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Set in New Moon, but Bella didn't go cliff-diving and Alice didn't come back. What happens when Edward makes another decision? What will Charlie do? What will the pack do? How will the kids at Forks High School react when they see the result?


2. Can a broken heart be healed?

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I grabbed my bag and left the store, climbing into my truck. Just before I turned the key in the ignition, I saw it. The shiny silver Volvo I knew so well. It was empty, and I forced myself to breathe. It wasn’t him. He wasn’t coming back…

The pain tore at my chest and I curled into a ball on the passenger seat, sobs working their way up my throat and out of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around myself, struggling to hold my broken self together. I couldn’t breathe, the pain was so bad… I cried harder as cold arms wrapped around me, thinking I had finally gone insane. There was no way he was coming back…

“Bella, love, I’m so sorry,” his velvet voice whispered. This was better than my motorcycle-induced hallucinations. But why was he in pain? I tried to still my sobs so I could hear better. It would probably hurt more later, but it was my hallucination, my problem to deal with. This one was so worth the pain it would cause later. As my sobs quietened, I could hear his voice better, clearer. He still sounded like he was in pain…

“Bella, I’m sorry. I should never have left…I love you, Bella. I’m sorry…” it was repetitive, but I didn’t care. I froze as cold arms pulled me to his cold chest, and then forced my eyes open before squeezing them shut again.

“I must be dreaming,” I mumbled. “Yeah, that’s right. I fell asleep before I could turn on the truck. There’s no way this isn’t a dream…” I trailed off as I felt his breath on my cheek.

“Open your eyes, Bella. I’m really here,” he whispered, and almost against my will my eyes opened. His face was still there, more perfect than any of my memories, but his eyes were dark. He was worried; I could see it in his eyes and his expression. Despite myself, I reached up and touched his cheek. My fingers were trembling.

“You…you came back,” I whispered, stroking his cheek lightly. His skin was cold, rock-hard and perfectly smooth beneath my fingertips. He smiled at me, although still worried, and caught my hand to his cheek gently.

“I did,” he murmured. “I promised myself I would just check on you…but I can’t stay away. And you’re unhappy,” he added with a frown. I reached up to put my other hand on his other cheek.

“Now that you’re here…I’m happy,” I breathed, before frowning back. “You look thirsty.”

“It’s nothing,” he told me, but I didn’t believe him. His hand stroked my hair gently. “I promised I would keep away, but I can’t. I’m nothing without you, Bella. I can’t make it through another minute without you. Leaving was the worst thing I could have done, to both of us. I need you, Bella…” he trailed off as I shook my head disbelievingly.

“I must be dreaming,” I muttered. “This can’t be real.”

“Bella, when I told you I didn’t love you…I was lying. It was the worst lie I have ever told, and the worst form of blasphemy. I love you so much it hurts when I’m not around you.” He stopped again. “Tell me something, Bella,” he whispered, and I nodded. “Can you still love me after all I put you through?” I stared. What sort of a question was that?

“Of course I still love you! How can you even think I can not love you –” I broke off as he kissed me.

It was not as tame as the kisses I was used to. I was the one who had to pull away, for a change. I was gasping for breath as Edward regained his control and pulled me closer to him, and then I realised I was still in the twilight-lit parking lot. I remembered some of the conversations we’d had at various twilights as I rested my head in the cold hollow of his shoulder. I glanced at my watch, then sighed. Charlie would be on his way home in about half an hour.

“It’s probably good you’re bullet-proof,” I murmured. Edward’s forehead crinkled in confusion. “Charlie will probably be ready to kill you when he finds out you’re back.” He chuckled, and I heard his laugh echoing through him. It made me smile.

“True,” he allowed, and kissed me lightly. I could see how dark his eyes were, and knew he would have to leave soon to – The thought of him leaving made my chest hurt and my eyes fill with moisture.

“Bella?” I clutched at Edward’s shirt with terrified fingers.

“Don’t leave me,” I whispered brokenly. He held me tightly to him, murmuring reassurance.

“I'll never leave you again, Bella,” he promised. “If I do, I'll make Emmett kill me.” I had to laugh at that, although tearfully. “I'll be here as long as you want me,” he promised.

“I'll always want you,” I warned, although I was again relaxed and relieved to be back in his arms. I felt…whole again. Then Edward frowned. “What?”

“What did you do to the stereo?” he asked, his voice horrified. I shrugged.

“It didn’t want to come out of the dashboard,” I mumbled. Edward sighed, but he was smiling when I looked up at him.

“Do you want to head home now?” he asked softly after a moment. I shrugged.

“I probably should get back,” I muttered. He smiled again.

“Do you want to ride with me?” His voice was soft and warm. I was melting inside when he looked at me that way. I nodded, unable to form the words, and only seconds later we were in his car. The song playing on the stereo when we pulled out of the parking lot made me laugh softly. Oh, how true that was…

“The worst is over now
And we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high
You steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn
And no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high
And steal your pain…

Cause I'm broken…”

Edward smiled at me.

“That song was playing when I decided to come back,” he informed me softly. “It made me feel like someone understood…”

“That makes two of us,” I murmured, leaning against his shoulder. I was no longer broken.