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The Secrets Of Bella Swan And Edward Cullen

A/U:ALL HUMAN. what happens when Edward Cullen, the shcool player, takes an interest in social pariah Bella Swan? Secrets arise in an odd afair and Bella gets pregnant. will Edward give up his ways to be with Bella through this? ExB


1. Chapter 1

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turned the corner to see a sight that often made me want to throw up.

Two people feeling each other up against the wall by the movie theater.

The thing that pushed me over the edge was one of the people. Edward Cullen.

I leaned over the bushes and puked my guts out; this was the seventh time this week.

And it was only Tuesday! I stood, wiped my mouth with my sleeve and walked to the car. I jest went to the movies with Alice and she was already in the car, I had went to use the bathroom.

When in the car, I was greeted by Alice with, “Who's it this time?” even though she knew she wouldn't get an answer.

Alice was the only one who knew about me and Edward.

I was an exile at school. My first day I was ruled off as the girl who was too-smart-and-too-pretty-with-way-too-much-money which made me a freak in the eyes of my class mates.

Edward was the captain of practically every sport the school had, got straight A's and was perfect in almost every way. Which would normally make someone a freak, but in his case, he wasn't. I had no idea why, either. Oh, and he was also the school “player” as some would call it. I rolled my eyes at the term.

We had been secretly dating for almost seven months now. I tried to deny myself I was in love with him but I knew it was true.

There was no way to fight that fact.

The only thing was: I wasn't sure Edward loved me. Why would he if he had all these other fan-girls hang-up on his every word? They did everything he wanted – and, buddy, I mean everything.

It practically broke me to pieces when I saw him and another girl. And a lot of people at school could tell I liked him.

I laughed when girls in gym bragged to me about how they had made out with him – if only they new the beginning of mine and Edward's relationship was basically just sex.

It was still a part in our relationship, no doubt, but it was more than that now.

Well, I thought it was.

I remembered how Alice found out about us on a whim, my mind rolling on odd tracks today.

Edward and I were on the couch in my living room(Charlie was out of town for a week and we were still in the sex-crazed phase of our relationship.

Alice walked in, screamed and ran away.

I told her the next day.

She's known every since.

The thing that had me especially worried today was it was the second month I missed my period.

I had yet to tell Alice and I wasn't planning on it.

I mentally added go to the Walgreen's and buy a pregnancy test to my list of things to do.

I shuddered at the thought of a little pink plus sign. My mind quickly ran over my choices:


Keep it


I personally liked none of the options.

As we drove I dreamed in a world so far from reality of a blue minus sign.


I was dropped off at my house and immediately I went to my room.

I threw my things on my bed – the sheet rumpling in the process – in a dash to the computer.

I sifted through my email before going to the website I needed for the task I had in mind.

Junk mail, junk mail, mom, Alice, Alice, Angela, junk mail, bingo! I thought as I found one with Edwards name.

I looked over the subject to see, No Subject.

I rolled my eyes and my mouse hovered over the name, a little yellow tab popped up. Edward's email was written in small black letters on it.

I clicked it and the message popped up:

Hey, I'll come over at 5. see ya'.

I looked at the clock on the computer and saw I had 10 minutes left. I quickly disconnected my modem, figuring I could do the search later.

As I looked in the full-length mirror I saw I had dressed rather nicely today.

A black skirt that cut off about 4 inches from my kneecap and a tight-fitting light purple shirt with quarter inch sleeves.

I pulled out my ponytail and ran my fingers through my hair. I was suddenly greatful for my side swept bangs which looked good today more than any other.

As I turned to face the window – the entrance Edward insists on using – a figure emerged through it. I saw the disheveled bronze hair shinning through the light from the oddly-bright day.

His piercing green eyes looked glassy today. “Hey-” I was cut off by a pair of hard lips crushing me. I was being pushed back onto my bed and I felt him unclasping my bra through the back of my shirt.

“Who was it?” I asked, breathless, as he moved his lips to my neck.

He stopped. “Who was what?” he asked, playing dumb.

“Edward, I saw you and some girl behind the theater.”

He froze.

I heard him sigh and mumble, “I guess I'm not getting layed today,” under his breath. He sat up on my bed and said in a lower voice, “Jessica,” trying to make me not hear.

I scoffed. How could he do that with her?

“Edward, when are we going to tell people?” I asked. He told me we would tell people about us a while ago and we still hadn't.

“Not this again.” he said. I knew what was coming. I was going to get yelled at and he was going to get another scar from my nails and then we'd end up having make-up sex. I was starting to think he made us fight on purpose.

I walked out of the room and ran to the bathroom.

I pulled open a cabinet and took out a pregnancy test which I just remembered my dad had made me get a while ago.

I sat on the toilet and peed on it, set it on the counter and set the timer we had gotten for the kitchen that had migrated to the bathroom somehow.

Edward walked in and stared at the test, which I was now tapping against the marble top.

He cocked his eyebrow at me, asking a question with his eyes and I nodded.

When the timer went off we both jumped.

I lifted the test to my face and staring back at me was my nightmares coming true.

A pink plus sign.

I gulped and dropped the test, frozen in time. I saw from the corner of my eye Edward pick it up and his eyes bulged from his head.

The last thing I remember saying before Edward walked out the door was, “I told you we should have used a condom.”

Edward's POV:

I shook my head, trying to rid the image of the sign on that test.

No. was all I could think. I walked briskly through the warm weather.

I had no idea what to do.

I didn't want to be committed or anything but she was pregnant.

What was I going to do?

I was not ready to be a one-women man.

Much less a father.

So much less a father.