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Oh Brother

I was, like most, devastated when Edward left Bella in New Moon. But then, I started to wonder... How did the rest of the family feel about this decision? In particular, the Cullen who treated Bella as someone who was more than a sister... So, behold: Alice's thoughts on Edward's choice.
(Edward's POV) :)
(Teen Rating is a safety net)

I thought it would be easier to write this if Edward didn't focus on Alice's thoughts until later, thus this is a spoken conversation between Edward and Alice the night Edward leaves Bella in the woods, while the rest of the family are out hunting...

1. I Know You'll Regret This

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1027   Review this Chapter

I sped through the black forest, a feeble but mournful wail echoing behind me. Running away from the one you love is insane. Even so, it was the right thing to do. Bella had to be protected; I couldn’t put her in danger anymore. I could not, WOULD not continue to be selfish. The broken cry faded into the distance. When I arrived at home, all appeared to be still. The large white house on the hill remained serene, although I was crumbling inside. For once, I was grateful that my heart was eternally cold and dead, although the pain still ripped through me like an open wound. As I slipped through the door, I was met by the whirlwind that was my tiny sister, Alice. Her usually delicate, pixie-like face was contorted with something more than rage. I braced myself for what was coming; Alice had foreseen Bella’s arrival into my life. Those two were closer than sisters; she wouldn’t take this very well. Before I could utter a sentence, Alice was erupting. “EDWARD!!” she screeched, “This has got to be the most idiotic thing you’ve done in a century. No! The most idiotic thing you’ve done, EVER!” “Don’t be ludicrous Alice,” I retorted. “Bella is much safer now. I won’t ever be able to hurt her again.” Alice snorted. “You’re hurting her by leaving! Can’t you see that? I know I see it!” Her voice dripped with sarcasm. “Alice, Bella will get over me, just as she should if this was some high school infatuation.” Which, I realized with a pang, it probably was. The truth in that simple statement stunned me for a moment. “Blood-thirsty vampires are more dangerous to her than anything else. Trust me, Alice, I wouldn’t dream of doing this if it wasn’t the best thing for her.” My voice cracked. I cleared my throat to no avail. There was a pause. Alice calmed, her tone suddenly calculating, like a poker player with a winning hand. “What makes you so certain Bella will be safe? Think your “danger magnet” will stop attracting just because you say so? Are you really so deluded?” I mentally cringed. She had hit the flaw in my argument. Keeping my voice as cold, confident, and detached as possible, I stated, “She was afflicted by no such troubles in Phoenix. Perhaps I am the opposite pole of her magnet. Perhaps things will return to normal for her now.” My voice broke, but I kept my face inhumanly, flawlessly smooth. Alice’s dainty eyebrows flew to her forehead. “Opposites attract, smart one.” I scowled. Snarls ripped my chest. Did she think this wasn’t hard enough? Did she think I was going to sit around and wait for some new peril to befall B-the angel? Did she have any inkling…? As though guessing my own thoughts, Alice rapidly changed the vein of the conversation. “Extended magnet metaphors aside, there is still a major hole in your plan, Edward.” “Yes?” My voice picked up a dangerous note. “Who is going to protect Bella…..from Bella?” I was flummoxed. There was a brief silence as I tried to formulate an appropriate response. What was the reply to an incomprehendable statement? “What?” Ah, well. Good enough. “Who is going to protect Bella from-?” She must have seen the blank confusion scrawled all over my face, because she sighed. “What would you do if Bella left you?” “I would immediately leave her alone.” “You would wait on the sidelines though, protect her from afar.” She did not wait for confirmation. “Now what if she disappeared completely. You could not find her anywhere. You didn’t have a clue where she was, only that she didn’t care about you.” “Impossible,” I said, voice dead, breathing heavy. “I could always find her.” “What if you couldn’t? What if she was totally gone, what if...what if she died?” “Edward, what would you do if Bella died?” She was practically shouting. My face was unreadable for a moment; then I gasped as I finally understood. “She couldn’t…she...she...she wouldn’t! Bella can’t! Bella…Bella promised!” It hurt to speak her name. “You’ve broken promises, too” I didn’t answer. I was too busy processing the rush of images flooding my brain. Bella, thin, gaunt, desperate, and alone, crying and crying, over and over, long, empty nights. Bella, scrawling a note with shaking hands. Bella, on the floor, surrounded by empty bottles. Bella, collapsing with a bang as a gun tumbles out of her weak, lifeless hands. Bella, screaming, toppling off a cliff, impaled by rocks below and swept, still breathing, beneath turbulent waters. Bella, a knife in her hand, bleeding dead blood, bleeding, bleeding. Bella, arms and legs jerking in a hangman’s dance, turning blue, bruises forming around her neck. Bella, broken and mangled beyond repair. A cold, white Bella locked in a box forever. Bella. Bella. Bella. No. No. NO! “No!” I exclaimed. “Bella doesn’t love me like that. Bella wouldn’t…Bella wouldn’t DO that!” Who was I trying to convince? “Are you sure?” “I think I may know her a tad better than you, Alice!” I didn’t need to work to keep the cold on my face now. “We are going to leave this house. We are never going to speak to Bella again. You will never look into her future again. We will get out of Forks and we will leave my Bella alone!” Silence. Suddenly, I remembered I could hear her thoughts. In the heat of my anger I’d forgotten. I listened. YOUR Bella? YOUR Bella, YOUR Bella, YOUR Bella? “Stop,” I whispered. My anger had cooled; I felt no enmity towards my sister, only sadness, terrible sadness. “Are you sure you want to do this Edward? Sure that you want to torment yourself?” “Don’t worry about me. Bella having a safe, normal life is all that matters.” I replied, my voice dead. “Goodnight then, Edward,” Alice replied softly, turning away, “but I know you’ll regret this.”