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Tested and True

This is my first fanfic, I hope people like it. Post-Eclipse, What if Bella had made a different decision? Would Edward's nobility keep them apart for long? Is true love forever? E&B, I promise. Give it a try, pretty pleasee? :D

I know the fact that Bella and Jacob being tgt repel people, but I promise its not like that. So keep reading xD Its a long chapter, was supposed to be split but yeah.. Review to let me noe! Thanks.

2. Alone

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"Bella, it’s okay. I think it is what’s best for you, and you should be happy too. I don’t want to be keeping you from this happiness Bella, as long as you’re content, then so am I.” I hopelessly struggled against my will to pull her into the urgent kiss I’ve longed to give her, to crush her against my chest and let her know I would never want her to go, not for eternity. I didn’t want to give myself away, so I merely brushed my lips against her warm, soft cheek, then stepped back, ready to return to my moonless life. “I love you, Bella. Never forget that.” I whispered, and then returned to my Volvo, letting it roar to life as I sped away."

Chapter 2


After Bella was nowhere in sight, I let my car swerve to the side of the road, then screech to a halt. As the Volvo jerked forward, I let my head crash against the steering wheel, closing my eyes. I knew I had to leave, and now things were made easier for my Bella, she no longer had to be torn between to two of us.

The thought of Bella frolicking on the beach with that dog, the fact that he could hurt her as easily as I could have, it drove me nuts; to know I wouldn’t be there to protect her, to shield her in my arms. An unconscious growl erupted from my chest as I kicked the door open, leaving my car behind me as I darted into the dark forest. It was now twilight, the safest time of the day, the easiest time for us; yet I felt so insecure, my Bella had left me, and my life was completely meaningless.

I ran past the towering, dark trees, distracted. Yet I didn’t want to stop, not ever—what was the point? Bella was never coming back; I was never again going to catch her as she stumbled, to hold her as she fell asleep to her lullaby, to see her blush scarlet again. It pained me to have had let her go like that, and my stone heart seemed to have shattered to a million pieces inside of me.

Was this how she felt when I left for Italy? Or did she suffer more? Impossible. I missed her already, every single part of her; her warm touch, her sweet scent, her beautiful brown eyes as she stared at me with curiosity. How was I going to survive without her? She was my life, my soul, if I had one.

I was going crazy just thinking of her, and before my thoughts could shred me up more than it already had, I fell to the ground. This had never happened before, not in the hundred years I’d existed. I collapsed, my knees felt weak. My eyes couldn’t adjust after all—it was black, the meteor had fallen over the horizon, my meteor, and there was no way it was coming back to me. Suddenly, forever seemed like such a long time. Unbearably long.


Alice. Alice. Alice. How could you’ve be so stupid?

Now not only was I psychic, I was talking to myself. Great. But Edward! He was my favorite brother, and I wasn’t going to lose him again. The guy was a drama queen, an idiot; he already risked his life once with the Vultori, and now he was missing! What would this do to Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, and worse, Esme? Rosalie might find this exciting, but the girl’s just a little too arrogant. Deep inside, I knew she cared about Edward too. And Bella…

Then my mind was blank, completely blank. Why did Bella have to choose that stinking werewolf? Now I couldn’t see a thing about her future. Did she know how annoying it was to be mentally blinded this way? And what was she thinking anyway? Edward was and had always been the love of her life; I just saw them get married in a few months last week. Couldn’t she have just left things the way they were? I would have loved to do her wedding reception, the party, lights, flowers, and wedding gowns! What was she doing to me? She was taking away my dream— it would have been paradise for me to do my brother’s wedding! I fumed, hissing as the vivid images of the wedding appeared once again in my head.

I felt strong arms wrap around my waist from behind me as a silent chuckle echoed in the corridors. Jasper. I felt at ease at once, the madness and anger was gone, disappearing into thin air around me.

“Alice, calm down. He’ll be fine. Edward’s not that big of an idiot. Besides, he’s not Emmett. He can take care of himself.” Jasper held me tighter as he whispered in my ear.

I smiled and rested my head against his chest. I was helpless. I couldn’t fight his powers, especially with his arms wrapped around me like that. I thought about what he’d said, and it was true. Edward had promised Esme not to hurt himself no matter what happened, and after the Italy crisis, he should know better as to what’s sane and what’s not. There was absolutely nothing to worry about, at least for now. For now.