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Who Am I?

What if the Volturi didn't walk away peacefully? What if Bella didn't survive the attack. What if Edward had to start life over again. Hm... 

Same style as my other story. I'm going to skip around a bit because I'm just too lazy to fill in the blanks. I didn't like the ending all too much, so I decided to switch it up a bit!

2. An Infinite Amound of Time Later

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Again. Back to the never-ending prison for teenagers. No wonder they are all so rebellious. Of course, this was for once, terrifying to me. Never before had I feared the childish institution they call high-school. The memory of her warm brown eyes followed me everywhere in my mind for the past seventy-odd years. They have become a comfort to my soul, a reminder of a greater good in this world. Still, I am empty. She took my heart with her when she left.

“Edward,” it breathed.
My cheeks lifted up to the sound of her voice, whether psychological or completely psychotic. I really didn’t give a damn. She’s returned! The emptiness in my chest was filling itself up. Rain after a drought. Yes love?
“Be safe,” the whisper said. Like she was right at my ear.
I would have rolled my eyes. But I just floated on my happiness. Bella, I love you. You know that right? The words were mouthed with the greatest of sorrows. Please, don’t go. I wrestled with the inner voice that had the ability to captivate me. I need you.
If I could cry for her, I would have. Right then and there.
“I never left you, silly boy. So keep walking!” Inner-Bella retained her sense of humour. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Alice, Renesmee and I were walking towards our first class together; joining in the river of people through the halls. Even though we appeared as generic as possible, we were still the talk of the school. In least in everyone’s heads.

Gosh, he’s so dreeeamy…
Look at him!
Oh my goodness. And I thought there were no good-looking guys in this school.
Look at that pretty-boy face!

Ugh. It never stopped.

She. Is. Mine.

“Watch it, geez!” a voice muttered, cutting through the mental remarks. Obviously he was in my way. If only I could punch his lights out without killing him. I’d have to restrain myself, but if only…
My daughter’s narrowed eyes flashed upwards towards mine. Behave! You’ll just draw more attention to us.
My eyes widened with disbelief. What a matriarch! I flicked her in the arm when she wasn’t looking; my own form of discipline. Of course, that wasn’t received too well. I pummeled through the doorway of our class with one of her strategically placed kicks, narrowly avoiding a collision. She just smirked and danced her way to an empty desk. Sucker.
I followed them both to another table. I wasn’t in the mood to try and be amiable with hormone-raging boys who only thought of girls. Especially when it was of my sister or my daughter. It was hard enough.
How could I not think of Bella? Every moment of my existence revolved around the perfect being that was once mine. ‘As long as we both shall live’ seems like a broken vow. I never planned on living without her. I sat there staring at the grooves on the desk, unconsciously twisting my wedding band around my fourth finger. Most people didn’t pay attention to our hands when they had our faces to stare at.

I came fully prepared for this day of torment. My mind replayed every single conversation Bella and I ever had. This was enough to distract me from the present state. Her blue blouse was draped casually over my shoulders like a scarf. I could still smell Bella, and it was the only thing in the world at that moment holding on to my sanity.

“Edward. Edward Cullen. Is there an Edward?” a shrill voice squawked.
There was internal sigh building up inside, “Present.”
That’s such a sexy name.
What the hell? All the girls are staring at him already.
Mrs. Bethany Cullen. Doesn’t sound too bad.

There was a Mrs Cullen. Far more beautiful and perfect than you’d ever even imagine being. It’s Bella Cullen and sounds just like heaven.
Memory treaded back to our wedding day, when she said ‘I do’. I sank back into my subconscious state of daydreaming again.

Irrational, yes. But my heart, my soul, my entire reason for existence was gone. Who could ever recover from that? I went back to peer over my paper and sketch a picture of Bella on her wedding day.