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Like Mother Like Daughter

When Edward left Bella, he left her pregnant. Bella is changed and eighteen years later her daughter, Arielle Elizabeth Cullen, leaves to find her Father. Will Arielle and Edward's meeting bring Bella back to her family. Or will they always be a broken family?

I'm still kinda knew to the writing thing, so let me know what you think.

1. ChApTeR oNe

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Arielle’s POV

‘3 a.m.,’ I thought.

I put the picture of my parents on top of my clothes along with my mom’s photo album that she found under her floorboards when she was eighteen, and zipped closed my duffle bag.

‘Erick should be outside by now.’ I slid my bedroom window open and tossed my bag out of it. ‘Here I come dad.’ I climbed out of the window and used the trellis as a ladder. I jumped off when I got close to the ground. I picked up my bag and ran around the front of the house to where Erick’s jeep was. I was half way to where he was parked when I heard it.

“Arielle Elizabeth.”

I turned around to face my mother, stunned once again by her beauty.

“Yeah?” I asked, putting on an innocent smile.

She didn’t look angry. She looked sad. “You’re going to find him.” It wasn’t a question.

I sighed. “Mom…I”

“No,” she cut me off. “It’s ok. You can go. You deserve to know him. My stories aren’t enough anymore. You’re eighteen. Just….would you just give this to him.” She pulled a medium sized envelope out of the folds of her dress.

I dropped my bag and went to go get it. I took the envelope and gave my mom a fierce hug.

“But,” she continued, as she pulled back, “How exactly are you planning on finding him? What are you planning on doing? Going to every city in America asking if an Edward Cullen lives there?”

“Well, I don’t really know,” I replied lamely. “I was just planning on winging it, so yeah I guess.”

She laughed a little. “Here,” she said taking something else out of her dress. “I sometimes still email your Aunt Rosalie. She knows everything. She’s been trying to get me to come back for years now. She doesn’t know about you. This is where they live now,” she continued, handing me the slip of paper. “I’m sure they’ll all love you. Oh, and be careful of your Uncle Emmett.”

“Why?” I asked confused.

“His hugs hurt…a lot. They hurt a lot,” she answered with a laugh. I laughed too.

“Thanks mom. And I’ll give him the letter, I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too. Be safe ok.”

“Yeah, of course,” I said, looking into her golden eyes. “I mean what’s the worst that could happen?”

“Um…you could find your father, get to know him, decide you like him better than me, and decide to move in with him and the rest of your family, that you will no doubt love too, and leave me here to live a very long, lonely rest of eternity.”

I laughed, “haha, mom that would never happen.”

She sighed and pulled back. “Ok, well I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said as I picked up my bag and got in Erick’s car. I smiled at him and waved to my mom.

“Bye honey, bye Erick. Take care of my daughter.” It made me happy that mom liked Erick. It definitely wouldn’t be good if she didn’t like my boyfriend of three years. I wonder if dad will like him.

“Sure thing Mrs. C. You know I love her.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I know.”

She waved again and we drove away.

“Ready to find your dad, babe?” he asked, taking my hand setting off butterflies in my stomach.

“Definitely” I replied, grinning.


When we arrived in Grandirville (Author’s note: Grandir means to grow in French, it’ll make sense in a second.), I instantly wished I had packed warmer clothes. It was pouring down rain, and very cold. There were trees everywhere, and they grew so high I had to stick my head out of the window and tilt it way back to see the tops of them.

“Okay,” I said to Erick, turning down the radio, “Mom said that they lived in a really big house in the middle of the woods off Green Tree Street.”

“Um, okay, then I assumes this is it,” he said pulling up to a huge white mansion. It looked just like the one in the pictures my mom gave me.

I stared up at the house. ‘Is this it?’ I thought. ‘Is this where my family lives?’

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” I said getting out of the jeep.

I was halfway to the door when it burst open and somebody jumped at me. I fell on the ground and saw that the person on top of me had red eyes. I heard Erick yell as she snarled at me.

‘Who the hell is this? She isn’t in any of the pictures.’