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My Last Hope

Ok just a warning I am terrible at summaries. What if Jasper wasn't meant for Alice? What if there was no Bella and Edward was with Alice? What if Jasper had been part of James's coven? What if the Cullens have a new member named Samantha? What if Jasper and Samantha(Sam to most) were meant for each other and just didn't know it? A/U Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! I disclaim. Stephenie Meyer owns all recognizable characters and plot lines.

At first this is probably not going to make a lot of sense but this idea randomly popped into my head so I figured I’d run with it. Ok so lets make sure we have this straight. Everyone’s a vampire, Alice and Edward are together and Samantha recently joined the Cullens. Recently meaning right after they moved from Forks though she had been a ‘vegetarian’ for a long time before that. Jasper is wandering with Laurent, Victoria and James and is a human drinker. Everyone’s powers are the same and Samantha’s you will find out later. Since there isn’t a Bella(she just doesn’t exist) that means that the coven’s will have to meet somewhere else.

3. Wishing-Sugarland

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Jasper’s POV

I stood under the tree as Emmett went to get Samantha to come down. I’d enlisted his help because I knew there was nothing I would be able to do. She absolutely hated me, though I really didn’t know why. I was lost in thought and really wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me so I didn’t notice that Emmett and Samantha had laughed themselves out of the tree they were sitting in well I didn’t notice that is until Samantha landed on me.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there.” She said, getting off me and offering me a hand. I was shocked speechless and motionless. Apparently getting Emmett to help me was a good idea.

I took her hand and she pulled me to my feet. “Sorry again. Someone made me fall out of the tree.” She said, glaring at Emmett.

“Did not! You fell all by yourself.” Emmett said, glaring right back.

“Did to! If you hadn’t fell then I wouldn’t have fell. Your huge mass made the branch swing.” Samantha shot back at him. Emmett, rather childishly, stuck his tongue out at her.

“I bet I can beat you both back to the house.” She said with a glint in her eye.

“No way.” Emmett said, arrogantly. “I can so take you.”

“Oh you think so huh?” She said, darting off towards the house. Emmett ran off after her and because of Emmett’s hulking size I easily overtook him. Samantha had a head start and she was dancing in circles when Emmett and I reached the house. She had her headphones in and was listening to a soundtrack for something from what I could hear.

“I kissed a girl and I liked it; the taste of her cherry chap stick. I kissed a girl just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it. It felt so wrong it felt so right, don’t mean I’m in love tonight. I kissed a girl and I liked it. I liked it.” She sang and started dancing. It was entertaining to watch and then Emmett joined in and I couldn’t control myself I started laughing and then Edward walked out to see what was going on and the two of them started again.

“I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Sang Emmett.

“The taste of her cherry chap stick.” Samantha sang.

“I kissed a girl just to try it.”

“I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.”

“It felt so wrong.”

“If felt so right.”

“Don’t mean I’m in love tonight.”

“I kissed a girl and I liked it, I like it.” They sang together. At that point I noticed Alice holding a video camera and pointing it at the two of them.

“That is so going on Youtube.” She said, closing the camera. Emmett and Samantha both took a bow and smiled happily.

“You two truly are insane.” Edward said, with a smile on his face.

“And proud of it.” They said at the same time and then laughed. I shook my head at them and walked over to where Edward was standing.

“Are they always like that?” I asked.

“Usually.” He agreed. The two of them ran up to us and skidded to a stop.

“Did you like our song?” Emmett asked with childlike enthusiasm.

“Yes, it was lovely.” Edward said with heavy sarcasm.

“Awww…poor little Eddikinz is annoyed with us.” Samantha said waltzing up and looking him in the eye.

Alice walked over jumped onto his back, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck. “Be nice.” She commanded and Samantha backed off a step, though she stayed near us.

“Fine, I’ll just leave then.” She said and stalked off towards her room.

“I’ll go after her.” Emmett said with a mischievous smile.

“No I’ll go.” I spoke up. I wandered towards the house, thinking. I knew at least a few of the others here had powers and I decided to ask Samantha about them.

