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Maybe...Just Maybe

What if Alice didn't see Bella jump? Bella is starting out her day like every other since Edward left. But she finds something that she never expected.She starts a journey to find true happiness but gets caught up in a war that threatens her life... And not to mention everything she's ever known, loved, and hated.
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7. The House

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Tears formed in my eyes as I gazed upon the house. I didn’t want to go in there! It even hurt to just think of him! How would I react when his presence was stamped all over the house? That didn’t seem to worry Beck though.

“Let’s go, Bella!” she said, grabbing my shirt sleeve. She got out of the car and waited for me to do the same. But my legs didn’t move. I didn’t want them to move. “Bella…” she said sternly. “You aren’t going to find anything if you’re going to just sit there.”

“Well, what am I looking for anyway? What will I find in there?” I yelled at her. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m not supposed to tell you what you are looking for! But there’s something in there that you have to find!” She didn’t wait for my response. She pulled me out of the car and dragged me to the front porch of the house. I closed my eyes as we entered the dusty house. “Open your eyes, Bella.” I wearily opened my eyes. My eyes were immediately teary. The house was beautiful despite being vacant for years. I grabbed a hold of a table for support.

“What do I look for?” I asked quietly.

“Anything, just look around,” she said. She went and sat down on a comfy looking chair. I looked around the dinning room. I didn’t see anything of importance. In fact, nothing on the lower level of the house didn’t hold my attention. It wasn’t until I got to the second story when I started to shake violently. I was rooting through a desk when I found a leather bound book. I picked it up interested. I opened the first page and started to read. I dropped it immediately. It was HIS journal. I started to hyperventilate.

“Oh my God, oh my God…” I chanted over and over again. I was falling to pieces.

“It sounds like you found it!” Beck called from downstairs.

“What? The journal?” I called back.

“I can’t tell you!” she said. I grumbled under my breath. That was getting VERY annoying. I picked up the journal anyway and started to read the first page again. It was filled with accounts of his every day life. It wasn’t until the very end that I got very emotional.

Father is still sick. Mother took him to the hospital today. She stayed there for a very long time, coming home late. I waited for her, though. When she did get back her eyes were full of tears. She then told me that Father had died a few hours ago. She looked a little pale herself. She said that she was fine though. I don’t believe her. I’m going to call the doctor over tomorrow.

My eyes were teary again. Poor Edward…

The doctor didn’t come over. We called for him, but no one answered the phone. Mother is looking deathly pale. In fact, I am also feeling a little queasy. I’m taking Mother to the hospital today. That’s for certain. I might get myself treated, too. My head hurts and I’m coughing a lot. Oh well. I doubt that it’s what Father had.

I was sobbing by then. It was the past page of his journal. And I knew exactly what happened next. I dropped the journal and covered my face with my hands. Poor Edward. Having to deal with so much death. Having to go through so much pain…I had to find him. To comfort him. I just had to hold him again and tell him that everything would be okay. I took one last look around the room and went down stairs. Beck was waiting on the couch still. She saw the determined look on my face and looked very pleased.

“Thank goodness! You found it! But I have to warn you, though. I can’t help you as much the next time. You have to find what you are looking for entirely on your own,” she said looking a little upset.

“I’ll be fine,” I said simply. I breathed in the scent of the house one last time and walked out the door.

“Walk around for a little Bella! I have to do something!” Beck called out to me. I nodded and started to walk down the sidewalk. I was glad to have a moment to be free. I sighed deeply and walked into a park. There were many trees and bushes. There was a patch of flowers close by and I moved over to them. I picked one and sniffed it. The scent was beautiful. It reminded me of Edward. I realized that it was getting easier to think of him. The pain in my chest turned into longing. I just wanted to be with him again. I was still hurting inside, but I was mostly filled with determination.

“I’m coming, Edward,” I said out loud. I wanted to whole world to know. I was not going to stop until I find him! My vision became cloudy with tears. I let out a muffled sob. I dropped my flower and bent down to pick it up. For the second time that day another deadly object flew over my head. These guys have the worst aim.

“Are you ready to die, Bella?” James said. I turned around to see him and Victoria walking up to me.

“This is not fair! It’s a demon and a vampire against an emotionally unstable human!” I said. I couldn’t die now! I had to find Edward.

“It wasn’t really fair when your vampire friends killed me! You’re a human! Why should my life of been traded for yours!” James screamed. I looked around the park. No one was around to witness my death. I gulped. Maybe I would never see Edward again. And where was Beck. As if on cue Beck and Jonathan appeared. They were fighting for about the billionth time. Beck punched Jonathan in the stomach, but he didn’t seem fazed by it. “It’s time to die, Bella!” James screamed. He ran forward so fast I had trouble seeing him. It felt like I was rooted to the ground. I couldn’t move. I could only watch in horror as James moved towards me. I only had to brain power to cringe and he came into contact with me.

I felt his hand dig into my stomach and I tumbled over. The wind was knocked out of me and I gasped for air. Beck saw that I was in trouble and went to help me. Jonathan took his chance and knocked her over. She looked like she was in pain and desperately tried to defend herself as Jonathan attacked her. My worry for Beck was instantly brought back to me when I felt a pain shoot up my leg. I looked down and it bleeding.

“Now I can carry this out with out any stupid vampires interrupting me,” James sneered in my ear. He picked me up and threw me into a tree quite painfully.

“Let me finish her off!” Victoria called out.

“Okay, honey,” James said smiling wickedly at me. I groaned when Victoria leaned over me. But all five of heads turned when we heard a voice that I thought I would never hear again.