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Maybe...Just Maybe

What if Alice didn't see Bella jump? Bella is starting out her day like every other since Edward left. But she finds something that she never expected.She starts a journey to find true happiness but gets caught up in a war that threatens her life... And not to mention everything she's ever known, loved, and hated.
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18. Powers

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He looked at me with such hatred that I reeled backwards. I adverted his gaze and instead focused on the wallpaper to my right. Edward let out a barley audible growl and gave Jacob a glare that would have sent chills down anybody’s back.

“You should hear what he’s thinking,” Edward muttered. I grinned and squeezed his hand.

“I think that I know already,” I whispered. It was probably something like: I wish that I could rip every single on of these blood suckers apart! How did that angel person whatever-her-name-is persuade me into doing this? I gasped, really loudly. Because I was not the one thinking those thoughts. Jacob Black was. I just read Jacob’s mind.

“What is it, Bella?” Edward asked worriedly.

“Nothing,” I said quickly. I didn’t want to get into a full conversation about my powers with Jacob in the room. I would tell the Cullens about it later. But now…Now I would test my powers out.

I wonder why Bella gasped…And why the Hell is that dog in the room? If he even touches Bella again…Edward.

I hope this works. Heaven and everyone else in this room would kill me if it didn’t…Beck.

All this attention for her? Why? How did she even get Hell against her? How stupid is she?…Rosalie.

I hope that I get to kick some werewolf or demon ass today. I didn’t even get to throw a punch at the last fight. Maybe I could get Bella to provoke the demons. Yah…Emmett. I soon got tired of listening to everyone’s thoughts and then tried to see if there was more to my power. But I didn’t get the chance.

“Why are you here, dog?” Edward asked very rudely. But oddly enough I could feel the anger and confusion flow off of him in waves. Weird.

“Why don’t you ask your angel friend!” Jacob replied. I felt more anger.

“Give me a chance to speak!” Beck yelled. Even more anger. I couldn’t take it anymore!

“Stop, please!” I yelled out before I could stop myself. I grabbed my head and tried to block out the anger. It finally died down and I was filled with confusion.

“Bella?” Edward asked confused. Suddenly, I felt myself zone out. It felt like I was a million miles away from everything. Then I heard a voice. It was like a movie screen. Jacob was standing with his hands in his pockets and was leaning against a tree. He stood up strait when a figure started to approach him. I couldn’t see at first but then the person came into view. Jonathan walked strait up to Jacob.

“Do we have a deal?” Jonathan asked. Jacob nodded. “Just kill her. I want this to end already.”

“Do I get her blood sucker, too?” Jacob asked sadly.


Jacob looked down and then met Jonathan’s gaze. “I don’t know if I can do that. I once loved Bella. I once protected her. Even if she is a leech I still can’t kill her,” Jacob said sadly.

“What?” Jonathan asked angrily.

“I-I can’t do it!” Jacob said quickly.

“You just made a huge mistake boy!” Jonathan yelled. His hand started to glow and Jacob gasped. Before he could blink, Jacob was dead on the ground.

I suddenly woke up. I blinked a few times and stared farsightedly at Jacob. I saw that Alice was doing the same thing.

“Edward,” I whispered.

“Yes?” Edward asked eagerly.

“I-I think that I discovered my power.

“What?” Edward asked in disbelief.

“I-I first was able to hear everyone’s thoughts. Then I felt their emotions and then I had a vision,” I whispered. Everyone was looking at me now.

“Bella, I think that you can borrow other vampire’s powers. But it seems that you have no control over them,” Carlisle said wisely. I nodded. Jacob coughed a little loudly. I whipped my gaze to him. He was staring at me hard and cold, but I knew what he would do for me in the future. With out thinking I sprinted over to him and threw my arms around him.

“Jacob!” I sobbed into his shoulder. He was frozen underneath me.

“Bella, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Jacob! Why-How- You can’t meet with Jonathan today!”

“What?” How did she know about that?

“I saw it in my vision! Jacob he-he killed you!” I cried. Jacob jumped up and stared at me in horror.

“What?” he asked again.

“Don’t go Jacob!” I yelled again. He just backed away from me. But then he saw the scar on my leg.

“Bella,” he whispered. His face was consumed with guilt. How is her scar still there? So I damaged her forever? What kind of a monster am I?

“Bella!” Alice called. She ran over to me and picked me up. I took a few deep breaths to try to calm myself down.

Beck stepped forwards authoritively( how do you spell that?). “That’s why I brought Jacob here. We have to make peace with the werewolves. We need them on our side,” Beck said calmly.

“I’m not sure it that’s possible,” Edward said coldly.

“Well, it’s the only way! Either we get them as allies or the demons will! Which one will it be Edward?” Beck yelled out. Edward didn’t look like he could speak very logically at the moment. “We need to get down to business here! This is a full out war! They can’t die, but they can sure get injured! We can’t let them kill anyone else! Now, who is actually going to help fight? Or who is going to let themselves be killed?” Beck said. She looked so…serious. My jaw dropped. I quickly raised my hand.

“I don’t want to get killed,” I said. I looked around the room. Everyone seemed very hesitant to make a decision.

“You ally with the werewolves or fight them with the demons. Which one is it going to be?,” Beck asked.

“I’m with Bella,” Alice said slowly. I smiled at her.

“Me, too,” Esme said quietly. Soon enough everyone agreed to help fight with the werewolves against the demons. Or everyone except Edward and Jacob.

“We need the support of the werewolves, Jacob,” Beck said.

“Why should we help the leeches?” Jacob said angrily.

“Because, they have Heaven on their side. You don’t want to make Heaven angry Jacob,” Beck threatened. Jacob’s eyes widened.

“Okay. We’ll help,” he said quickly.

“Edward?” Beck asked. Edward looked around and saw that he was the only one left.

“Fine,” he spat out.

“Wonderful! Jacob get the rest of the werewolves down here!” Beck said excitedly.

“Okay Your Majesty,” Jacob muttered. Beck didn’t seem to notice his comment though. I had a feeling that it would be one hell of a night.