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Who Am I?

What if the Volturi didn't walk away peacefully? What if Bella didn't survive the attack. What if Edward had to start life over again. Hm... 

Same style as my other story. I'm going to skip around a bit because I'm just too lazy to fill in the blanks. I didn't like the ending all too much, so I decided to switch it up a bit!

1. Gone

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 789   Review this Chapter

My worst nightmare was coming alive, manifesting itself in the form of the Volturi. The constant buzz, fervently getting louder and louder! Impossible to concentrate! Ridiculous. We are of no threat.

“Edward.” My eyes flickered towards the direction of the thought. “You know what we want.”
How could he even dare to think of that. I cannot let this happen. “No.”
An evil chuckle. “It’s your wife Bella,” his lips curled around the name, face seductively mocking. “Or Renesmee.”
A growl escaped from my lips.
The smile crept back onto his face. “Pick,” he purred, hand waving like a debonair.
I stood my ground. We were going to win this cruel twisted game of his.
“Alright then, skip a turn. I’ll do it for you.”

I hear her name ever so clearly in his thoughts. I saw her, in his mind. And all of a sudden, fast even for me, a bright light hit beside me. Faint vibrations shook across the ground. The buzz in my head heightened! Louder and louder, reaching its climax. The conductor thrashing his baton, faster and faster. Forte, fortissimo; presto, prestissimo now! A soft thud, silenced it all. The music paused.

My angel. I found myself frozen there, my legs unwilling to move. My entire being unable to cooperate with my brain. These legs of mine gave in and buckled, turning into jelly. The weight of the world just came crashing down onto me. I could feel it. I could feel the heartache. The still lifelessness of her face scorched into my mind, even with my eyes squeezed shut. No, this could not be happening!
Just the thought of her pains me more than anything possible ever could. Every bone in my body, every inch of skin, every single iota of my being yearned for her. I could not hear with my ears, I could not feel the weight on my feet. My mind was experiencing a silence never known before. I was empty. Truly empty. Devoid of any feeling but the hollow in my heart. Love can do the strangest things. And love gives someone the power to break you. I am changed forevermore, I am broken beyond repair. The thud rang in my ears. Replaying, replaying, and replaying itself over and over and over again in my head. Bella will never be mine again. Death is cruel. Death claimed my Bella. My Bella.
If I could find the strength inside of me to scream, I would. If I could bring myself to see her lifeless face again, I would. If I could summon up my worst fears and touch her once more, I would. If I could have saved her, I would have done anything and everything. If I could die, I would have. When you find someone you truly love, when you find your Bella, she is all that matters. She is your everything. When you find that someone taken away, it’s all like a cruel joke. I simply cannot live without my Bella. I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul! I felt the slightest droplet of moisture form in the corner of my left eye. One solitary tear to justice to my fallen love.

I could hear the faint echoes of her sweet laughter in my memories. Her small hands against mine as we danced that moonlit evening at prom. I remember her delicate floral smell, and the first day we met in Biology class. The day I first held her warm fragile body in my arms when she was nearly crushed in the parking lot. I sensed the empty silence of her thoughts. Blank. The tilt of her head when she’s thinking, how it drove me crazy to not know. How she trips constantly over everything, watching the blood fill her cheeks as I hoisted her back up again. Her beautiful deep chocolate eyes, and the way they can always melt my heart. And the first time she opened up her eyes after her transformation, her face even more ravishing, if possible. The day she became mine and only mine. As long and we both shall live. Bella Cullen, my wife.
The pain in me is ripping my soul apart. Every single memory of my beloved is breaking me up further and further. But I can’t stop. She is always on my mind. Since the very moment that I met her. Never had I stopped thinking about her.

And now, never will that thud stop replaying in my head. I will never stop reliving the moment my life ceased to hold its purpose any longer. The sound of it and its accompanying silence, now forever in my heart to forever haunt me.