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Darkness 'Round the Sun

This is a songfic from when Bella decided to jump from the top cliff in New Moon.

Bella decides to jump, just to hear his voice again. ---- I used the words that Bella heard in her head from New Moon.

1. Darkness 'Round the Sun

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Somewhere there's a sea that has no other side
Somewhere there's an airplane lost beyond the sky

My toes caressed the edge of the highest cliff. I had begged Jacob to take me cliff diving… or jumping in my case. I closed my eyes and prayed to hear his voice just one more time. I dreamt of a place where we existed together. I dreamt of a place where I was just like him. I lifted my arms and listened.


Don’t do this…

Please for me?

NO, Bella!

So fly us up above the clouds

I jumped. I had never felt so free. I was truly flying. I wasn’t ready for the water as I hit the surface. It was freezing. I was instantly shocked by the temperature. My joints were freezing up and aching with pain. I was being drug under the water by the current. I couldn’t find the top. I couldn’t breathe. I was going to drown and I knew it was coming. I squeezed my eyes shut and listened to the sound of his velvety smooth voice.

Live your life where you are now

I’m not going to fight. Here I can be with him… forever. I imagine us together. Forever. I felt my body being dragged into the dark abyss.

In the darkness round the sun there's light behind your eyes
When you've lost the will to run, you can feel it start to shine
When the rain falls down so hard and you don't know where to start
Drowned in the sun

There was darkness all around me, I could hear his voice and then I could see his face. His beautiful face. His eyes, his all to perfect lips. I didn’t want to leave this feeling behind. I gave into the slow and exquisite feeling of death. Only now was I complete. I was happy. I was…

Somewhere someone thinks they found the perfect love
And you think you've found the answer to all of this

Keep your promise.

I heard the voice again. His voice. It was still velvety smooth, yet distant. It echoed in the recesses of my mind. Keep my promise? He hadn’t kept his promise. Hadn’t he promised that he would always be there for me? No wait… he hadn’t promised that exactly. He had told me that he would be here as long as it was safe for me. He had promised me that it would be like he never existed. I couldn’t live in a world where he didn’t exist. How could he think that I would go on? How could I go on? Then it occurred to me… I shouldn’t do this for him. .


I could feel the current continue to drag me under.

So hang on
Sometime we miss

I felt someone beating on my chest. He wasn’t cold. In fact he was extremely hot. I knew that I wasn’t in Heaven anymore, I was in my own personal hell. The hell that was created when he left me.

I'll be your perfect kiss

Jacob carried me to his house. I laid on his sofa, feeling the hole in my chest grow bigger. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Sleeping wasn’t my best choice because I knew that I would dream about… the darkness.

In the darkness round the sun there's light behind your eyes
When you've lost the will to run you can feel it start to shine
When the rain falls down so hard and you don't know where to start
Drowned in the sun

I thought about everything that I had been through today. One, I had nearly drowned trying to hear his voice again, not that I had meant to. Never the less, I had to get my fix. My adrenaline rush. Two, I thought I had seen him. I knew it was just my imagination giving in. I wanted his face to be the last thing I saw before I died. Three, Jacob had jumped in and saved me. I really loved him as a friend and was thankful in the end that he had saved me. Four, I would never make this type of mistake again... I knew that Edward didn't care if I lived or died. I forced my eyes to remain closed, though the tears were streaming from them, and begged for my nightmare to leave me alone.

Drowned in the sun
Drowned in the sun