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Through the Eyes of Juliet

For those reading Romeo and Juliet, this takes place during chapter nine when Quil and Terra are at the Newton's. This is what happened between Edward and Terra when they left to have a chat and when Terra went over to the Cullen's.


1. Admitting my Mistakes

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Quil and I were walking into the Newton’s sporting goods store the bell on the door ringing as we came in. At the desk were a girl with long brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and a delicious scent of blood flowing through her body. Speaking to her was a tall man, pale with bronze hair; he was obviously a vampire like myself, as I could hear no beat of his heart. I could see their names were Bella Swan and Edward Cullen; Edwards destiny was clear as he had already turned into one of the eternally damned like myself. But Bella’s destiny was not as clear, I couldn’t just see what she was to become. Edward had stiffened at my presence; I guess I was an unwelcome guest who has just intruded on their territory.“Hey Bella,” Quil’s voice boomed beside me, a sound that made me smile impulsively. Now Edward had tuned around, starring at me with an unfathomable expression.“Hey Quil, is anything better between you and Jacob?” Bella inquired to Quil.“No” was his only response and I remembered back to when he told me of his distant friends. I had been distracted when I realized Quil had mentioned my non-existent visit to the Cullen’s that set off Edward. “Yes, in fact could I speak to Terra outside if you don’t mind?” yes, he was defiantly mad.“If that’s alright with Terra.” Quil defended me and I was glad he put me first which my liking for him grow ever more.“Yeah, I’ll be back in a minute ok.” I would have to deal with Edward sooner or later, why not now, not that I truly wanted to leave Quil though. Our strides were perfect as we walked together out the door as it once again rang with our passage. “So you must be one of the Cullen’s, Tanya told me about you.” Keep things casual, don’t set him off, you don’t want to start a fight.“Yes, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about.” He was trying very hard to keep calm with each word. “I was wondering if you realize that the boy you are hanging out with is a potential werewolf.” This I hadn’t wanted to talk about, I knew what he was to become but all I had been doing was denying it.“Yes I have known since the day we met that at any moment if I got him mad he could change.”“Your gift is very unique, being able to know someone instantaionously and know their destiny, but that does not excuse your behavior.” What? I hadn’t told him my gift. How the hell did he know? “I know because I can read minds. And I’m worried about some of the thoughts going through your head.”
”I don’t think that’s any of your business.”“It’s my business if you start something with the werewolves and they threaten my family for it.”
”Yes but they haven’t now have they?” I was definitely getting mad, he had no right to ruin my friendship however wrong it was for me to have it in the first place.“They might not have yet but with how you see things your sure to get to close to that dog and ruin everything.”
”He is not a dog!” my fists were clenched and I held them tightly to my sides.“Yet!” he retorted back at me.“He might not become a werewolf you know.”
”You know he will, you saw it yourself.”“I wouldn’t be talking, you seem to be close to that Bella girl.”“Don’t you dare bring Bella into this.”
”I was just telling the truth. If your going to hassle me about Quil then I have no problem stating that you too are getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.” Edward pressed his fingers to his temples, trying to make an effort to retain some calm. “Well as long as you’re here, no matter what you choose to do with your time, I feel you should at least meet my family.”
”Fine, but if you say one word about Quil I’m turning around.”
”Fair enough. But before we go I’d like to say good bye to Bella.”
”And I would like to say the same to Quil.” He just strode in front of me back into the tiny store as confirmation that I should follow. I didn’t’ want my time with Quil to be shortened like this but it looked as I had no other choice, so I walked back in after Edward.

Quil was looking at a pair of boots when I walked over to him. “Umm, Quil I have to go over to the Cullen’s for a little while. I guess they think I’m ditching them by spending all this time with you. You understand right?” I said trying not to hurt his feelings with my unexpected ditching.

