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Aliens and Vampires...What's the world coming to?

Contains spoilers for Breaking Dawn and The Host Bella's been a wife, mother and vampire for nine years...Wanda's been a welcome alien among the human resistance for little over a year....what happens when they meet? Post-Breaking Dawn and post-The Host.

This is finished, but for some reason my computer won't let me tick the completed box....

11. Chapter Eleven

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I gave a sigh for Wanda and Ian's benefit, although inside I was grinning. Emmett was really asking for it...

"Get him, Mom," Renesme said as Emmett and I cleared a space in the middle of the room. Hopefully we wouldn't break anything... I winked at my daughter. I had a few tricks up my sleeve, courtesy of Zafrina.

"No worries, Nessie. I'll give him a butt-whoopin' like I did last time," I teased. Emmett scowled and I smiled sweetly. "Ready?" I braced myself as Emmett lunged at me.

As soon as Emmett grabbed for me, I was behind him, my arms around his neck in a choke hold. He tried to get me off, but I caught his arms behind his back with a few lithe twists of my body, and he was stuck. Only a few seconds had passed, and I had him on the floor, stuck. Renesme laughed along with Jacob as Emmett cursed and struggled, but I wouldn't let him get up. Ah, I loved Zafrina. Not as much as Edward, of course, but I didn't love anyone as much as I loved him.

"Do you give up?" I asked Emmett, loud enough for Ian and Wanda to hear. He cursed again.

"You win...again. But I'll get you one day," he threatened as I sprang away and back to my daughter. I laughed.

"Keep telling yourself that, Emmett," I said. "You keep telling yourself that."

Only minutes after we'd rearranged the room again, Emmett still grumbling, Alice and Jasper danced into the room.

"Bella!" Alice sang, jumping onto my back. I laughed.

"Careful, Alice! You might knock me over one day!" I teased, hugging her and swinging her around. She was my favourite sister. She always had been. "Hey Jasper. Emmett said you didn't want to wrestle him. He conscripted me," I said with a pout. Jake chuckled, as did Jasper as Emmett laughed his booming laugh.

"You still beat me anyway, Bells," Emmett pointed out. I grinned.

"You haven't beaten me yet, have you?" I asked, before becoming serious again. "Are the others alright? No big dramas yet?" I asked of Alice. She shook her head, smiling hugely.

"Nope. Jasper calmed them all down, and the Edward and Rosalie explained that Rose wasn't feeling normal and Edward was stopping her from doing anything stupid." I relaxed.

"Thank goodness," I sighed, before smiling when Edward wrapped his arms around my waist. "How'd it go?"

"I'll explain later," he mumbled, kissing my neck. If I could blush, I would have been. And Jasper knew it.

"Later, love," I murmured. "We are in company, remember?" Edward sighed but stopped distracting me, and Jacob snickered. I didn't want to know what he was thinking...but Edward knew and growled.

"Can you please not?" he asked. "I mean, she's my daughter!" I made a face. Eeww. That was something neither of us wanted to know about.

"Oh, Jake! Please don't tell me you were thinking about..." Renesme trailed off at Edward's growl and scowled at Jacob, who shrugged. Renesme groaned and shook her head. "Please don't think about that again where my father can hear you," she pleaded, and Jacob pulled on the puppy-dog eyes. I rolled my own eyes as Renesme sighed and gave in. There wasn't much we could do about that.