and immediately I alerted James.

He decided that we would go and see this coven to see if they were a threat or not. We ran in silence most of the way and I tried to lag slightly behind. The scent trails led to a large pale blue house. It was a rather pretty house, and even as a guy I can admit that.

James walked up onto the porch and rang the doorbell. A rather beautiful woman answered the door. She had one headphone in and I could see the outline of an iPod or something of the like in her pocket. What I really noticed was the warm butterscotch eyes. They were golden almost and I almost started walking up to her. I could feel the annoyance in her though I really had no idea why and I tried to send her calming waves, but they just bounced right off. I frowned slightly as she waved us in.

We fit ourselves into one of the sofas in the living room and waited silently. “Hello, I am Samantha Cullen, but please call me Sam, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Edward should be down in a second or two.” Samantha said. She wanted us to call her Sam, but Samantha was a lovely name. I couldn’t figure out why I was having these strange feelings. I was not one to get attached to someone other than my coven mates, but this woman had entranced me. Maybe it was her golden eyes, maybe it was the peacefulness I felt from her once she had settled whatever conflict was causing the annoyance or maybe it was just her.

“Who are you all?” She asked quietly, looking us over.

James spoke up. “I am James, leader of the coven, this is my mate Victoria, and then we have Laurent” He paused to gesture to Laurent, who was on my right. “And Jasper.” He gestured at me. Samantha’s eyes lingered on me for longer than anyone else and I could see her gaze sweep up to my hair and then down, not even pausing at the bite marks scarring my neck, and then rise to rest on my face.

Just then a little girl almost, with a black spiky haircut waltzed into the room with a taller bronzish haired male following her. “Hi I’m Alice and this is my mate Edward.” I felt a creepy happiness coming off of Alice and an apologetic feeling coming off Edward directed at Samantha, who was at that moment glaring at him. She then smiled and Edward raised an eyebrow at her though I could feel his worry. Apparently it was a rather creepy smile. As in evil plotting smile. “And I see you’ve already met my sister. She doesn’t have a mate. Her human one died right before she was changed.” Alice continued looking at Laurent and myself.

“I think I’ll go hunting now.” Samantha said. She stood up and took off into the woods. She was really fast, but I could easily feel the grief coming off of her.

“Alice, why the hell did you do that? You know how she is about Jason? Why would you even say such a thing? And in front of strangers. I thought you have better judgment than that. You don’t know how much that hurt her. And today’s the anniversary of their wedding and his death.” Edward ranted at his mate. She looked shocked and then got a rather sad expression.

“I thought it would help if she put herself out there you know.” She looked like if she was human she would by crying.

Her mate enveloped her in an embrace. “I know sweetie, but you’re going to have to let her do it herself.” He said quietly. It was as if the two of them had forgotten that we were sitting here. At that moment a hugely muscled man walked into the room with a gorgeous blond.

“What’d you do to Sam?” The large one said. “I saw her running into the woods.”

“I’ll tell you later.” Alice said then to us she said. “This is Emmett and his mate Rosalie. Rose and Emmett that’s James, Laurent, Victoria and Jasper.” She said as another man walked in.

“Esme’s going after Sam.” He said before turning to us. “I’m Carlisle, the leader of the coven. Now I must ask you to restrain from hunting humans in the immediate area. We don’t want to be discovered.” He said.

“Of course, but there’s plenty of them.” James said.

“Oh, we don’t drink from humans. We drink from animals which is why all of our eyes are different shades of gold.” He said and I’m almost positive that my mouth dropped open. Animals. Whoever heard of such a thing? Samantha walked back in with another female at that point in the same clothes but without a spot of blood. The only way I could tell that she’d actually hunted was the lighter gold color of her eyes. “Please excuse my rude behavior. I just needed to work out some things.” She said as she sat down in a chair. The large one called Emmett sat down on her lap. “Emmett get your fat @$% off of me!!! You’re huge amount of weight is going to crush me!!! I don’t see how Rosalie can stand to be around a fat $%^&@#* like you all the time!” She yelled at him. He looked appropriately chagrinned and sat down with his mate. “Now where were we?” Samantha asked as if nothing had happened.