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My Last Hope

Ok just a warning I am terrible at summaries. What if Jasper wasn't meant for Alice? What if there was no Bella and Edward was with Alice? What if Jasper had been part of James's coven? What if the Cullens have a new member named Samantha? What if Jasper and Samantha(Sam to most) were meant for each other and just didn't know it? A/U Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! I disclaim. Stephenie Meyer owns all recognizable characters and plot lines.

At first this is probably not going to make a lot of sense but this idea randomly popped into my head so I figured I’d run with it. Ok so lets make sure we have this straight. Everyone’s a vampire, Alice and Edward are together and Samantha recently joined the Cullens. Recently meaning right after they moved from Forks though she had been a ‘vegetarian’ for a long time before that. Jasper is wandering with Laurent, Victoria and James and is a human drinker. Everyone’s powers are the same and Samantha’s you will find out later. Since there isn’t a Bella(she just doesn’t exist) that means that the coven’s will have to meet somewhere else.

2. Your Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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Jasper’s POV

“We were talking about hunting habits.” The one called Carlisle said. Samantha nodded and sat back to listen. “As I was saying earlier we hunt animals and those of you that wish to stay may, but if you do you will have to take up our habits of animals or travel far away to hunt.” He said. I knew James and Victoria wouldn’t stay and if they went Laurent would go, but I was considering staying and taking up the strange habits of these out of the way vampires.

“Yes!” I heard the small one, Alice I believe, hiss and saw Samantha look over at her and glare.

“If you will give us a few minutes to talk about this and think then we will either leave or stay.” James said as he stood up and walked outside. “I’m going. I will never lower myself to drinking animals.” He said haughtily.

“Where James goes I go.” Victoria said calmly.

“I am loyal to this coven and animal blood does not sound very appetizing.” Laurent said with a frown.

“I think I might stay.” I said quietly. I was tired of being a monster and this gave me at least an option to live as less of one. James shrugged.

“It’s your choice. If you want to drink from nasty animals so be it, but I will not.” He turned on his heel and ran into the woods obviously leaving me to explain what was going on to the Cullen’s. I sighed and walked back into the house as the other two turned and followed James.

“James, Victoria and Laurent are going to continue on their way as nomads. I would be extremely grateful if I could try your way of living with you.” I said nervously. To be nervous was a new feeling for me especially around others of this kind.

“Of course, my dear, we would love to have you join us. Sam can show you how we hunt later.” The motherly looking one said. She must be Esme.

“I knew it I knew it I knew it! I have a room already made up for you just in case.” Alice squealed. I knew at that moment that she was going to get on my nerves. “Sam you have to take him hunting now so that we can spend the rest of the day getting to know him.” Samantha rolled her eyes at Alice, but stood up.

“Well come on then.” She said to me when I didn’t move. I was going into shock I think. I really hadn’t had a chance to look at her and the scars across her upper arms intrigued me. They looked like mine.

I finally managed to stand up and I followed her out the door and into the woods. “Wait here.” She commanded.

“Why?” I asked before she could leave.

“I want to make sure that there aren’t any humans around. If you’re in the hunt and your senses take over you most likely won’t be able to stop.” She said calmly, though mostly devoid of emotion.

I nodded and she took off. I only had to wait for about 3 minutes before she was back. “Ok what do you smell.” I could smell a bunch of things, but none of them made sense. “Close your eyes and let you senses take over. Find the one that smells most like blood.” She said.

I did as she said and started walking in the direction I thought was right. She followed silently and after a few minutes we came across a herd of deer. I took in a deep breath and frowned. “I know, not very appetizing, but you get used to it and it’s better than humans. Well on the humanity scale.” She said. “Okay that didn’t make any sense. Let’s just say you feel better about yourself.”

I looked at the deer and tried to figure out how best to do this. “Just let your instincts have you. But make sure you always snap the neck first.” She commented. I nodded and fell into a predatory crouch. I felt the bloodlust start to take over my senses though this blood wasn’t very appealing, and I launched myself at one of the deer. I quickly snapped its neck and drained it dry. I looked down at myself and saw that I had blood all over the front of my shirt. I shrugged and pulled it off as I walked back towards Samantha. So I wanted to show off my body too, sue me.

