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Maybe...Just Maybe

What if Alice didn't see Bella jump? Bella is starting out her day like every other since Edward left. But she finds something that she never expected.She starts a journey to find true happiness but gets caught up in a war that threatens her life... And not to mention everything she's ever known, loved, and hated.
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14. Dreams Always Give You The Answer

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Quarantine? I looked towards Edward for an answer. He was staring open mouthed at the doctor, looking more pale then usual, if that’s possible.

“Edward?” I asked, trying to pry the answer out of him.

“Yes, Bella?” he asked quietly, not meeting my gaze. I rotated my head so that I was facing him. He stared into my eyes and I saw that his were full of sadness. It made me gasp.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked urgently. He broke eye contact and started at the doctors carrying the collapsed one out of the room. After they were gone he looked back to me and then to Alice and Beck.

“It’s…a disease. It’s very deadly and it’s…the one that killed…my family,” he choked out. He looked at me worriedly, probably concerned for my life.

“I’m going to be fine,” I said confident. But Edward didn’t look so sure.

“I know what this disease does Bella. I watched my mother and father die because of it. I almost died. I’m not going to loose you to it!” He yelled that last part and brought me close. “You’re already exposed to it, too. And you’re weak from the loss of blood. Bella, I want you to promise me that you will not make your body stressed okay? Promise me that.” His eyes bored into mine and I couldn’t look away. I slowly nodded. “Good.” He looked a little relieved.

“I’m sorry, Edward,” Alice whispered. “I-I should had seen this coming. I-I just don’t know why-”

“It’s not your fault Alice,” Edward said quickly. “We decided to bring Bella to the hospital only a few hours ago.”

“I still should have seen it.” Alice still looked guilty and I really wanted to comfort her.

“I don’t blame you. In fact, you can blame me. If I didn’t take a few steps forward, then-”

“Don’t blame yourself, Bella,” Alice and Edward growled at once. I snapped my mouth shut at once. I decided to move onto another topic.

“Can Jonathan and James still attack?”


“Will they?”


“Hmmm…” I thought hard. Surely Edward, Beck and Alice will protect me. And then Edward and I can live together forever. If he’s going to change me that is. “Edward?” I asked eagerly.

“Yes?” he asked, still a little worried.

“What will we do once we get out of here?” I smiled and hoped to lift the solemn mood. A smiled played across Edward’s face.

“Well, I was planning on changing you since you would be in a lot less danger. Then we would go to Denali for a little while so you could raise your endurance. Then we will travel the world…” Edward trailed off and seemed to stare into space. He was suddenly sad again. There was a loud cough out side the door and the ping of a dropped tray rang against the walls. I covered my ears, not wanting to hear the sound of the shuffle of feet towards the latest victim.

“Edward…” I whispered. He wrapped his arms around me and started to hum my lullaby into my ear. I wanted to escape with Edward and live with him forever. But my desperate attempt for happiness just brought me face to face with my morality. I fell asleep to the sound of Edward’s humming mixed with a few coughs from the room next to mine.

My eyes fluttered open to the sight of Edward looking at the window. He had a frown on his face that made me worry a little. But the frown was wiped off his face when he realized that I was awake.

“Hello, love,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled but then grimaced when a shot of pain ran up my leg. It seemed like the pain killers were wearing off. He noticed my pain and got up to get some more meds. He came back with a bottle in hand and did something elaborate with the sack of something watery hanging from a pole. He then sat down next to me and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The coughing in the room next to me was getting worse. I slapped my hand over my ears to try to drone out the noise. It made me wonder when I would start coughing. Edward, realizing my distress, started to hum again. His sweet voice muffled the coughing nicely. I looked around the room. Alice was in a chair with her eyes closed. She looked like she was having a vision. Beck was looking out the window, probably for any signs of Victoria or the demons. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes again. I fell asleep in seconds.

I was suddenly in a dark room. A candle flickered on in the distance. I moved towards the light in hope of some illumination. But when I got close to it, the candle would burn out and then reappear somewhere else. I went on in a circle trying to catch the candle when it was still lit. After a little while of candle chasing, I sat on the floor exhausted. I covered my face in my hands and tried not to think about what the candle might symbolize. When ever I chased happiness it disappeared only to give me false hope. I wondered when Edward might decide to leave again. I was fooling myself. He would leave again, no matter what he said to disprove that. I wanted to believe him…but I really couldn’t. But my thoughts were interrupted when a sinister laugh filled the room. I looked around panicked, not wanting to see the owner of the voice. I had a pretty good idea who it belonged to. Jonathan stepped out of the shadows with James following him.

“Hello, Bella,” Jonathan said with a smile. James was glaring at me. “I see you got my little present.” I wondered what it could be. I didn’t get any poisonous cookies lately…then it dawned on me.

“You are going to kill a hospital full of innocents to just kill me?” I screamed at him. He must have released the disease into the hospital…he was evil. I knew that already but I didn’t know that it went that far.

“What are you talking about? I jut sent the werewolves your way. But of course your vampire pushed you out of the way in time…What were you saying earlier about me killing a hospital full of people?” I looked to James quickly. He was avoiding my gaze.

“You!” I screamed accusingly at James. He acquired an all too innocent look on his face. Jonathan slowly turned to face James.

“What did you do James?” he asked very slowly. James wasn’t about to answer.

“He just set loose a deadly influenza into the hospital. Everyone is getting sick…and they will die,” I responded for James. James was shooting me a death glare.

“What?” Jonathan yelled. He turned to James quickly. “We aren’t allowed to kill innocents! Only the people the angel’s are guarding! You are going to massacre a whole hospital full of people!” He then turned to me furious. “And you thought I was that evil to do that? Sure I kill people but I don’t go killing hundreds at once!” Jonathan was fuming with anger. I backed away, scared out of my mind. Jonathan let out a terrified yell and then disappeared. James and I were alone in my dream. And that terrified me to no end.
“You’re dead, Bella. And you can say goodbye to your Edward, too.” And with that he was gone.

I woke up to the sound of Edward growling, loudly.