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Aliens and Vampires...What's the world coming to?

Contains spoilers for Breaking Dawn and The Host Bella's been a wife, mother and vampire for nine years...Wanda's been a welcome alien among the human resistance for little over a year....what happens when they meet? Post-Breaking Dawn and post-The Host.

This is finished, but for some reason my computer won't let me tick the completed box....

13. Epilogue

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Bella’s POV

I often found myself wandering the halls of the cave system alone, just thinking about anything and everything. Charlie died three years ago, and the Pack went into hiding with their imprints. Jake kept in touch. The nomads were finding it difficult to feed, and many had turned on each other. The Volturi were unheard of. We had not heard anything from or of them for five years now. Siobhan and her coven were doing well, though, as were the other covens we had become friends with.

Tanya’s coven – Garrett had stayed with them, amazingly, and Tanya had found a mate in Meiji, a former emperor of Japan – were in hiding, much like us, and were somewhere in the Canadian forests last time we heard from them.

Wanda was blossoming in her pregnancy, growing noticeably larger every few weeks that passed. She was radiant, though, and enormously happy. Ian was even more protective of her than usual, but he was just as happy as she was to be having a baby. And Wanda would get the very best care with Carlisle here.

The Cullen family could be expecting a new addition soon, too. Renesmee was pregnant. We’d managed to hide it from Edward, and so far only my daughter and I knew. We were going to tell Jake soon, and we were both hoping Edward wouldn’t kill him for knocking up our daughter. We were both curious as to how the child would turn out – there'd never been a vampire-human-werewolf hybrid before. But no matter what, we would love the child enormously. It was in our nature.

Everything in this colony was peaceful, and we’d even managed to not completely freak-out the other, smaller colonies of survivors Jeb’s was in touch with. Lacey had stopped causing trouble for us and had grown attached to Renesmee. I just hoped her intentions were as peaceful as they seemed, and so far they were. I gave a small sigh as I wandered the hallways, wondering if Nessie and I should tell Jake today or later this week. Today would probably be best… And then we would tell Edward. It had been hard for Nessie to keep it from him the few weeks we had known, for I couldn’t shield her mind without good reason, and we hadn’t been able to come up with anything. Zip. Nada. We would be doing the best we could to make sure he was calm, and that he wouldn’t go hunt down Jake to castrate him.

I smiled to myself at that thought as I turned to go find my daughter. I would be a grandmother soon, and my daughter would be a mother. My best friend would have a son or daughter to cherish, and my dear Edward would be a grandfather. Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper would be great-aunts and uncles, and Carlisle and Esme would be great-grandparents…I wondered how they would all take it. Very well, I supposed, seeing how much they loved Renesmee. I wondered absently how many grandchildren Edward and I would have…and smiled. The future was looking so much better already.