“Yeah I understand. It’s not fair for me to hog you all the time like this.” My laugh was hard and unnatural sounding even to my own ears. Stretching up on my toes I gave Quil a light peck on the cheek and walked back out the door with Edward soon on my tail. I walked over to my car and got in the drivers seat and as once Edward got in a raced off at 120mph.“Where to?” I asked not knowing where exactly I was going. He told me the directions and with a minute we were there thanks to my reckless driving. The house was three stories high, white and brilliantly restored. Inside I could hear that there were two vampires in the front room there voices giving them away as a man and woman. Stepping into the house I saw I was right, for there in the large living room were Carlisle and Esme Cullen; once again their destinies were clear as to what they already were. “Carlisle, Esme, this is Terra, she is staying in the area for awhile.” Two pairs of topaz eyes turned to me at the sound of Edwards confident voice.“Hello, I’m Carlisle, this is my wife Esme.”
”Nice to meet you dear.” Their voices were warm and inviting, but it looked like Carlisle was telling something to Edward through his thoughts as he looked away from me.“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.” Keep thing casual, no need to bring up Quil. Wait now Edward will bring it up because he knows I’m telling myself not to. Stupid mind-reading vampire.“Well if you insist on telling them,” he gleamed at me, satisfied to be talking about exactly what it was I was doing during my stay. “You see while Terra has been here she has been staying in the La Push region and has been spending time with one of their soon to be werewolves.” He said matter-of-factly making me want to claw out his eyes for deliberately doing that.“Is this true Terra.” Carlisle looked to me wanting my side of the story.“Yes, but Quil is not a werewolf.”
”But you know he will be, you saw it yourself.” Carlisle then lifted a hand to silence Edward, which I was thankful for, until he began to speak.“You knew he was to become a werewolf? How is that you know?” I really didn’t want to answer, to tell them of my gift. It wasn’t anything special but it would confirm that I knew what I was dealing with, and that I was nonetheless going against our ways. “Well, it’s kind of my gift.”“Do tell.” It was Esme now that prompted me forward.“In my human life I was the person who knew everyone. From my friends and family I was always being told of other people, where they worked what school they went to, how they knew the person who told me of them. I could walk up to someone and just from a descript ion I had heard of them I would remember everything I knew of their life. So now when I look at someone I can instantly see their name in my mind and I can see what they’re destined to be.” They were now able to fill in the blanks, that once I saw Quil I knew he was going to change into a werewolf,.“That’s a very interesting power.” Was all Esme said after my lame explanation.“But how does that tie into what Edward was saying.” Carlisle chimed in with a business like tone.“Well Terra here has been spending a great deal of time with Quil, even after she knew that he was one of them.”“You seem to spend a whole lot more time with Bella who just happens to be a human and I don’t see you being stopped. How is my situation any different?”
”Because Bella is not my sworn enemy!” ours expressions mirrored each other, clenched fists, and hard looks on our faces.“Edward she does have a point. Even if Bella is not our enemy she is still not supposed to know our existence.” Carlisle’s words sent Edward flaring and he stormed out of the house, whisper something under his breath. “I’m sorry about the situation you are in but Bella or no Bella you still should know better than to hang around a potential werewolf.”“I know.” My lavender eyes darted to the floor. “I didn’t mean for this to happen it just sort of did.”“How so?” I began telling them the whole story, starting with the family I met in Alaska, how they told me about the Cullen’s. Then I went on to when I met Quil, that it was unexpected and that I did run away in an attempt to avoid contact. My tale went through the last few days and how it was my life seem to become intertwined with Quil’s and how I had become friends with him. “Well I can’t say I approve but I guess so far you’ve done no harm. Although I wouldn’t recommend making this a long trip and that you should end this relationship before something does happen.” His words cut, I didn’t want to stop spending time with Quil, he was my only friend I have had in over 60 years. “Also I would refrain from hunting in this immediate area, it might draw suspicion.”
”Of course, and I am interested in how you survive without drinking from humans.” They had a look that told me they had been asked this before.“You see we hunt animals instead.”“That might explain your eye color. And I am fascinated truly, I too do not enjoy the idea of killing humans, I just never decided to take initiative.” “Well you can always try our way of life. It doesn’t completely detain the thirst but it allows us to be civil in the company of humans.”“I’ll definitely consider it, but if you don’t mind I have to go meet someone.”
”No not at all, please don’t let us stop you.” Esme said after not speaking for sometime, and with that I stood up from the couch I had over the conversation ended up on and walked to the door. I was going to see Quil now, whether they approved or not.