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The Secret Life of the American Vampire

It's a crossover of the Hit Show and Twilight!

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1. Bad News

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I couldn't believe it. After spending a summer with my father, In La Push, I met Jacob Black. Sweet, hardcore center. But, I was not prepared for this. I was starting high school. My two friends, Alice and Rosalie were to good. My first year and I...Ah. Anyway..It happened like this......


"Hey Bella!" I heard Alice call. I sighed. I knew that I couldn't keep this secret away from them for too long. Alice was a sweet shopaholic and I knew that she truly cared but can I trust her with my dirty little secret?

"Hey Alice. Where's Rosalie?" I asked. She was probably flirting with her man. Emmett Cullen was her man candy. She and him were like two lovers in a midnight sky. My thoughts were interupted as I saw that Jacob Black was walking down the hallway. Oh no.

***Edward's POV***

I was never going to get a girl. While Emmett and Jasper both had a girl, I had no one. I am going to need some help.I walked up to Jasper and Emmett. "Hey Guys, I need help. I am trying to get a girlfriend but..."

"You're just not finding the right one?" Jasper eyed me. I knew that he was right. I nodded my head and they began scanning the perimeter.

"What about her?" Emmett Suggested. Of course the first girl he saw was Jessica Stanley. No.

"She's a very religous girl, besides, she's with Mike." That airhead. He was a complete idiot. I mean, all he cared about was sports. They began searching again.

"What about her?" Jasper elbowed me in the arm. Lauren Mallory. She was the...Uhm....(cough)..the friendliest person towards guys here. I just shook my head.

"What about that girl standing next to Alice and Rosalie?" Emmett nudged me. I didn't exactly know who she was. Just yet.

"Who's that?" I asked curiously.

"Bella Swan. She's Alice's best friend. She's in your biology class." Oh!

"I...think...I'm in love with Bella Swan...." I mumbled. They Both snickered.

***Bella's POV***

Alice and Rosalie need to know. They're my best friends! Rosalie was brushing her long, blonde hair and Alice was in the middle of appling her sparkly lip gloss. Their men. I wish I could primp for a guy.

"Alice,Rosalie, I need to talk to you. Now." I said with a hushed expression on my face. They both looked nervous. I bit my lip. A normal action. I might as well start at the beginning for them.

"Okay, well, I went to La Push for the summer and I met this guy whose a grade above." I paused so they could understand. They both nodded for me to continue.

"Well, We went into the woods together and before I knew it...."

"You guys..!" Alice started.

"Did that thing?" Rosalie continued after she lightly slapped Alice on the arm.I nodded.

"You don't think...." Alice started to ask.

" Yeah, I think... I'm Pregnant." They gasped.