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Twisted Backwards

Edward's changing. But how? Rose leaves? Bella has finally gotten under her granite skin. Jacob won't give up without a fight. No one will be the same in the end.

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1. Chapter 1

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Three weeks. That was all I had left until the wedding. Then everything will quickly fall into place.

Edward had been acting strange lately. As though he's unsure of himself; indecisive. He better not be thinking about backing out now, I thought while I laid in bed. Edward was on one of his monthly family "trips" to the hunting grounds. Usually, they go in twos or threes, to make sure someone was here to protect me while others went and satisfied their needs.

What is with him? I was starting to believe something was physically wrong with him. His eyes didn't seem as that topaz as they had a few months earlier, yet they weren't the dark ocher, which indicated his thirst. What color were they? Were his eyes losing their color?

Pft. Vampires don't lose their eye color. It's either red, topaz, or ocher, but his weren't any of the three.

Stop worrying, Bella. He told you he would let you know when he was thinking something bad was going to happen.

I was tugging at the edge of my shirt now. Alice simply won't let me dress myself anymore. She had an outfit picked out for everyday. Today's outfit was a pair of tight, dark blue jeans, and a form-fitted long-sleeved shirt. The shirt had white lace trimmed at the edges of it and horizontal silver stripes through my middle and across my arms. On my feet were only a pair of socks; no need to have shoes on while you are carelessly lounging around, is there?

He should be home with the hour. They all should. It was nearing one o'clock now. Everyone of them had left this weekend to go hunting and left me to spend some downtime to think. See what thinking does to me? Never a good thing to let me think.

I had spent the weekend at the Cullen house because I didn't want to hear Charlie drone on about the fact I hadn't been to La Push since......

"Hello beautiful, anything exciting happen while I was away?" He swiftly came to sit by me on the sofa, interrupting my thoughts. Only one painfully beautiful vampire had walked through that door. Where were the others?

"Ha, yeah, if you consider watching t.v and roaming through your music collection exciting, then, yes, I had a blast." I'm not sure why, but teasing Edward was a highlight to any part of my day. Just being with Edward put my day in greater hopes of being fun. "But, Edward? Where's the rest of your family?"

"I came home early to spend time with you. The rest weren't quite ready to come back yet so Carlisle dropped me off here. Would you like to get out of the house for a while?" His not-so-topaz/ocher eyes twinkled, but not with the full glow I would have expected. Something was troubling him, it was easy to tell this time, yet I couldn't quite put my finger on why he seemed so different.

"Well after three days of spending alone time in a vampires empty house, I think I could allow a little time to get out and get some fresh air." This made him only that much more eager. He grabbed my hands and lifted me off the couch. From there, he swung me around onto his back and waited there for a minute. Once again indecisive.

"So...Where are we off to?" I was willing to go anywhere I could as long as I was with Edward, but I still wanted to know where that place may be.

"That information is for me to know, Alice to predict, and for you to find out when we get there." He said a little too cool. By now we were running full speed down his driveway and then he made a not-so-gentle turn; into the forest?

I kept my face buried against his icy shoulder. I didn't freak out anymore when I had my eyes open while he ran, but right now I was just too content to keep them open. All too soon we were here. A place I had only been three times.

"Oh Edward..." The meadow. I had been here once with Edward and then the time where Laurent was trying to track me down....Then the afternoon I announced that I was going to tell Charlie about the engagement.

Only this time there was a silver cloth that stretched almost as far as the meadow it's self. On that cloth there was a small wooden table with a stereo placed on it. I would say, a good few hundred rose petals were placed all around on the cloth.

We were going to dance. He knew I couldn't dance. He'd witnessed that one first hand. "Edward, you know I can't dance. Remember the last time we tried to dance?"

"Yes. But last time you were in a giant cast. Besides we'll do the same thing we did then." He set me on the ground and I turned to stare him down. Not dancing.

"Take your shoes off," He instructed. I did as I was told knowing full well that my clumsy ways were no match for a one-hundred-something year old vampire with super human abilities.

"Now, step on my feet." Yes sir. I felt just the same way I did when I first done this the last time.

"Edward, I still feel like the little seven year old girl who was too small to know the steps and keep up with her dad."

Although it was funny to watch him waddle over to the stereo and turn it on. Music began pouring from the speakers and for a second I couldn't move. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. As if reading my mind, Edward answered all of my unasked questions.

"While you were sleeping, of course, I went to my house and recorded these for you. When we are done today, the CD is yours to keep. Took quite along time too. Much too long for any vampire to bear, or Alice for that matter."

"This...is you singing. For....me." I choked as I felt my eyes threaten to pool over with tears. By now we were both dancing, with little effort on my part.

"You'll never know how whole I feel,

how in so many ways you keep me real

Never have I known how hard it was

to keep up with your speeds..."

"You wrote these yourself?" I couldn't fight back the tears now. It was too late. Sweet melodies enter twined with soulful chords kept me from noticing anything else except for the fact that his words and his piano and created this masterpiece, for me.

"I stay awake at night

watching you sleep

the calm peace you bring to me..."

As this song drifted to a close, without ever actually stopping, another began, much more up beat then the last one. Swing dancing music was a perfect way to describe this next song.

Without ever letting me slip off his feet, Edward twirled us around and swayed to the beat without ever even thinking about it.

"Mind you I wrote two of these last minute and there are only three songs on this one." Edwards close voice brought me back to the present. What? This means theres another CD?

"So your saying you have another CD for me?" I breathed as I found that this was one of the most meaningful things Edward has done for me, other then being a part of my life, and well numerous times, saving that life as well.

"Yes. There is. At home." The next song was only too familiar. "My song..." I felt him smile into my hair as we still swayed slowly to my song. I was actually enjoying myself dancing with Edward. I would be content with doing anything with him, but this was....nice. Besides it felt good to dance with him.

My song drifted to an end. I layed my head against his chest and felt a slight thump every minute or so. After a while, Edward took my hands and pulled me off his feet and onto the ground. My song was now over and he had pulled me onto the ground across from him.

I reached over to grab his hands. It may have been that I was already cool, but his hands weren't the same peircing iciness I remembered. Another thing to add to the list of "How my fiance changes before my eyes" theory.

The Cullens, or, at least Edward, must have some thing for the color silver. The cloth was velvety and silky at the same time. Just like his voice. I ran my fingers across it while he went and got the CD out of the stereo. To give to me I presume.

He got up uneasily. Something he doesn't even have to worry about. But then, just as he neared the table.......

Edward tripped.