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Aliens and Vampires...What's the world coming to?

Contains spoilers for Breaking Dawn and The Host Bella's been a wife, mother and vampire for nine years...Wanda's been a welcome alien among the human resistance for little over a year....what happens when they meet? Post-Breaking Dawn and post-The Host.

This is finished, but for some reason my computer won't let me tick the completed box....

9. Chapter Nine

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As I ran through the tunnels, I was lucky I didn't run into any humans. Not that I would literally have run into them...they probably would just have been a little shocked. I had to get to Rose before she did anything we'd all come to regret. I can't believe she'd hidden her thirst from us all for so long...

I raced into the dark cavern of the bathing area, and instantly knew that the human woman had no idea. It was the one named Lacey, and all she was thinking of was how dreary and dirty these caves were. If I hadn't been in such a rush, I probably would have told her to get over it. Instead, I tackled Rosalie to the ground and held her down as she snarled at me and struggled.

"Get out of here, Lacey," I said loud enough for her to hear over Rose's snarls. She did as she was told, for a change, and soon after she left Rosalie stopped struggling, her reasoning returning.

'Oh...I hadn't realised I was so thirsty,' she thought, and I knew she wouldn't run when I let her up, so I stood and helped her to her feet. 'Sorry, Edward,' she thought, holding her breath. 'I didn't mean to...'

"I know. Come on, you should hunt before you run into any more humans," I said bluntly, but not unkindly. I understood how hard it was to resist sometimes. "We'll collect Emmett on the way, and maybe Esme. They're both getting a little thirsty."

Rose nodded and let me hold onto her arm, just in case, as we began to run through the tunnels. We didn't see, and I couldn't hear, the human woman named Lacey anywhere.


I tried to get back into what I could remember of my human story, but I lacked the enthusiasm. What was Rosalie doing that had Edward so worried? I managed to distract them, although I thought they could see through my attempt at casual, relaxed conversation.

"After I had introduced Charlie and Edward - with the latter as my boyfriend - we went out so I could watch his family play baseball," I smiled as I recollected, but then shivered slightly. "It was fine until three others showed up. They didn't follow the same diet at the Cullens, and when they found out I was human, one of the males, James, tried to kill me. James was a tracker; it was a game to him to try and get me without alerting the Cullens. He really wanted a fight with Edward...I don't know why. But he managed to trick me, and he attacked me. He broke my right leg, a few ribs, cut open my scalp when he threw me into some mirrors - don't ask - and he also...bit me."

Wanda gasped at that relevation but I smiled slightly.

"Edward got there before James could finish me off. He saved me in two ways; he killed James and sucked out the venom making its way through my system before it was too far up my arm. He bit my hand, you see, so it was one of the furthest parts away from my heart. That's what makes the change; the venom. I was in a leg cast for a month," I added, not noticing how chagrined I sounded until I heard Renesme and Jacob laugh from the doorway. My daughter darted over to me and kissed my cheek in greeting as Jacob sauntered over at a more human pace. He nodded to Ian and Wanda, than settled beside me as he pulled Renesme onto his lap.

"Later that year I got a paper cut at my birthday party and Jasper...he finds it harder to resist sometimes...almost attacked me. Edward stopped him, but while doing so I was knocked backwards and broke some glass plates. There was blood everywhere...not exactly the best thing in a house full of vampires. Carlisle was calm, though. He's been resisting blood ever since he was a newborn vampire. That's about three and a half centuries of resisting blood. He's practically immune to it now. He stitched my arm up after he got the glass out, but after that...Edward left me. He thought that it would be better for me..." I trailed off into a whisper and looked away. It still hurt... Jacob rubbed my arm gently and then continued.

"My dad was her dad's best friend. Charlie...Bella's dad... was worried about her. She was like a zombie for months; she would only do things mechanically. Then she came to see me one day with two beat-up motorbikes in the back of her truck," he snickered. "We fixed 'em up, and I taught her to ride."

"I was determined to do anything and everything I could to break my promise to Edward. I'd promised I wouldn't do anything reckless, and riding a motorbike seemed the best way to break that promise," I explained. "Jake helped me. I wasn't fully healed, but I was getting better. He was my personal sun," I added, giving him a fond glance. "He warmed me up and stopped the pain when I was around him." Renesme had heard this story before, and wasn't a little bit jealous that I had once captured Jacob's heart.

"Then one day, he was acting strange...his skin was so hot it was like he had a fever. It's a wolf thing," I added with a small laugh. It was a personal joke, the 'wolf things'...Edward knew too, and so did most of the Cullens. Only the ones who weren't interested *cough* Rosalie *cough* weren't aware of everything. "That night was his first phase. I couldn't see him, and things started to get worse. Then one day I decided that I didn't care what 'disease' he had - that was the story he and his dad were giving me - and I went to see him. He told me we couldn't be friends anymore, and then that night he came and tried to tell me what happened. He couldn't, but he gave me the clues to figure it out on my own. I did in the morning, and went looking for him down at the reservation."

"She surprised me, really," Jacob chuckled. "And the rest of the pack - at that point there were only four others - they were pretty shocked too. Then we found out Bella was the reason the bloodsucker Victoria had been trying to get past us. Edward killed her mate, James, and the little b-" he corrected himself quickly when Renesme pinched him. "The little witch was after Bella. She thought it fair - mate for a mate. She didn't realise Edward had left Bella months earlier." I shrugged.

"How was she to know? She wasn't a mind-reader."

"Yeah but Edward is," Jake snorted. "You'd think he'd be better at tracking being able to hear her thoughts, but he was on the wrong continent." I hit Jake gently around the back of the head.

"Jake, they didn't know about the extra talents yet," Renesme sighed. "Now you've freaked them out." I rolled my eyes at Jake, and then turned to explain to Wanda and Ian when Lacey came rushing into the kitchen. She skidded to a halt when she saw Renesme, Jacob and me sitting there.

"Oh, not here too! Seriously, are you all trying to kill us?"