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The Wanton Stranger

Rejection. No one likes it. Everyone experiences it. Everyone deals with it. But what about Edward Cullen? He had everything he wanted in Bella Swan. But what happens when she leaves him for Jacob Black? Back to a life of quietness and solitude, Edward does not know how to react to his loss, until a new student at Forks High School conveniently enters the scene to catch his fall, though others want her just as badly as Edward thinks he needs her. Jealousy, lust, revenge. What better way to deal with rejection? *CHAPTER 2 NOW UP!*

My first stab at Twilight fiction. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: The Fall Back

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Chapter 2: The Fall Back

Alone again.

Somehow, this just didn’t seem fair. It took me years and years to finally find someone that I truly cared about and really loved. Now that I just barely let her slip through my fingers, what was I supposed to do? Just continue living at seventeen years old until another one came along? It just didn’t seem right.

“Edward, I heard about what happened…and I’m sorry, I really am. If there’s anything I –”

“It’s okay, Alice. I’ll be fine, I promise. Don’t worry about me,” I reassured my sister as she sat down on the leather couch next to me. Her face showed signs of both worry and relief, though I could not quite tell which she was feeling more. Also, I could not be certain if she was feeling worse about Bella walking away from me, or better yet, Bella walking away from the Cullens.

After a minute of deliberating whether to continue consoling me or not, she smiled uncertainly and left me to myself in my room.

This was just so surreal. I had never been ‘heartbroken’ before, and if anything, I felt emptier than I had before I met Bella. What did I do to deserve this? Things were perfectly fine until the dog began falling for her. What I would have given to hurt him today, to make him feel what I was feeling this very moment…

No. It’s over. I wasn’t quite the type to dwell on the past. Alice was right, I had as much time as I need and wanted to find someone. I had forever, actually. So what was the rush?

Leaning over to my massive collection of music, I grabbed something to listen to while I thought.

Ah, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”.

Though today was far from a sunny day, the still visible light was finally beginning to set, my room giving in to the darkness as the hours went by. The events of the day were unable to fade from my mind and every word said, everything I saw, kept rushing back to me and I saw it just as clear as it had actually happened.

But even after the encounter with my worst enemy, and the love of my life walking away from me to be with him, there was one thing I neglected to remember until this very moment.

Cecilia. The mystery girl from school.

Yes, I remembered her perfectly. Her voice much too sweet, her dazzling eyes, the curves of her delicate figure, her mouth-watering scent, the warm sensation of her touch on my skin. And then of course I remembered how she just disappeared into thin air in a matter of seconds. Why did she have to go so soon? Why couldn’t she be the one lying here with me right now?

Ugh. What was I thinking? I don’t even know who this girl IS. Oh well, wasn’t I allowed to feel like this? Don’t most humans yearn for a fall back of some sort after they go through a break-up?

Raindrops gently began to patter against my window as I looked out into the murky shadows of the trees. The sound of the falling rain paired perfectly with the tinkling of the piano, which had to have been repeating for hours by now.

Out of curiosity, I glanced at the clock; it was now three in the morning. Tomorrow, well today, would be Friday. I wouldn’t have to deal with Bella for the entire weekend. Perhaps I would see Cecilia somewhere at school tomorrow?

Oh, here I go again.

* * * * * * * * *

Pulling into the school parking lot the next morning, I could not help but scan the crowd of students. I knew what I was looking for, or rather, who I was looking for and I was going to make an effort to do something about it. Maybe talking to her again would stop leaving my mind so open-ended and this girl could leave my thoughts for good. Or maybe not.

Parking the silver Volvo in its usual spot, I hesitated in the car as I looked around one more time to look for her. It was hard to look for anyone in this crowd of students, class would start in about ten minutes. Then I noticed a clearing in the midst of people as a group of girls headed inside the school.

There she was. Others turned their heads to look at her, and I felt a strange, yet sudden surge of jealousy race through my veins. But then I realized they were not turning to look at her; they were turning to look at her car, a jet black Dodge Viper.

Since when did anyone else in this town drive expensive cars?

I stayed seated in my own car to wait for the multitude of onlookers to finally get inside. I watched as she stepped out of the Viper, and she was not in the least impacted by the fact that every student standing outside immediately dropped his or her jaw at the sight of her car. And as I had predicted, as soon as she was in everyone’s full vision, every male’s jaw dropped for her, as well. Today must be her first day.

Flashing an incredible smile to every one of those high school boys, she passed through the crowd to get to her first class, and as I sat in my car watching her, I could have sworn she stared straight at me, and winked. I waited for more people to head to class so that I could speak with her. Did she really just wink at me? Was I imagining things?


Damn it, there was the bell. Oh well, not like I couldn’t get halfway across the school in a split second, anyway. But was it worth going to class for? Everyone had gone by now, and the lot was empty. And then I turned around quickly as I heard someone running, breathing heavily as if in a hurry. Or late for class.


I froze instantly. What would I say to her? Should I say something? Would she say something to me? Who cares, she didn’t deserve my attention. She had Jacob after all.

Slowing down from her run, she kept a brisk walk trying hard not to make any sort of contact with me. Of course she knew I was standing there, I was kind of hard to miss.

I looked away, so to not create anymore tension or awkwardness between us, and she paced right by and straight into the classroom door.

Good. I don’t need you, Bella.

“Hello, Edward.” That beautiful voice.

Pulling out of my distraction, I turned around sharply and felt strangely relieved, nervous, and excited all at the same time.

“Cecilia,” I spoke carefully. “Wait, how did you know my name?”

“Mm, it wasn’t hard to miss when your friend paid you a little visit here yesterday…” she giggled.

“He’s not my friend,” I growled.

“I figured that much. I’m sorry. And since word travels pretty fast around here, I also heard about your break-up, and I’m sorry to hear about that, too.” Though her words sounded sincere, I couldn’t help myself but hear just a slightly happier undertone in her sweet voice.

“Please, don’t apologize,” I told her. I could not help but notice how similar she and Rosalie dressed. Cecilia looked nothing less than stunning today in her dark fitted jeans and beige jacket. It really made her features pop and I could not help but find myself staring again like a mindless idiot. She seemed to like it.

Staring straight up into my eyes, she closed the gap between us by a few inches. She was the perfect height. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her tiny waist and hold her there. But that would be rude. And weird.

“No really, Edward. I feel just awful. Here I was yesterday just trying to introduce myself to you, and two seconds later you get dumped.” She inched closer again. Her bloodless scent was intoxicating. I wanted her. “So, I just wanted to introduce myself properly this time,” she said seductively, as she reached up to touch my hair once again.

I couldn’t help it this time; I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close to me. What was I thinking?

“It’s okay, yesterday was not your fault. Really, it wasn’t a big deal. It was nothing serious, she meant nothing to me,” I lied, keeping my hands firm now on the small of her back. She began to tangle her fingers in my hair and it was beginning to drive me wild. Whatever power this girl had over me, I could not bring myself to put a stop to it.

Pulling me down to her pale pink lips, I was ready. But then she stopped and grinned slightly.

“She meant nothing to you, huh. So asking someone human like Bella to marry you isn’t ‘anything serious’?”

I dropped my hands. Someone human?

“How…how did you know about that?”

She continued to grin as she too, dropped her hands and tossed her long shiny hair over her shoulder as she turned to walk inside.

“Oh, I know more about you than you think, Edward Cullen.”