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Aliens and Vampires...What's the world coming to?

Contains spoilers for Breaking Dawn and The Host Bella's been a wife, mother and vampire for nine years...Wanda's been a welcome alien among the human resistance for little over a year....what happens when they meet? Post-Breaking Dawn and post-The Host.

This is finished, but for some reason my computer won't let me tick the completed box....

3. Chapter Three

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Soon it was clear everyone had finished eating, and Jeb again turned to Carlisle.

"So how long have you all lived on the outside? Was it just you and your family?" Carlisle glanced at Renesme. She was often good at explaining things. She obliged from where she now sat on Jacob's lap.

"We've always been good at surviving," she began. "It's what we do. I haven't been around nearly as long as Carlisle or the others, but I've had my share of misfortune." I snorted internally. Yeah, mainly when I was carrying her. "We all have. But the Seekers were never able to catch us; we're good at hiding. Even seven-foot-tall Jake," she teased, looking up at him. He grinned back.

"You know it," he murmured, and she smiled.

"Anyway, we were just camped out when Bella got the urge to see the desert, and so we came." I could see it was difficult for her to say my name. Normally she called me Mom, and Edward Dad. "Then we found you," Renesme concluded with a shrug. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Okay, usually she was good at explaning. Now we would just have to answer moore questions.

"How did you find us?" Melanie asked in the short silence. We froze. What could we say to that? Should we tell the truth?


"We don't have to worry about the Volturi anymore," Rosalie whispered so quietly even I found it hard to hear her.

"I reckon it'll be safe to tell them," Emmett added. Instinctively we all looked to Carlisle. He raised his hands in a gesture of defeat, much to the surprise of the humans here, most likely. They wouldn't understand the movement. Carlisle looked right back at me.

"Bella?" he asked, and I nodded, moving from Edward's arms to sit by my daughter and Jacob.

"We haven't been entirely truthful with you," I began, then rolled my eyes when the rifle and the Glock were pointed at me. I sighed. "Seriously, people, relax. We haven't brought Seekers, but we have a good reason to lie. We aren't supposed to exist."

"Whaddya mean by that?" Jeb asked suspiciously. I gave a small, slightly sad smile.

"Let me tell you my story from the beginning, nothing important excluded, and you will understand," I said calmly, not at all bothered by the two guns still pointed at me. They didn't lower, and I just shrugged. "Shall I begin?"


"For me, it started ten or eleven years ago, when I moved from Phoenix to Forks, Washington. There I met the Cullens. I thought there was something different about them, and Jake was the one who told me what they are. He didn't believe the legends of his people at the time, but I hadn't been able to come up with a better explanation. I didn't care, though...I fell in love with Edward, with someone who shouldn't exist..."

"Wait a minute," a harsh female voice interrupted. I paused and looked to her politely. "How old were you then?" I smiled.

"Seventeen." That caused some disgruntled murmuring among the humans, which I ignored. I could see some people were absolutely fascinated. And I hadn't reached the punch-line yet, either. "As I was saying, I fell in love with who most people would think of as a mythical creature...but then again, aliens exist, don't they? Why not what my family and I are? Of course, no-one knew about the souls at the time..." I paused for a moment, looking to Jacob and Edward, wondering how to continue.

"Perhaps tell them about the van incident," Edward suggested, and I smiled.

"That was before Jake told me what the Cullens were and are. I was standing at the back of my truck at the school, and a van one of my classmates was driving slid out of control on the ice. I could see Edward about four cars down...and then when I thought the van would hit me, because there was no way I would have been able to get out of the way in time, Edward was there, and the van had hit the back of my truck. It spun around, but he stopped it. He left a dent in the panels," I added, looking up at him with a smile. "His family weren't too pleased he had almost revealed them," I laughed quietly. Edward smiled back ruefully.

"You can say that again. Half of them wanted to kill her because she knew...but she didn't know. She had a few strange theories, but none of them were right." He chuckled, and if I could have I would have blushed. Me and my superhero theories... I shrugged.

"Later, after Jacob told me what the Cullens were, Edward saved my life again. I was being followed in Port Angeles, but before the men could do anything Edward came along and got me out of there. Later that night I told him what I knew. It turns out the Quileute legends are true," I sighed, then smiled up at Edward. "I'm glad they are," I added, before returning to my explanation. The humans were all silent, seeming enthralled by my story.

"After that, you could say things progressed swiftly. By that Saturday, we were...dating, I guess you could say. Then on the Sunday, some others of our kind came, discovered I was human, and one tried to hunt me...he almost succeeded. Edward saved me again. I wasn't too happy I was always getting myself in trouble, but I was just a clumsy human, a danger magnet." Edward laughed again.

"True. Only you could get into trouble in a town as small as Port Angeles." I sighed. He was never going to forget that.

"Soon after, Edward left me because he thought I'd be better off..." we both winced as we remembered what that had done to us. "It didn't turn out so well. I started doing stupid things, trying to break my promise that I wouldn't do anything reckless or dangerous. I learnt to ride a motorcycle and tried cliff-diving...I was hanging out with Jake a lot. When I went cliff-diving, Alice saw me jump and didn't see Jake pull me out...she thought I'd committed suicide. Like I could do that to my Dad. She told Rosalie, who told Edward..."

"I don't think he ever forgave me for that," Rosalie said quietly, loud enough for the humans to still hear. The whole story was vital to have them accept us. Edward rolled his eyes.

"I forgave you as soon as I got Bella back," he informed her, and Rose smiled. I paused for a moment to smile at him before I continued.

"Edward ran off to Italy, to ask the Volturi to kill him. He thought I was dead. Alice and I managed to get there in time to stop him from revealing himself and therefore dying, but the Volturi said I either had to be changed, or I had to die. We went with the first option, although Edward didn't really like the idea." I laughed. "One of his conditions was that I married him first...and so I did," I said with a smile, editing out the whole thing with Victoria and Jake's pack.

"You weren't keen on that idea, though," Alice interjected, and I poked my tongue out at her childishly.

"My mom raised me to think marriage at a young age meant death...and I was only 18. Of course I wasn't keen on it."

"Neither was I," Jake muttered, and I lightly hit the back of his head.

"Aren't you glad now I did?" I challenged. The humans were all watching and listening. I didn't need Jasper's gift to know they were immensely curious.

"Yeah, now I am," he agreed. "I didn't like it at the time, though." I smiled.

"I know. Anyway, after the wedding, on our honeymoon...we discovered I was pregnant. Despite the fact she was killing me from the inside, I was determined to give birth to my baby girl. Rosalie helped me through the few weeks it took," I added with a smile to my sister. She smiled back.

"Jake left his...pack of friends to protect me from them, because they wanted my baby dead. It's not her fault she wasn't entirely human. Two of his friends followed him, and helped to protect me. The birth almost killed me...it would have if Edward hadn't managed to change me."

"Renesme is our daughter," Edward said carefully, his eyes tense as he heard the thoughts in the heads of the humans.

"She is special...almost one of a kind," I continued.

"Hold up just one second," the man named Doc interrupted. "Just what are you people?" Simultaneously, all the full vampires smiled, and Jake chuckled. I smiled too.

"We're a mix of people," I said calmly, placing a hand on Renesme's shoulder. "Renesme more so than the rest of us. After all, not many women live to give birth to a vampire's child."