Samantha just shook her head at me and started back towards the house at a leisurely jog. I hate going slow so I started running. She obviously didn’t care because she just kept her steady pace and even went as far as to close her eyes and start humming. I growled at her quietly, but she just raised her eyebrows at me and I was suddenly pinned against a tree, unable to move. She continued on her way and just left me there. I snarled quietly to myself and tried to break away from the weird hold she had on me. I figured out pretty quick that struggling was useless and sighed in frustration.

“Please let me down.” I begged. I was tired of being stuck to a tree, tired enough that I would beg anyways.

“Fine.” She said and I was dropped. I relished the feel of being able to move and I joined her slow pace.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“You should have learned from today not to tick me off.” She replied coolly. I sighed again and followed her back to my new home.

Samantha’s POV

Jasper is an idiot. This much I had learned from our short hunting trip. Well he may be smart in the technical term, but when it came to dealing with me, he was and idiot. I rolled my eyes at him as we walked up the steps and into the house. “Dude, what happened to your shirt?” Emmett asked from where he was sitting in the living room with Rose.

“I got blood all over it.” Jasper replied with a hint of humor in his voice. I considered pinning him to a wall or the ceiling, but I knew how mad Alice would be. I sighed and ran up to my room where I could put on some Aiden and relax by myself. But no.

As I was relaxing on my bed with my headphones on Alice came bursting through the door. “YOU PINNED HIM TO A TREE?????”

I sat up. “Yeah, he ticked me off so I pinned him to a tree. Don’t have a cow.”

She took a deep breath. “Sam, you can’t just randomly pin people to trees even if they do tick you off.” She said calmly.

“Well I was the one that was sent out to talk to single guys and show one how to hunt on the anniversary of my husband’s death!” I practically yelled at her. “You just don’t get it. You have your Edward and you’re happy. Esme is the only one that understands, now please just leave me alone.” I whispered the last part and put my headphones back on. When I looked up again she was gone, but in her place was mister pinned-to-a-tree himself.

“Go away.” I said stiffly.

“Not until you tell me why you hate me so much.” He said, sitting down on my carpet facing me. At least he’d put a clean shirt on.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” I snapped at him.

“Well I’m not leaving till you do.” He said. I shrugged and turned my music up louder letting wiL’s voice wash over me. I closed my eyes and ignored the man sitting on my floor. “How old are you?” He asked after a long period of silence.

“21.” I replied. Somehow I sensed that’s not what he meant but I really didn’t give a crap. I was tired and thoughts of Jason kept popping into my head when I least expected it.

“No how old are you in vampire years?” He corrected.

“300 something, I don’t really keep track.” I said vaguely as I changed the song to ‘Your Guardian Angel’ by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

“I will never let you fall, I’ll stand up with you forever. I’ll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven. Cause you’re mine, you’re my my-my-my my true love, my whole heart, please don’t throw that away and please tell me you’ll stay. Whoa oh oh stay whoa oh oh.” I sang quietly.

“You have a great voice.” Jasper said.

I rolled my eyes and stood up to leave. “If you’re not going to leave I will.” I said and left the room to run out into the woods. He could easily follow my trail if he really wanted to so I launched myself up into the trees and climbed up to the top of a tall spruce. I sat on a branch, closed my eyes and let the music run through me.

“What are you doing up there?” Someone called from under my tree. The big booming voice told me that it was Emmett.

“Hiding.” I said at a normal level.

He climbed up the tree and sat next to her. The branch groaned and bent under their combined weight. “From who?” He asked, swinging his feet back and forth under him.

“Alice and the new guy, Jasper.” I said simply.

“Ah.” He said in an emotionless tone. “Maybe you shouldn’t give the guy such a hard time. I mean he obviously likes you.” He was right. I suppose I could be a little nicer to the guy. That didn’t mean I had to honestly like him.

“Thank you Dr. Phil.” I said sarcastically.

“I do my best.” He said with a straight face. I looked at him for a second and then burst out laughing. Soon enough Emmett joined me and we laughed so hard we both fell out of the tree. I landed on something hard and I looked down and saw that I’d landed on Jasper. Oops.