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The Secrets Of Bella Swan And Edward Cullen

A/U:ALL HUMAN. what happens when Edward Cullen, the shcool player, takes an interest in social pariah Bella Swan? Secrets arise in an odd afair and Bella gets pregnant. will Edward give up his ways to be with Bella through this? ExB


2. Chapter 2

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You chose to surrender

The best thing that's happened to you

What were you missin'?

Were you just trippin'?

Runnin' away was the best you could do?

You made this decision

You chose our division

And I have no regrets.."

-Division (÷) by Aly & A.J.

Bella's POV:

When Edward left, I just stood there, grasping onto air which once held a pregnancy test.

Which tested positive.

I moved from my rigid position and immediately regretted it. My bones ached from standing in one place for such a long amount of time.

I pushed past the pain anyways, and collapsed; nearly missing the bed.

I looked at the floor and saw my shoulder bag with it's content strewn about. Edward must have kicked it off. I thought nothing of it as my head turned in a much more important direction.

What was I going to do about this baby? What was I going to do about Edward? So many question flowed through my mind, eventually giving me a headache.

I groaned and pulled off my bra through an arm hole in my tee-shirt.

The clasp – broken in Edward's attempts to get me topless – was itching my back.

I kicked off the sneakers I never took off and plowed my face into my pillow. I stole a glance at the clock and saw it was 8 already. I sighed at my very early bed time for tonight and let myself drift off into a slumber.

Through the night I lingered between awake and asleep, waking constantly due to the rain pounding on the window. I didn't remember shutting it.

Again, I shrugged it off. It was probably Edward when he left.

I woke up again at 5 am, not being able to go back to sleep I pulled a book from the bed side table, Wake by Lise McMann, and flipped on the lamp on the same table.

When I saw the sun peaking from behind the rain to show it was morning, I got out of bed and walked down stairs to get some food.

I poured myself some Cherrio's and ate it slowly. I looked around the empty kitchen and saw it was Saturday on the calender and my gaze rested there until something caught my eye again: four messages on the answering machine.

I pressed the play button and the recorded voice said over the speaker, “You have,” pause “three new message. Message one:” and then a new voice came on the speaker, Alice's voice “Your pregnant?!” she screamed through the speaker in her high shrill voice.

My mouth dropped open.

He wouldn't.

Would he?

I let the next play and listened carefully, “Hey,” cough “emo slut,” cough “Bella. hear you and Edward got freaky. Have fun with little Edward Junior.” Lauren's voice sneered into the answering machine. How'd she get my number? And how'd she know?

The third message was the worst of all. By far. “Bella. It's Charlie. I know. I'm coming home. Now.” I looked on the little screen and it said he left it today. The tone of his voice on the message sounded like he was holding back trying to yell.

I walked outside to see someone had toilet papered the house. My eyes went wide at the note on the door step. I read it aloud, “Bella Swan? More like: 'Bella Skank.' Jess.” I couldn't believe she had done this.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

My life was falling apart before my eyes.

I felt tears welling in my eyes and I bit my lip to hold them in.

Only one person had known.

Only one person could have told them.


The father of my unborn child. The guy I supposedly loved.

He had sold me out.

I leaned to my knees, hyperventilating. The heavy flow of tears refused to be kept from flooding over and they streamed down my face.

I curled into a crumpled ball in the rain on the soaking wet grass.

As no darkness came to me to rid me of this horrid life, I closed my eyes and let my mind wander to happier times.

Edward's POV:

After Lauren came back to the bed from making a phone call or something, I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on.

I shut the door quietly behind me, walking to my Volvo.

I started driving home but took a turn to Bella's instead. I wondered if she knew Lauren knew about the baby yet.

After the hour-or-so long drive I pulled up to Bella's house and parked. I started walking to the door, but I stopped when I saw her lying in the grass, soaked and chattering in the same clothes she had on from yesterday.

I looked around and saw toilet paper hanging from tree's and all over the house. When moved closer, I saw Bella clutching a piece of paper and I could barely make out the smudged words, which said, “'Bella Skank.' Jess.”

I knew why Jessica had done it. She knew about the baby, too.

I suddenly realized what a big mistake it was to tell Lauren about that.

Bella didn't look up when she heard me coming. She had simply opened her closed eyes and said in a quivering voice, “What.” I think it was supposed to be mean and cold when it just sounded like she had a cold. Which, judging by how wet she was and how long it would take to get that wet, she probably did.

“I'm sorry,” I said in the best sincere voice I could conjure up.

“Go. The fuck. Away.” she said, all sadness in her voice washed away and replaced with a dry, mean, and almost bone-chilling, voice. Anger was dripping from her words.

“I didn't think she would tell anyone. And she asked when I was in a position I couldn't just not answer.” I said and she stood up swiftly.

“You did that with Jessica?!” she asked and I had to suppress a laugh.

“No, Lauren, Jessica sucks in bed. She's just too-” I was cut off by a hard rock crunching my nose. A pool of blood streamed down from it and I looked at Bella.

The rock was no rock. It was her now blood-covered knuckles. Her face was red and I only had time to get out, “Son of a-” before another hard pop to my mouth this time cut me off.

The surprising thing was, Bella looked rather slight but the punches hurt alright.

I felt myself being smacked repeatedly on either side of my face, rotating.

It wasn't long before I was on my back.

“Bella,” I said, spitting out blood from the punches.

“Shut up! I'm fucking pregnant with your kid and you go off and sleep with someone else?! What kind of a sick bastard are you?!” she screamed at me.

I did as told and she stormed back inside her house. I stood up and walked to my car, the blood flow having been cut off.

I heard a car pulling into the drive way and saw Bella's dad, chief Swan, looking at me skeptically.

I pressed on the gas peddle and accelerated down the street to my house, never stopping till I reached the drive way, slamming on the breaks, shutting the door and walking inside.

Alice Brandon, my cousin, walked from the door and starred at me.

“Looks like you went to see Bella,” she said blankly and I scoffed and walked into the house, heading for the bathroom.

I heard Emmett yell after her, “Tell Bella I said nice job!” and then his booming laughter.

“Idiot,” I mumbled under my breath.

“I heard that!” he called to the bathroom and I laughed half heartedly.

I washed the caked on blood from my face and took a shower. I was rapping a towel around myself when I realized why I had felt some sort of sadness when I saw her so hurt.

I was in love with Bella Swan.