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How Jake Survived

A new girl and some of her friends move to La Push.... you can only guess what happens! ;)

Hello, This is my first story, I just wrote this chapter like two hours ago and it took me an hour and a half to finish this chapter, and I just got the idea at lunch time. so... I hope you like it!! : )

1. The Nina Girl

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Jacob’s POV

I really did not know what I was doing, but I did know where I was going... But all I knew was that I had to get away... And fast. Marrying that stupid filthy bloodsucking leech. What was she thinking? The whole pack is putout with Bella; the whinny thoughts they’ve heard in my head about it have been driving them insane! Especially Leah, but I found that amusing. The wedding was in two months; I had just gotten home from school when Billy had told me about the wedding invitation. But what Billy hadn’t known, was what happened that after noon...

Some one had told me that there were some new people in school-- I think it was Quill. Two guys and a girl, he said it was. They had moved from some where in Arkansas, some small town called Cotter. I didn’t see them until math. The guy came in first followed by the girl. The boy, actually looked a lot like me. Just a lot shorter same skin, same hair, same muscles, same eyes...

Then I saw. Her... she was wearing cut off jeans, black flip-flops and a black T-shirt with a red cat arching it's back a size or two too small. She had long silky black hair to mid back, and the most beautiful rusty colored skin out of any one in the whole reservation. Her deep blue-gray eyes (that no one on the reservation had) were set nicely above her noticeable cheekbones. I didn’t know her or anything about her. I had imprinted on a complete stranger.

She was walking home after school, in the complete opposite direction of my house. I caught up with her easily. Her face went from surprised to completely happy. ‘I know you. You were the one in math class with that funny look on your face.’ She said. I couldn’t help but smile and look away. ‘Yeah... umm, I’m Jacob.’ ‘Hello Jacob, my name is Nina.’ I held out a hand. She smiled and shook it, but right as she grasped my hand we both gasped. Her hand was the same temperature as mine. Her eyes literally popped out of her head, as did mine. ‘—You—your—I’m—‘ she and I both stammered together. Then I held up my hands, ‘are you—‘ I started but she interrupted. ‘Yes. I-I am’, still stammering. ‘How did—who are--.. I’m...confused.’

'Yeah.. I am too.’ I frowned. She sat down on a rock and put her head in her hands, shaking it from side to side. Then she said, ‘OK, how about you come to my house and we talk this over? I live two miles down this road, the red house on the left with a black and red mailbox. Say about 7:00?’ I thought about it, then replied ‘Sounds good, but I may be a little late.’ ‘OK, see you then.’ Then she got up and walked away. I just nearly made it to the forest before I changed, lucky for me no one was out so I didn’t have to guard my thoughts. I got to my house within seconds, phased back, then jumped through my window to find some clothes to put on. That’s when Billy told me what had come in the mail...