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Maybe...Just Maybe

What if Alice didn't see Bella jump? Bella is starting out her day like every other since Edward left. But she finds something that she never expected.She starts a journey to find true happiness but gets caught up in a war that threatens her life... And not to mention everything she's ever known, loved, and hated.
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17. What Happened?

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It started out small. A slight discomfort in my neck. But after a few seconds, the fire started to grow. Fast. I could feel the spreading of the venom. It didn’t take long for my body to become submerged in fire. And even though I knew that it would hurt Edward, I cried out in pain. I don’t know how much I screamed, but it was defiantly a lot. My hands would fly to my throat because of the burning that engulfed it. My throat wanted water, begged for water. But I knew that water wouldn’t sooth it.
Ever inch of me was in pain. Horrible, horrible pain that made my legs and arms flail around me like they had a mind of their own. I tore at the bed sheets to try to distract myself. I punched a hole in the wall, but that was on accident. I did anything I could to try to numb the pain.

On the second, or I thought it was the second, day I felt two cold arms wrap themselves around me. The places where the arms touched were instantly relieved of pain for a few seconds. A beautiful voice called out to me. I could barely hear it and it echoed in my head.

“Bella!” the faint voice cried. I heard the shuffling of feet and a loud noise that sounded like someone flying into a wall. The arms around me were torn off me and another set of arms took their place. But these were not cold, and it felt like more fire was present when they touched me. But they were wiped away and I was picked up. The cold arms that I trusted held me. Air was suddenly rushing over me. “It’s going to be okay, Bella!” a soothing voice called. I heard more foot steps running on either side of me. Muffled voices called out to one another. Then a scream rang out. The flow of air suddenly stopped and I fell to the ground.

“Alice!” a worried voce cried. I heard more footsteps approaching. I tried to open my eyes, but it felt like they were sealed shut, so I let them be. I felt a blow to my head and then every thing was still and quiet.

When I woke up there was silence all around. There was no birds chirping or any other sound of wildlife. I slowly opened my eyes and found another pair staring right back at me. I recognized the owner of the eyes immediately. I wondered how he got me alone. But first of all I wondered what happened.

“Too bad you’re already changed, it makes this a little bit harder. But I will kill you in the end,” James’s evil voice rang out through the forest. I growled and cursed his name. “It was easier then I expected. All I had to do was touch your arm,” he said with a chuckle. “And now there’s nobody here to interrupt me. Not any of your vampire friends, your stupid angel or that Jonathan. Oh! I wonder where Victoria is. She wanted to have some fun with you, too,” he said. I growled and stood up. James held up a glowing hand I response. “Don’t you move a muscle,” he warned. I stopped moving. But then I remembered that I was a vampire. I had supernatural powers.

Before he could blink an eye, I sprinted into the forest. I ran faster then I thought possible. A branch snapped over my head, probably brought down my James. I just ran faster. I wondered where I was going. But I didn’t have to think long. I ran smack into a very hard body. At first I thought that it would be Victoria or someone awful like that but I looked up to see the face of a god.

“Edward!” I cried out. I jumped up and flung my arms around his neck.

“I’m so sorry Bella! They-they attacked from nowhere! I-”

“Edward! James is chasing me, we have to go!” I said quickly. He stopped stuttering out apologies and grabbed my hand. He started to run and I followed him easily. We reached Tanya’s house in no time. We ran through the door and slammed it behind us. I leaned my back against the door and slid down until was sitting down. I looked at every one in the room. All of the Cullens were there along with Tanya and her family.

“I think we owe an explanation to Bella,” Alice said. There were mummers of agreement and Alice started to tell me what happened. “You were almost done with your transformation when Jonathan, James and Victoria showed up. We tried to fight them and ran you outside. We thought that we could protect you easier like that but James appeared next to you and then grabbed your arm. Before we could react, you were both gone. Edward then went to search for you and then…here we are.” I nodded.

“Where’s Beck?” I asked, noticing that she was not in the room.

“She’s…doing something Heaven related. She didn’t tell us what,” Alice said simply.

“Hmmm…” I stood up and went to looked for a mirror. I found one in my bed room. I gasped at what I saw. My face was perfect with soft features and my head was covered in beautiful curls. But to my dismay, on my leg there was still a faint scar where Jacob cut me. Edward walked next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned down and placed a kiss on the corner of my mouth.

“If its possible you’re even more beautiful the before,” Edward said.

“Even with my scar?” I motioned down to my leg. Edward just grinned.

“It’s hardly noticeable. I wouldn’t of saw it if you didn’t point it out,” he said trying to lift my spirits. I chuckled and turned around to face him. He grinned and slowly leaned in. The kiss started out like every other. But then it grew more and more passionate. We stumbled over to the bed but unfortunately Alice decided to burst into the room at that exact second.

“Beck is back,” Alice said.

“And…?” Edward said. We were still in the position that we were in when Alice first came in. Edward sighed and reluctantly pulled away. He stood up strait and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go,” he said. We both walked out of the room and down the stairs. I looked around the room to see what the commotion was about. There were angry voices all around the room. Then my eyes settled on what was causing all the unrest. A horrid odor reached my nose as I laid eyes on Jacob Black.