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How Jake Survived

A new girl and some of her friends move to La Push.... you can only guess what happens! ;)

Hello, This is my first story, I just wrote this chapter like two hours ago and it took me an hour and a half to finish this chapter, and I just got the idea at lunch time. so... I hope you like it!! : )

2. The loss of time

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Jacob’s POV:

As soon as I got out of the house, I phased. And as I got further from the house the better I felt. I almost completely forgot about going over to Nina’s house until I came to it. And when I did get to it, she was there, watching me. But, she was looking at me like I was a normal person, like she had been expecting me to come like this.

"Wow, you’ve got way prettier fur than I do!" She said as she got up off steps of her house. " Are you alright? Why did you come like this...?" she paused. "I’ll go get you some clothes. Then you can phase back and tell me what happened. You’re about as big as Zac, so I’ll find something that’ll fit you." She disappeared inside, but she was only gone for a few moments before she was back with a pile of clothes in her hands.

"Here, just pick something you like best and bring the other’s back." She said, handing me the clothes, which were rather hard to hold without getting slobber all over them. I trotted back into the woods and was able to calm down enough to phase back. Out of the pile, I found a black T-shirt and an older pair of cut off jeans. The shirt was rather close fitting, so that made it a tad uncomfortable. But the jeans were the complete opposite--they were the most comfortable jeans I had ever worn. Once I had the put on, I gathered the clothes I didn’t need and went back out to tell Nina what happened. (Which I was not looking forward to).

She was drawing pictures in the dirt with a stick when I came back, and then she looked up at me, and smiled. "That shirt look’s good on you! And so do the pants." She said, finally standing, and taking the clothes I held out in my hands. "You OK enough to go inside?"

Not even in the slightest. "Sure"

"OK, follow me then." she led the way into her house. It was as big as Emily’s, Billy’s and Charlie’s houses put together!!! It was huge--like the biggest house in La Push! It was clean, didn’t smell, and was full of bright colors on the inside. I felt...relaxed.

She told me to make myself comfortable as she went to put the clothes away. I sat down on the huge L-shaped sofa, and leaned my head against the back of it, closed my eyes and thought about how I was going to tell her I had imprinted on her, and how my close friend was going to marry a filthy bloodsucker. That there were vampires not that far from here...aww hell. How was I going to DO this?!

I thought I had only closed my eyes for a few minutes, but when I opened them again, it was pitch black. I wasn’t on the couch any more, and... I was in an unfamiliar bed. I actually fit in this bed, and it was soft, comfortable. I figured I was in one of the "Big House’s" bedrooms. I looked around me for a clock and -of all things--it was at the foot of the bed. The big green numbers read 2:17 in the morning

"Aw crap", I muttered as I sat up. Suddenly, I heard a voice at the end of the bed asking, "Are you awake this time? Or am I going to have to tie you to the bed and duck tape your mouth?" The voice was deep, like Sam’s or mine. I could hear a hint of amusement and annoyance.

"What?" I mumbled, my voice barely above a whisper. When the guy stood up, I figured he was Zac, judging by his size, even though I could only see his silhouette. I think he’s even bigger than that leech Emmett is! "You were talking in your sleep. Something along the lines of ‘My Nina’ ‘Filthyreekingbloodsucker’ ‘Bella, don’t do this!’ and a million other things. And you even went for a walk in you sleep a few times."

Holy crap! I was talking about vampires and Bella and myNina...my Nina? I really hope he isn’t her boyfriend or something! He turned on the light and I winced, the light burning my eyes it was so bright. After a couple minutes, my eyes finally adjusted. I looked over at Zac and gasped...