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Aliens and Vampires...What's the world coming to?

Contains spoilers for Breaking Dawn and The Host Bella's been a wife, mother and vampire for nine years...Wanda's been a welcome alien among the human resistance for little over a year....what happens when they meet? Post-Breaking Dawn and post-The Host.

This is finished, but for some reason my computer won't let me tick the completed box....

10. Chapter Ten

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My jaw dropped at Lacey's complaint. What the...?

"No one's trying to kill you, Lacey," Wanda sighed. The little woman glared.

"Oh, really? Well, tell me why her bloodsucker husband just tackled someone in the bathing rooms, then." I stiffened, then relaxed. Oh. That's what he meant by having to find Rosalie.

"He was looking for Rosalie," I said calmly. "He told me he had to go find her just before he ran off. It was only a few minutes ago," I added, and I was relieved when Wanda and Ian agreed with me. Lacey crossed her arms and scowled, then flinched as Jasper followed Alice into the cavern, the latter moving like she was dancing...again. Jasper was a calm, huge presence behind her.

"Edward and Rosalie are taking Esme and Emmett to the mountains," Alice informed us. "Emmett wanted to find some grizzlies, and I know Edward's gone longer than he likes without mountain lion."

I almost laughed. She made it sound like chocolate or something like that. Alice glanced at me and smiled, dancing over to sit beside me. We were completely ignoring Lacey now, who had made a face of disgust and was creeping out the door. Jasper wasn't bothering to calm her down, and I understood why. She was a lost cause. Suddenly Alice stiffened and hissed.

"No! She's going to find Jeb and tell him she was attacked in the bathing room by Edward!" she whispered. I felt my eyes widen.

"Alice, stop her," I whispered back. "Jasper, we need Edward back, and Rose! Can you catch up, do you think?" I asked. He nodded, grim-faced, and the pair of them sped out of the hall. Wanda and Ian turned confused eyes to me.

"If she goes to Jeb, we could be kicked out. Then, if the 'non-vegetarian' vampires find you here, you'll be massacred. They'll be thirsty after so long," I explained. "If we're here, we can protect you. If we're not, you'll all be killed if another coven finds you." Wanda trembled, and Ian hugged her closer in reassurance as Renesme and Jacob exchanged a glance. They knew as well as I did most vampires had changed to our lifestyle. Apparently soul-inhabited humans didn't taste any better than human food. Even animals were better.

"So you're still here...to protect us?" Wanda asked timidly. I smiled gently.

"That's one of the reasons, yes. Another is that we're safer where souls cannot find us. We'll probably be burned into ash when they discover we won't pass out or be cut open with their scalpels," I told her. "I don't count you as a soul, Wanda. To me, and the rest of us, you are human."

She smiled.

"About two years ago, I would have thought that being told I was counted as human was a bad thing. Now, I know it's a compliment," she told me. "So what did you mean about extra abilities?"

"Edward, Jasper, Alice, Renesme and I all have extra abilities..." I began, then glared as Jake interrupted.

"They're the freaks among vampires," he said calmly, then flinched as Renesme bit his forearm. "Nessie, you haven't done that for three years!"

"I know. But I didn't want to break it again, so I bit you instead," my daughter said calmly. I smiled.

"Alice can see the future. Jacob and Renesme make it difficult for her to 'see', unless they don't at all affect what she is trying to 'see'. Jasper, her husband, can detect emotion and change it. He can calm down an angry mob, or excite a lethargic room of people. It's subtle, but it is helpful when we meet unfriendlies."

"I can do the opposite of Mom and Dad," Renesme said calmly. "Bella keeps everyone out; no one keeps me out, not even her. I put images into peoples' minds, my father can read minds," she explained. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Even when I was human, Edward couldn't read my mind. When I became a vampire, that grew stronger. I can expand the shield around my mind to shield the minds of others; once under the shield, though, they can sense or affect any minds outside and inside the shield. It's a purely mental defense, but it's helpful. It means none of the trackers can hunt me, or my family."

"You said Edward can read minds..." Wanda began, and I smiled.

"Yes. He has a limit of a few miles, but he can hear the thoughts running through your mind at the time you think them," I explained. "He can't hear mine unless I let him," I added smugly. Jake and Renesme laughed at my expression and tone of vioce, and then I heard Emmett's booming laugh from behind me and turned to smile at my favourite brother. "Hey Emmett."

"Bells," he acknowledged. "Did you tell them about your balance issues?" he asked, and I grinned.

"Yes." Emmett groaned.

"Aw! Jasper called us back from the hunt...I was really looking forward to wrestling someone other than Jasper or Edward..." he trailed off and looked at me hopefully. I shook my head, grinning.

"Nope," I said, popping the 'p'. "Not a chance. After your dirty little trick last time, I'm not wrestling you again," I informed him cooly. Emmett pouted, and I laughed, shaking my head. "Oh, alright. Just this once."