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The thing about horoscopes...

Horoscope can lead to good and bad things. Bella finds herself constantly checking her horoscope for she must take caution if her horoscopes keep coming true. On the other hand Alice has a vision that she doesn't believe at first but how can she deny it if everything thats happening to Bella and Edward are all connected.
*Updated with chapter 2*


1. Chapter 1 - The Mailbox

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I walk to the school parking only to find Edward standing in front of his shiny silver Volvo waiting for someone...of course me. "Good Afternoon Bella." Edward said with his breathtaking smile.
"Where's my truck?" I said scanning the parking lot.
"I thought I could take you home."
"So you stole my truck??" I said trying to get the answer out of him concerning the fact of his stubbornness.
"Calm down Bella, I had Alice take care of it. She drove it to our house. I'll have her drop it off at your house later." Edward said trying to calm me down.
"Fine." There was absolutely no use putting up a fit when it came to Edward.

As I got in the car with Edward, who had skipped school today because of the weather and only came to school to pick me up, asked me how school was today. I told him that it was normal but only because he wasn't there. While we drove towards my house Edward looked extremely pleased. He told me to look under my seat. So i did and to my surprise there was a small silver box just sitting there. "Open it" He said looking straight into my eyes and of course I opened it.
"Oh my gosh..." I said meaning every word. Just then and there I suddenly remembered that it was only last night he asked me to marry him. Inside the box there was a dazzling, sparkling, and beautifully shaped diamond ring.
"I said NO RING!!!!" Nearly shouting as loud as my vocal cords would let me.
"I know but it just didn't feel right if you didn't have a ring. Trust me I thought long and hard and I knew you would get mad at me but it was nearly painful just letting it sit in the window." Edward said without stopping or hesitating.
"Was that where you were today??? Anyways how much was it?" I said trying to convince him to telling me.
"None of you business."
"Tell me or I'm not accepting the ring."
"Fine. It was only 120,000 dollars." He said in a tone making it sound as if it wasn't much.
"120,000 DOLLARS???!!!!????!!!??? ARE YOU INSANE??????" I said once again nearly bursting my vocal cords. He just kept quiet and drove on smiling. Since he was keeping quiet I decided to to keep quiet too and stashed the ring in my backpack so Charlie wouldn't find it.

When we got to my house I noticed that the red tab was up meaning that we had mail. This was odd because we normally never receive mail. Edward notice the strange expression on my face and asked what was wrong I explained the whole mailbox issue to him. As I got out of the car Edward lightly touched my arm and dragged me to his face and very gently kissed me on the lips. "Be safe and take good care of the ring." He told me with his topaz eyes. I got out of the car and went to the mailbox. When i opened the mailbox I noticed a magazine and thought it was for Charlie but once I took it out I realized it was one of those Seventeen magazines and had second thoughts. I flipped through the magazine and one page caught my eye. The title of the page was HOROSCOPES. Under the title there was a sentence See Whats In Store For Your Future. I chuckled to myself because of course these were never true i decided to check for the heck of it. "Lets see my birthday is on September 13. Looks like i'm a Virgo." The Horoscope read Be careful with yourself today because surprises lurk in every corner. "How ironic..." I ran inside my house and continued reading the magazine