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Monochromatic World

just a poem from Bella's POV about how she was when Edward left her. Monochromatic is one of my vocab words! Double candy for me! *smiles sarcastically* My teacher always gives us easy words.

please review and be harsh! I don't think im a good poet so i need lots of comments and criticism! REVIEW

1. Chapter 1

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Day to day

I trudge

My way to

My hiding

So that no one

Can see my pain

So that no one

Can send me away

From where



Day to day

I live

In a boring

Monochromatic world

My color is gone

So are my paints

Pastels and crayons

My love is gone

Which is worse

Than living in a



Day to day

I try

To do nothing

Feel nothing

Hear nothing

I put forth no effort

To try to find

My color

Find my reason

For hiding

Find my love

Because he doesn't