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Tested and True

This is my first fanfic, I hope people like it. Post-Eclipse, What if Bella had made a different decision? Would Edward's nobility keep them apart for long? Is true love forever? E&B, I promise. Give it a try, pretty pleasee? :D

I know the fact that Bella and Jacob being tgt repel people, but I promise its not like that. So keep reading xD Its a long chapter, was supposed to be split but yeah.. Review to let me noe! Thanks.

4. Lion

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Chapter 4


As his name rang in my ears, I felt a rush of anxiety bolt through me. Had my angel always been there, watching me? Was he still there? My heart thumped unsteadily while I questioned myself; seeking for the answer I wanted so desperately.

I had been so foolish to think that things could work with Jacob if I had given him a chance; it clearly wasn’t working, I couldn’t live without Edward. He was my life, my soul. I knew I loved Jacob, but the emptiness Edward had left behind was now in my heart too. The hole was back, the one he had created when he left me the first time, the one he had stitched up so carefully with the thousands of times he confessed his irrevocable love for me.

Not only had I caused enough pain for the two of them, now I had given Jacob hope, barren, false hope. I wasn’t worth it, the time, the effort, the pain.

“Alice, is he…still here?” I murmured, holding back the tears that were soon to be brimming over.

She slowly raised her head, letting me look into her eyes for the first time, unfolding the sorrow underneath the deep gold. She didn’t need to say more, I’d gotten my answer.

“Bella, Edward just needs time…he doesn’t blame you…for anything.” She chimed softly, wiping away the drops of saltwater that had coursed down my cheeks with her lean fingers.

I wasn’t having any of that. I knew she was just trying to make me feel better, and that Edward was in more pain than ever right now. He was my angel, the crooked smile belonged on his face, he was supposed to be happy—he was meant to be. I had to deal with this, and I was not going to do it obtusely anymore.

Alice stood motionlessly in front of me; she seemed to be in her own world. I took the chance before she could stop me, running as fast as I could towards Edward—or where he once stood.

A cold arm grabbed my wrist, yanking me to a halt. Of course Alice could catch up, what was I thinking?

“Alice…I need to go. I won’t be in any danger; I just need to see him.” I pleaded with her, feeling her grip loosened when the tears in my eyes overflowed.

I stumbled incoherently towards the trees for a long moment, knowing that Alice would leave me alone this time. I wiped away the tears in my eyes to clear up my vision, then realized that Alice was already out of sight. I was surprised I had made it this far without falling over, but I still couldn’t find what I was looking for.

“Edward? Edward…” I called out to the bare nothingness in front of me, feeling like an absolute idiot. I could feel his being, that he was standing there watching me in the close surroundings, yet I couldn’t be too sure. But if he was there, why wasn’t he responding? Did he not want to see me anymore?

I hushed my reckless thoughts, then clumsily staggered deeper into the inviting, dark forest.


What did Bella think she was doing, wandering around in the woods alone? I had after all, warned her about the dangers that lurked inside this place, told her that I wasn’t the only thing dangerous to her out here.

“Edward? Edward…” I heard my Bella’s voice shake as she called out to me, but hid further behind the trunk of the tall Redwood tree.

How much I wanted to go to her, to see her face inches away from mine, to plant never ending kisses against her soft skin ; but what would that do to her? Her efforts would have had gone to waste, and she wouldn’t be happy without Jacob’s love—she was happier with him, and I had to accept that.

“Edward…I’m sorry. Please Edward?” My Bella was crying, her angel’s voice strained.

Then I heard footsteps from behind me; a vampire, a werewolf, what was it? I turned towards the crunching of leaves, growling as I noticed its golden brown fur; a mountain lion inching its way towards her—towards my Bella.

RunBella. I screamed at her in my head, her human senses were too dull to notice the lion prying behind her. It was only a few feet away now, and the growls from my chest erupted uncontrollably as I tried to tame them. I had to do something; I didn’t care if I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near her, I didn’t care if Bella didn’t love me anymore; I loved her, and I was not going to see her get hurt like that.

I pounced, letting my senses take over.