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Before The Dawn

And maybe tonight, We'll fly so far away,We'll be lost before the dawn...--'“I’m…sorry,” I whisper. My voice breaks. “I’m sorry,” I repeat. I spread my arms out like an eagle, letting another tear trickle out. There is pain—lots of pain. And regrets—too many regrets. I drag in another gasp of breath and let my foot take the last step back. My body tips over, and I let go.' ----- It's another new year, and Carlisle is hunting in a secluded forest spot when he comes across the scent of a human. He finds a beautiful girl, lying mangled on the ground in a pool of her own blood, coming closer and closer to being pulled into the ocean by the growing tide. Her heart beats are slowing, and she is muttering just one word. "Sorry." He is reminded of Esme, his true love, when he had rescued her directly from the jaws of death. Acting on instinct, he picks up the dying girl and bites her. Basically, what if Bella had joined Carlisle's coven earlier? Before she ever met Edward? And once they do meet, what the hell happens?


2. Fallen

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I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more, so much more

I lay dying
And I'm pouring crimson regret, and betrayal

I'm dying,


Bleeding, I'm screaming

Am I too lost, to be saved
Am I too lost?

My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation
My God, my tourniquet
Return to me salvation


Carlisle Cullen

I drank from the lynx gratefully. I wasn’t too particular today – I wanted to get home to Esme quickly. There had been an elderly cancerous patient at the hospital and he had required attention twenty four-seven. I hadn’t been home for a while.

The last of the blood flowed down my throat like melted butter. I could go long without blood, but I had to be on my guard, just in case. I broke away from the animal, digging a ditch quickly and burying it. I felt a twinge of regret as I looked down at the dead carcass – it had been a female, too – but I didn’t let it bother me. Perhaps I would go on a longer, more leisurely hunt with the boys – my sons, later, but for now, I wanted to get home.

I was preparing myself for the run through the forest, when I smelled something.


Human blood.

Of course, I didn’t thirst for it, but I was rather curious. These parts of the forest were usually secluded, and humans didn’t cross it very often. I decided to follow the trace, in case the person was injured.

The scent weaved through, leading me out of the shelter of the trees. It was pretty unusual – the scent carried out too much. I picked up my pace – the scent grew stronger and stronger, and I could tell from the aroma that a lot of blood had been shed. The forest ended at the coastline, at a small stretch of white beach sand, which dipped into the sea. It was rather fierce at the winter season, the white capped waves beating each other, fighting for dominance. The tide was rising higher and higher, and bleached white driftwood floated in and out.

I broke through the last of the trees, my pace growing. I was no longer walking, but now running – I had a feeling that this person had been gravely hurt. I ran along the meter-wide stretch of sand, parallel to the tide, my eyes looking around. Straight ahead, there was a cliff face, rising about three hundred feet above the ground. Rocky edged protruded sharply, riddled with holes and caves. It was raining, but I ignored it, running towards the cliff. The smell grew even stronger.

I ran at my full vampire speed now, but the cliff was still a few miles away. I got there two minutes later, and the smell of blood hit me like a brick wall. Of course, I broke through the brick wall – considering, after all, I was a vampire.

I neared the side of the cliff, my curiosity sparking. I could definitely smell the blood now, yes. I rounded the cliff, perching on the slippery rocks, until I reached the other side. My eyes widened in disbelief.

There was a girl lying on the stoned ground. It was her where the scent was coming from. I drew closer cautiously, until I was right next to her.

She was beautiful. Her tangled hair flowed down in front of her, shielding her face. She wore a ragged, dirty off-white dress that was torn. Her eyes were closed, and blood was pumping out of wounds all over her. She was alive, I could tell, but just barely; even as I thought, her heartbeats started to gradually slow, her brown eyes closing.

The blood didn’t bother me, but her expression did. Her face was contorted in pain – but not from the wounds. She looked as if something was killing her from the inside, and then suddenly, her lips started moving.


I could barely make out her words, but I heard them. “Sorry.” Why? I crouched down next to her and hesitantly touched her shoulder. She twitched, and I started to shake her harder.

One of her eyelids dragged back, and her deep brown iris swiveled until her eye met mine. She drew in a shuddering gasp of air through her split lips. Her breath hitched as her heartbeat began to decline again, slower and slower. I watched her, listening to her fading life.

T hump… Thump…. Thump…..

The silence between her beats grew more and more prolonged. The girl let her eyes close, and she knew she was about to die. Her lips started stretching, until the corner tilted up into the smallest of smiles. It didn’t look happy – as if she just simply wanted to die with a smile. But I could see the pain behind the smile, it was not a happy one – the way she was so young yet she looked so old…

Sorry,” she mumbled again. One of her fingers lifted, and then dropped back down. The flow of blood was already lessening, and the growing tide siphoned more and more of it away as it rose. She lay in a pool of her own blood, and it soaked quickly through her dress, turning it into a dirty crimson one. The back of my throat started to tingle as I looked at the puddle of blood, but I ignored it. Uncertainly, I touched her shoulder again.

“Can—can you hear me?” I asked. It was pointless, though – this girl, being near death.

Her bruised lips parted, and I heard her intake a diminutive amount of breath. Her hand moved, and she started to drag it towards me, painfully slow. I was crouching next to her, and her hand traveled over the pebbles until it bumped into my shoes.

Her hand scrabbled on the ground, until it closed around a small pebble. It was a pebble, nondescript like all the others. She lifted the small rock to her mouth, and I could nearly feel the effort it took her. She rested the rock against her bottom lip, before she lifted and wordlessly handed it to me. It was stained with her blood, and I closed my fingers around it.

Her painful expression cleared – she knew it was the end. This time the smile that she attempted was real – it lit up her face, making her look peaceful and serene. Her pale skin was lit by the moonlight, and, as it started to drizzle again, became dotted with light rain drops.

I looked up, to the high cliff top. It was obvious, she had jumped, but even after the fall, she was alive, even though she was barely breathing. My mind flashed back to the day I rescued Esme… she had… died the same way. But she didn’t truly die – it was just a chance at a second life.

I looked at the girl, really looking at her. She was about to… go. But what had compelled her so much to jump off a cliff, ending her own life? The earlier pain on her features stated that it wasn’t because she fell. Her heart-shaped face was beautiful; her lips (through the cold and cuts) were full and red. Her slender frame was graceful, even in her distorted position, even in her death. She couldn’t have been more than seventeen years old.

No one deserved to die this way.

My mind ultimately flashed from Esme’s to Edward’s. His aloof nature, the way he thought he was complete… oblivious to that fact, in a house full of soul mates…

I picked up the girl in my arms, and she started to stir. Her heart beats were so faint that even I couldn’t hear it. The blood had stopped gushing from her gashes, and all of a sudden, her heart pounded out its last beat, and stopped.

I couldn’t help it. Acting on instinct, I bit her.