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The thing about horoscopes...

Horoscope can lead to good and bad things. Bella finds herself constantly checking her horoscope for she must take caution if her horoscopes keep coming true. On the other hand Alice has a vision that she doesn't believe at first but how can she deny it if everything thats happening to Bella and Edward are all connected.
*Updated with chapter 2*


2. Chapter 2 - Its only a horoscope... what could go wrong? Part 1

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"Bella, Come downstairs this instant or else your gonna be late for school again!!" Charlie shouted from the kitchen. I heard him calling but i didn't feel like answering. Charlie had his work times changed meaning that Edward couldn't drive me to school anymore and ever since that magazine came I have been checking my horoscope daily on the computer which really took time out of morning. So basically i have been late to school for the past two days and what's really weird is that my horoscope has been accurate for these past two days. Just the other day when i checked my horoscope it said A friend today may need some help. So its best for you to be there it his or her time of need. and you know that day Angela's parents got divorced and she was crying in the girls bathroom at school and after school i took her out to dinner and to see a movie...after arguing with Edward who wanted to come,and of course i wouldn't let him because he would just get in the way. Only coming home to just have Charlie screaming at the top of his lungs asking where i was. So yeah i have been a little over-obsessive with my horoscope lately but hey i'll take my every chance to look into my future. "Lets see my horoscope today." I said while logging on to the computer. Be careful with the person you love the most for the next few days for it might end in a terrible situation. "Oh no Edward..."
"I'll be right down!" I had to shout while quickly getting my clothes on. When i finished I ran down the stairs grabbed my keys, my books, then said goodbye to Charlie, and ran out the door.

The rain beat the ground heavily as i was walking to my truck. Today just had to be raining, as if i didn't feel depressed anymore than i already was. By the time i was in my truck i was soaking wet. I started the engine and wondered if i should have brought a jacket. I was about to go back to the house to get one until i saw the clock. As drove to school the only thing that ran through my head was my horoscope. Be careful with the person you love the most for the next few days for it might end in a terrible situation. What did this exactly mean? I decided to avoid Edward, but only for a few days to prevent this terrible situation. I took the back entrance to the parking lot so i wouldn't run into him. For the rest of the day i skipped a couple of my classes that i had with Edward and when it came to lunch i sat with Angela at a different table but that didn't really work because Edward had just sat next to me. "Hey Bella. I haven't seen you in any of our classes so i thought you were sick or something and didn't come to school." He said while taking a bite of his pizza and swallowing it. I could see he was trying hard to blend in but either way he was still a vampire. When he said that i went to go dumped my half eaten lunch out and yes this i was still hungry but i dealt with it. Then i immediately left the cafeteria. When school was over the rain was letting up and I nearly ran to my truck and started the engine and was about to hit the gas petal when i saw Edward tapping on my window. "Bella are you ok? He said with those his hypnotizing topaz eyes. I felt tears welding up in my eyes and took one look at him and drove off without answering him. I thought he would try to stop my truck or something but to my surprise nothing happened. I cried on the way home. When i got home i ran to my room. I was about to let out a loud sob when i saw Alice sitting on my bed."Hello Bella." She said in a tone that sounded like something was concerning her.