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Love is a Battlefield

After everything he's caused and has been through, does he deserve to live? Should he live? One moment he's considering suicide and the next he's experiencing something he's never experienced before. Could one person affect him so much that he reconsiders everything he's decided in the past four months? This one person gave him something that he never had and now needs desperately...hope.

As much as I wish I did, I do not own any of these characters (except the ones that I make up every now and again). They rightfully belong to Stephenie Meyer.

1. Debates

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Ugh. I feel like crap. He walked over to the nearby stream and looked at his reflection. He didn't like what he saw. His irises were pitch black with dark bags underneath them. And not only did he feel like crap, but he looked like it too. His shirt was ripped, pants filthy and his shoes looked as if they had been run over by a car.

He quickly walked away and leaned against a tree. He hated what he had become. He despised the monster he saw in himself.

I'm a monster. I deserve to be living here with good people. I have done so much damage. I helped Maria destroy so many innocent people. People of all kinds. I recall slaughtering so many people just because Maria ordered me to. Pregnant women, curious teenage boys, young children and even a 7-month old baby. He slightly better about himself because Maria was gone. He had destroyed her along with the many others.

A smell wafted his way. The smell of a creature. He hadn't hunted in days and was craving for the blood that this huge creature would supply.

Once again he found himself debating. Should he kill another innocent creature? But this was different, this was for survival. That was a difference, wasn't it?

Moments later, a bear stumbled into the clearing. But this bear was different. It was old, dying. He limped and it showed that it had obviously been attacked recently.

He saw it. His chance to feed. If the bear is already in pain, than if I finished it off, that wouldn't be so bad would it?

Eventually he gave in. The bear was not no more than 6 feet away from him. With one swift movement of his arm, the bear was on the ground, motionless. He knelt down and fed.

In less than a minute he was finished. Although the blood wasn't quite as tasteful due to the creature's age, it still provided the energy that he needed. He would be okay for a few more days.

He sat down on a rock and thought. This time, his thinking was much more rational than before because he was not blinded by his need for blood.

After sitting for a while he came up with three options.

One: I could wander into the city and live out there until I decide what my next move should be.

Two. I could stay out here and wait until I'm ready to move on to option number one.

Three: I could just stay out here and wait for my death to approach me and that way no one will ever know that I existed.

At that time, he was leaning towards option three, but decided that he should try option one because he could always resort to option three, if needed.

He wandered for a few hours until he reached the edge of the forest. He saw the town now.

He decided to keep walking until he found somewhere he wanted to stay at.

He stopped when he reached Sam's Diner.

He stared into the diner. There weren't many people there, so not too much attention would be drawn to him.

On the door there was a sign that said:



He ignored it and walked right in and sat on one of the many empty bar stools.