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Mike vs. Edward (War of the Males)

Have you ever wondered why Mike Newton despises Edward Cullen so much? Perhaps Mike was the “Ladies Man” before the Cullen family arrived. Perhaps upon his arrival at Forks High School, Mike tried to show Edward up by challenging him to a series of games. Only to be defeated over and over in the end.

Have you ever wondered why Mike Newton despises Edward Cullen so much? Perhaps Mike was the “Ladies Man” before the Cullens arrived. Perhaps upon his arrival at Forks High School, Mike tried to show Edward up by challenging him to a series of games. Only to be defeated over and over in the end.

1. First Day or Why am I Doing This Again?

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It was my return to Forks High School. I always hated the first day of school. Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and I all walked into the school cafeteria looking for a table to claim as our own. I sighed as I plopped the tray of food down in front of me. As usual the cafeteria was buzzing with sound.

Who are they?

They look so strange.

Oh my God! They’re beautiful.

Who’s the copper headed one? He’s way cute.

Great! Someone moving in on my territory.

I rolled my eyes, I was used to hearing peoples thoughts. They never came up with anything new. We had been in Alaska for seven years and had never fit in there either. That was okay though, I didn’t want to worry about others that might choose to invade our world. Alice looked up suddenly, I turned to greet our visitor.

“Hi, my name’s Mike Newton and you are?”

I was startled by his friendliness. We didn’t get many people who were brave enough to approach us, let alone talk to us. My brothers and sisters looked at me, expecting me to answer.

“Hi Mike,” I sighed. “My name is Edward Cullen and these are my brothers and sisters: Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper.”

He looked concerned for a moment.

They don’t even look related.

I heard the thought when it ran through his mind. We almost always received that type of response on our first day.

“So how do you like Forks?” He asked, trying to still figure us out.

“It’s fine,” I answered.

“Well, I’ll see you guys around.” Mike spoke, as he backed up to return to his table.

“That boy is just plain weird.” Rosalie mumbled when Mike was out of earshot. “I don’t even know why he came over here.”

“He is just trying to figure the new kids out.” I laughed.

“Do you think he knows?” Emmett questioned. “About us I mean?”

“He has no idea.” I responded.


With that conversation over, we left our table and headed to class. My next class was Freshman Algebra I. I hated this class with a passion. I always hated math. Never in the last 80 years had anyone come up with a new way to teach an old math. I took my slip to Mr. Varner and he made me introduce myself. I rolled my eyes and spoke clearly, like I had done so many times before.

“I’m Edward Cullen,” I sighed. “My brothers, sisters and I moved here from Alaska.”

With that said I took my seat.

Great, he’s in my class.

The words echoed from Mike’s mind. I hissed under my breath. I had to close my eyes to help contain the surge of anger. Why was he choosing to hate me already. I discovered my answer all too soon.

Ooh, he’s cute!

I had to roll my eyes. I stretched and turned to see where the thought had come from. There was a girl with long blond hair. She noticed my gaze and looked away.

ooh, he just looked at me!

I had to roll my eyes again. It hit me like a bolt of lightening then… Mike was the one the girls all wanted… well… before my family arrived. It all made perfect sense. He was so used to the girls giving him attention and now they had a new target… ME.

As soon as class ended, I stood up and grabbed my books from the table. I heard the thoughts of someone behind me.

I wonder if he has a girlfriend?

I must be having an out of body experience. I almost answered this person. But I couldn’t get too mad. This happened everywhere we went. Heck at the last school I was voted “Most Handsome.” Which was a title that I graciously turned down. We tended to draw some attention to ourselves just by being in school. And then there were the cars. I loved my silver Volvo and Rosalie loved her BMW. We had always tried to blend in.

I left the classroom and headed to my next class, which was Science 101. I received my books and took a seat in the middle of class. I studied the book cover and glanced around the room, trying to figure out the exits.

Great he’s in this class too.

That idiot was getting on my last nerve. I wanted to reach out and hit someone. Ooh, that Mike Newton, one day and I was ready to commit murder.

“Say, umm, Mike?”


“What do you guys do for fun around here?” I asked.

Fun? I’ll show him fun… He thought.

“Well Edward, we all get together and play board games every Saturday afternoon.” Mike smiled.

I’ll show him. He thought again.

“Board games… really?” I questioned.

“Yep, I’m the champion of the area.” Mike smiled.

“Really… What’s your favorite game, Mike?” I asked.

What should I tell him? Mike wondered as he began to go through the games he played on a regular basis.

Perhaps Monopoly, BS, Clue, Scene It, Jenga, Twister? Oh I know…

“Battleship.” Mike responded. “I love to play Battleship. I haven’t lost a single game yet!”

I thought long and hard about what I was fixing to do. Should I ask him to play against me. I knew that it wouldn’t be fair. I would have to cheat and read his mind. Perhaps a loss would get him off my back, or would it only provoke him further. I made up my mind…

“Err, Mike. Would it be possible for me to come to your game day on Saturday?”

“Don’t see why not.” Mike smiled.

I’ll invite all the girls. That’ll show him. He’ll never be able to walk around the school again after I beat him.

I turned my back to Mike and rolled my eyes. This chore was going to be a lot harder to complete.

“Saturday it is.” I responded and gave a huge grin. Mike cringed and dropped his eyes to his work.