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Set in New Moon, but Bella didn't go cliff-diving and Alice didn't come back. What happens when Edward makes another decision? What will Charlie do? What will the pack do? How will the kids at Forks High School react when they see the result?


3. Charlie

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I was extremely aware of Bella’s head on my shoulder as I drove her back to her house. I couldn’t believe she’d accepted me back so quickly…I pulled over as she sat up straighter suddenly.

“Oh, shoot!” she muttered. “I forgot to call Jake and tell him I’m okay to get home…he was going to make sure I got home safely.” I gritted my teeth.


“Jacob Black,” she elaborated. “He’s my best friend…he helped when you left –” we both winced at that, and I put one of my arms around her shoulders, holding her to my side. I would never forgive myself for hurting her like that. She shrugged.

“I can call him later,” she muttered, and I laughed quietly. Her heart was racing. And she smelled so good…but I wouldn’t hurt her. Never again would I hurt her. I pulled into her driveway and saw Charlie’s cruiser in the driveway. He was inside, watching a football game but worrying about Bella. I winced slightly as I caught some of his memories, and she looked up at me.

“Good thing you're bullet-proof,” she murmured again. “Charlie won't be happy…will you come inside with me?”

“I'm not leaving you ever again,” I vowed, kissing her hair as I breathed in her scent. It made the venom in my mouth flow, but I swallowed it and released her to get out of the car, opening the other door before she realised I was gone. She smiled and got out, taking my hand as I shut the door. Together we walked up to the house. With Bella back, I was ready for anything, even the Volturi. Nothing could bring me down.


I opened the front door slowly, my heart hammering in my chest. I was terrified of Charlie… Edward squeezed my hand gently, and I relaxed almost instantly.

“Dad?” I called timidly, and he instantly poked his head out of the lounge-room.

“Hey Bells…you!” he exclaimed, furious, as he saw Edward just behind me. “You, boy, get out of my house right now!”

“Dad!” I yelled right back. “Don’t be like this. Please, just calm down for a moment…”

“No. Bella, you can’t seriously be thinking about taking him back. After how he left you?!”

“I've already taken him back, Dad,” I shot back, stung. Charlie’s face was furious as he looked past me at Edward.


“Dad…please, Dad, I love him. If he isn’t welcome here, then…” I stood a little taller, determined. “Then I'm moving out.”

“Goodbye then, Isabella,” Charlie snapped. “Don’t come crying back here when he leaves you again.”

“I won't,” Edward said coolly, probably glaring at my father. “And if that is how you want it, Chief Swan, then surely you will not mind my brothers collecting Bella’s things for her.” If looks could kill, Edward and I would be dead.

“Get out,” Charlie hissed, and I turned to storm out of the house, Edward beside me, back to his car. I wouldn’t ever drive the truck again. I dropped all my keys on the porch deliberately, and managed to hold back the tears until we were speeding towards the Cullens’ home. Then I completely broke down and sobbed until I couldn’t cry any more.

I was aware of Edward’s arms around me, and guessed that the car had stopped, but I couldn’t stop my tears. I was exhausted, worn out physically and emotionally. I could barely believe Charlie had kicked me out! I was aware of the sound of the car door opening and being carried, but it was only when I heard a familiar voice I realised why we had stopped.

“Bella! Oh, Bella, I'm so sorry…” Alice tried to say, but I shook my head weakly. It wasn’t her fault. Alice hugged me, as best she could while Edward was carrying me, and then released me to race off upstairs. I didn’t watch her go – I just let Edward carry me wherever it was he was taking me. I was just so relieved he was back…