I found her with her iPod in her room again. She pulled her headphones off and turned off her iPod when she heard me approach. “I’d like to be left alone for once if you don’t mind.” She said.

“I just have one question and it’s not about you really.” I said calmly, sinking down on the end of her couch, next to her, but just far enough away that we wouldn’t accidentally touch.

“Fine.” She said with a sigh.

“Who had powers here?” I asked.

“I do, Edward and Alice. The rest are more gifted in certain areas, but don’t really have a power per say.” She said.

“And what power’s do you all have?” I asked.

“Alice can see visions, Edward can read everyone’s thoughts, I can shift gravitational pulls to lock anyone against anything whenever I want. I can pin up to 5 people at once. Carlisle has supreme self-control and compassion. Esme brought her motherly instincts and ability to love. Rosalie brought her beauty and pig-headedness. Emmett brought his supreme strength.” She said as if she told people this every day.

“I see.” I said calmly.

“Can you do anything?” She said, pulling her legs up under herself and turning to face me.

“I can sense and change emotions.” I said.

“Well that’s pretty cool.” She said.

“That is more than just pretty cool.” I said indignantly.

“Fine that’s cool. Are you happy now?”

“Incredibly.” I said. “Tell me about yourself. I really don’t know anything about you.”

“Well as you know I’m frozen at 21 which can be really helpful or incredibly craptastic depending. I’ve been a vamp for 300 something years and my husband died right before I was changed. Actually, much like Esme, I was trying to kill myself when an older vamp found me and changed me. I don’t know why, but he did and I stayed with him for a few years. After I learned how to control myself I wandered out on my own. I’ve basically been wandering the different parts of the world for the last 300 years. I’ve even been to Antarctica, just so you know, penguins and polar bears do not taste good!” She finished with a shudder. “Nasty stuff them polar bears. Grizzles are so much better.”

“I wouldn’t know, but I’ll take your word for it.” I said with a laugh.

Samantha’s POV

I was in my room and I was talking to Jasper. That its self should be surprising, but what really got to me was that I was enjoying it. That scared the crap out of me. I shouldn’t be doing this. I really shouldn’t, but I couldn’t seem to get to the point of telling him to leave. I knew I was falling for Jasper and that there was nothing I could do about it.

It was like in the day I’d been with him he’d gotten past the barriers on my mind and connected with me immediately. I couldn’t figure out what it was about him that I was attracted to. I knew in that moment that the reason that I was so mean and angry towards Jasper in the beginning was the fact that I somehow knew that I was attracted to him and that I would probably end up falling love with him in time. Damn it Alice, why do you always have to be right?

“What?” Jasper said. I didn’t realize that I had said the last sentence out loud.

“What?” I said right back.

“You just said, ‘damn it Alice, why do you always have to be right.’” He said. That’s what I thought.

“Let’s just pretend I didn’t say that.” I said with a nervous laugh.

He shrugged. “Okay.” I could practically see the gears working in his head though.

“Now I would really like to be alone right now.” I said calmly, well calmly for me.

“Well I guess that’s just to bad because I’m not leaving.” He was so exasperating.

“And why not?” I asked.

“Because even after just a day I don’t ever want to leave your side.” Well this was definitely and Oh, shit! moment (an OSM as I liked to call them).

I stood up and opened my window. I jumped out and took off across the backyard, launching myself over the creek and up into the treetops yet again. I ran and ran and ran and if Jasper was still there when I got back I was going to have to tell the Cullen’s that I was leaving.

Faster and faster and I pushed myself I just ran and kept going. I stopped a few towns later and realized that I had run all the way into Canada. Crap. Canada had too many memories and if I stayed here for too long I was going to end up curled in a ball in the sewers or something. Again.

Hmmm…maybe I should go to Europe or Ireland or Scotland or South America or Africa. No I think Madagascar would be a good place. No one would find me there and there are a lot of animals in the jungles. Now how to get there. Well I suppose I really should go tell the Cullen family that I’m leaving. Oh joy.