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Adventures of the Man Who Was Not Jasper

A scientific experiment goes wrong...or does it?


5. Two Rabbits and a Squirrel

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I sat back with a sigh, closing my eyes and smiling lightly. I wasn’t nearly so hungry now. Well, I was still hungry, but at least I wasn’t starving anymore. "That was delicious, Alice! You’re a great cook!"

She giggled. I opened one eye and looked at her. "What’s so funny?" I asked, slightly confused.

"Silly boy," she said, smiling. "I didn’t cook anything!"

"Huh?" I said, looking down at my lap. That’s when I remembered where I was and what I had been ...eating. The two dead rabbits lay there, completely drained of blood, mute proof of what I’d just done. It took a couple seconds for it to sink in, then I flew off the bench with a scream. The rabbit carcasses fell onto the ground, and I sputtered and pointed at them, my eyes wide with shock and revulsion. A look of concern crossed Alice’s beautiful face. "Jasper, what’s wrong?" She asked this several times while I continued pointing and sputtering. It took me a while to remember that I was "Jasper", and my not responding to her caused her to get really worried. She stood up and took me by the arms.

"Jasper Whitlock! What’s come over you? Stop it right now! Look at me!" Feeling nauseous, and yet curiously enticed, by the sight of the two dead rabbits, I looked at Alice. She had a stern expression on her face as she spoke. "I know you would prefer...human blood, but you have got to get used to animals! Especially if we’re going to find these other animal drinkers. I know you’ll grow to like it in no time at all!" Her voice held an almost pleading tone, as if she were willing me to like animal blood. But what she’d said made me shudder—the line about me preferring human blood! Then I remembered how I’d lunged at the poor woman walking by, and I shuddered again.

I rubbed my face. When I looked at my hand, there was some lingering blood on it. As much as my mind recoiled at the thought, my stomach seemed to take possession of my body, and before I knew what I was doing, my hand went to my mouth and I licked the blood off. Surprisingly, I found it tasted quite good. I smacked my lips in appreciation at the taste. Sheepishly I looked down at Alice. "Um...you wouldn’t happen to have another one of those, would you?" I asked, smiling.

She giggled, told me to sit back down, and skipped off. I obeyed her, and she returned a few seconds later with a squirrel this time. With my stomach still in control of my body, I ignored my mind’s revulsion and drained the animal. Thankfully, since Alice had found such a secluded area of the park, no one had come anywhere near us since the woman had walked by. When I was finished, Alice gathered up the three dead animals, and buried them at the edge of the trees behind us. Returning to the bench and resuming her seat beside me, Alice then produced a handkerchief and wiped my mouth off for me. A simple act, yet somehow it felt rather...intimate.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"You’re welcome," she softly replied. I stared at her for several seconds, and she stared back a slight smile tugging the corners of her mouth up.

I finally tore my gaze from hers, and turned forward on the bench. I cleared my throat. "Well," I said, merely to have something to say

"Well what?" she replied. I could hear the amusement in her voice.

"Well, it would seem that I owe you an apology."

She frowned, confused. "Apology for what, Jasper?"

"For my denial of the existence of...of vampires. I can’t deny the facts of what just happened. So, it would seem that you’re right—somehow, I am a vampire. So, I apologize for laughing at you." God, I thought, I am so sorry for laughing at you, beautiful lady! But, I didn’t say that part. For Pete’s sake, I’d just met the girl—I didn’t want to scare her away! And yet, I felt I had to tell her the truth. The truth that I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. I sighed, and turned back to her again. "Alice, remember before, when I said there was something I had to tell you?" I asked her hesitantly. She nodded. "Well, I’d just better tell you, and get it over with. After you hear what I’m going to say, you probably won’t want to be near me anymore.’

She put my hand between both of her small ones, concern plain in her eyes. "It’s ok, Jasper. I know you feed on humans. But I want you to know that I won’t leave you! I’ll help you get through this!"

I shook my head. "This doesn’t actually have anything to do with my dietary habits," I said, smiling ruefully. I sighed, and then told her the whole thing, about what I was doing only an hour or so ago, how I found myself on the street, and everything else. She listened patiently, and didn’t interrupt me at all. I could tell that she was listening, because from time to time she squeezed my hand tightly.

When I was done with my story, she was silent for so long that I thought she was going to leave. And I couldn’t blame her. But suddenly, to my complete surprise, she threw herself into my arms, wrapping hers around me tightly. "I don’t care, Jasper!" she cried. "I don’t care where you came from! You’re here now, and I’m not leaving! You don’t understand! All those long, lonely, empty years in the...in the asylum, I—I can’t remember much, except that I kept seeing your face. And every time I did, every time my visions showed you to me, you smiled at me, smiled so sweetly! And I knew—oh, I knew I find you someday! And now I have, and now I’ll never let you go!"

It sounded like she was crying softly, and I pulled back a little, and raised her face. There were no tears, and I frowned. "I thought you were crying!" I exclaimed. "But I don’t see any tears."

She smiled again. "Of course not, Jasper—vampires can’t cry tears!" I frowned, puzzled. I had so much to learn about this bizarre, new existence I now found myself in. But I didn’t have time right then to think on it, for Alice choose that moment to gently press her lips against mine. Shocked as I was for a few moments, I nevertheless found myself pulling her closer, and deepening the kiss. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, and I think we would have been quite content to stay that way for a long time, if not for the sound of someone clearing their throat nearby. My eyes flew open, and there stood a police officer. He was trying his best to frown, but a smile kept threatening to break out on his face. Alice giggled and I gulped.

"Move along now, folks," he said gruffly. "Move along!" Alice giggled again, and said, "Yes, officer!" Standing, she reached for my hand. I stood, and gave it to her. She twined her fingers in mine, and sighed again, looking at our joined hands. Then she looked up at me, flashing that bright smile of hers, the one that always threatened to make me dizzy. "Come with me?" she asked softly.

"Wherever you want to go," I replied, equally as quiet. I smiled faintly, still too awed by her to be able to do much else. Heck, I’d walk gladly into hell itself, just to be with her, if that’s where she was going! As we walked slowly away, not taking our eyes from each other, I heard the policeman say, "Ah...young love!" I heard his footsteps move off in the opposite direction.

"So," I asked after a while. "Where are we going?"

She frowned slightly. "I’m not sure," she replied. "Where do you want to go?"

"Wherever you are," I replied, sappily yet truthfully. She giggled again. "Didn’t you say something before about vegetarian vampires?" I still couldn’t quite get used to the idea that, not only were there such things as vampires, but I evidently was one myself.

Her face brightened at that idea. "Oh yes! Carlisle and the others! Do you really want to try and find them? Or are you just humoring me?"

I smiled down at her. "Yes," I replied. "I really want to find them." She grinned up at me. "Then let’s go!" She picked up her pace, and we hurried from the park...