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Tested and True

This is my first fanfic, I hope people like it. Post-Eclipse, What if Bella had made a different decision? Would Edward's nobility keep them apart for long? Is true love forever? E&B, I promise. Give it a try, pretty pleasee? :D

I know the fact that Bella and Jacob being tgt repel people, but I promise its not like that. So keep reading xD Its a long chapter, was supposed to be split but yeah.. Review to let me noe! Thanks.

3. Invisible

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Chapter 3


My angel. He pressed his lips against my cheek as I lay in his arms. We were in our meadow, the one place that was ours, the one place that I could feel peaceful, lying beside my Edward. I glanced up at him as he stroked my hair soothingly, tracing his model-like features with my fingers as I stared into his golden eyes, dazzled.

All of a sudden, he was gone; a black shadow darting towards the deep forests. I called out to him, I wanted him to stay, but I couldn’t speak. He was gone. He was gone.

My eyelids fluttered open as I awoke from the dream, or was it a nightmare? I groaned as the blinding rays of sunlight pierced through the window, the light was torturously glaring. Why, of all days, did this have to be the day Forks decided to be generous with the sun?

I sighed groggily, then turned over to the side expecting the cold muscular arms to catch me, only to find myself with nothing but the cruel emptiness on my bed. I unknowingly left a space beside me every night before I went to sleep, I couldn’t get used to the fact that no one was there in the darkness with me, to wash away the bad dreams with my lullaby, that my Edward wasn’t climbing through my open window anytime soon.

Tears poured down my cheeks as I gazed out the window into the thick, emerald forest—but I had made a choice, and this was what I chose. My silly werewolf best friend who was now my…love? I was supposed to be content, but I felt as if a whole other part of me was missing, lifeless. Whenever Jacob pulled me close, or merely touched me, I felt confused, happy, but not complete.

It had been days since I’d heard from any of the Cullens, I missed them, especially Alice, but I didn’t exactly have the courage to check in on them either. Did they despise me now that I chose Jacob? Or was it simply the whole werewolf-vampire treaty? I couldn’t know for sure, but another part of me suggested I didn’t want to know.

I dragged myself out of bed before I plummeted further into depression, heading towards the bathroom, cheeks damp with tears. Was this how my mornings were going to start from now on?

I hurriedly brushed my teeth, cleaned up and skipped breakfast, rushing out the door after throwing on my white blouse and jeans. I wasn’t in the mood to be any more fashionable than I was, and being alone for too long only brought back more memories of Edward.


As I saw her walk out the front door, I swiftly bolted towards the trees, hiding behind the shaded leaves. I had promised Bella to keep a distance, but not seeing her face was impossible for me, painfully impossible.

She, on the other hand, seemed to have handled things well. She was up and out earlier than usual, on the way to La Push, of course. Was she really completely happy? Did she miss me at all, or was I already forgotten; put aside with her other unhappy memories? It hurt just thinking of the possibilities, to know that my Bella didn’t need me anymore.

I forced myself to look away as I fought back the urge to get closer, to look for any sign of sadness in her. I felt sick, sick to the core. Was I hoping for my Bella to be upset? Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. What have you become? I was such a monster, not only literally, now mentally too. I wanted the reason of my existence to be unhappy! But it was inevitable. I wanted to know, if she had loved me the way she said she did, or if her love for me was really not what I thought it was, what I wanted it to be.

I haven’t returned home for the past week, and my Volvo was probably towed away by now. I didn’t care, not anymore. Not about hunting, tracking, and obviously not about my car. My family was worried, I could tell from the thousands of times my phone rang in a day, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to them, not now.

I spent my time following Bella instead, but never letting her see me. I couldn’t help it, even after her love for me had vanished into thin air, I still had the same need to protect her, to shield her from any source of danger she faced.

She had been making daily visits to La Push recently, and it bothered me, a lot. Not only could I not be anywhere near the werewolves’ territory, I had no idea what Jacob Black was doing to her as she spent hours over at his doghouse.

I waited in the forests instead, until I heard her truck’s loud roar, then followed her home and watched her every move up till she tucked herself into bed. Bella was utterly oblivious to my presence, but after she dosed off everyday, I’d still climb into her room and watch her restless talk show as she slumbered off. I didn’t want her to find me there, so I stood at the foot of her bed and went no closer. She was adorable, like she’d always been, but she was no longer mine to hold.

So it surprised me when Bella took a different route today, heading towards a different place. I silently ran alongside her truck behind the trees, watching her exhausted face while she drove at her slow, tiring speed. I used to find her slow driving tiresome, but now I was grateful for the time I got to spend with her; even though Bella wasn’t aware of my presence, I was at ease.

Then I realized where she was heading…to the Cullens, to my home—but for what?


I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to see Alice, or better still, Edward. I wasn’t handling things any better than I did when Edward left me the first time, and I knew things were going to get much worse. It had only been days, and I was already going berserk. I needed to talk to Edward, to hear his velvet voice, to see his crooked smile, to feel his body hugging mine again.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw Alice skip out of the front door, hopping down the stairs to meet me. I heaved a sigh of relief; she was glad to see me.

“Bella! I missed you so much!” She pulled me into her steel grasp, knocking the air out of me. But I couldn’t care less, my best friend was here, and she was happy I was too.

“Alice…I, I’m so sorry I didn’t visit earlier. I had a lot to deal with, and…”

"Bella he hasn't...come home. Not since that day..." Alice stopped, she looked down towards her feet, her voice thick with dismay.

"I...I didn't mean for it t-"

“Hold that thought.” She interrupted me before I could finish. Half heartedly, I paused. I didn’t actually know what to say, I wanted to apologize, to console her, but I had no idea how.

Her expression abruptly became anxious, alert of something in the surroundings.

“Alice, what is it?” She was concentrating on something in the quiet distance, deep inside the forests.

I turned towards the same direction, seeking for whatever got Alice so occupied. I squinted, staring for an immeasurable amount of time. I saw a tree shake violently for a brief second, then a white figure brush past, disappearing into no where. Alice turned back to face me, her eyes filled with inconsolable melancholy.

“That was Edward."