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Twisted Backwards

Edward's changing. But how? Rose leaves? Bella has finally gotten under her granite skin. Jacob won't give up without a fight. No one will be the same in the end.

Hope you enjoy. Leave me suggestions?

3. Chapter 3

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~Bella's POV~

"Edward?...Ar- are you all r-right?" I stammered. Edward wasn't to supposed to fall. I was the only one in the family who was allowed to trip over my own two feet.

I hurried to get up, so that I could help him up, with my luck, I fell. Right over his foot, I tripped. I landed on top of most of him with a very ungraceful, "Oof," He smiled up at me from our awkward position. Our faces were only inches apart. By this point I had no idea why I had gotten up to begin with. Breathing in his sticky sweet scent clouded my head from any legitimate thought.

He rolled us up into a sitting position. Once again, I asked "Are you alright, Edward?" His face fell slightly and he mumbled too low and too fast to make it audible.

"So..." I started a little awkwardly. "I never did ask you how your hunting trip went. How did it go?" I said, attempting a smile for his sake. It worked like I had planned it to. He smiled in return. Not warmly, but it was an effort.

"It was different, but I don't need to give you all the gory details, now do I?" It was silent for a moment. His face fell, he was thinking hard about something. I reached over and grabbed one of his hands in my own. He stiffened at my touch.

"Edwar-" I began until I was cut-off.

"Bella, are you cold?" He asked me. Edward usually didn't ask if I were cold or not, he usually could tell. No need to ask.

"Um, no. Why?" My eyebrows raised but I didn't have it in me to lower them.

"Are you sure? Are you sure your not cold?" His perplexed look made me worry.

"Yes, Edward, I'm sure. What's wrong?" I was getting paranoid and my heart rate kicked up a few notches after he wouldn't answer me.


"You just don't feel as warm as you did yesterday. Maybe it's just me." He started looking down again. This was going to be hard, having a conversation when he kept looking down.

"Edward, I know vampires don't get sick, but, are you sure your okay? Within the last week, you've been unconsciously acting different." I rested one of my hands on his shoulder and the other against the side of his face. He leaned into my hand and waited there for a moment, closing his eyes.

"Bella, you just don't know how many human emotions you tend to bring to the surface of mine. Sometimes when I'm with you, like times like this, I forget that I'm a vampire, a dangerous person for you to be with. I feel so alive when I'm with you." His eyes were open and one of his hands were wrapped around the back of my neck.

I leaned in to kiss him. He tasted a little different but I pushed that thought to the side. I'm not sure what vampire phase he was going through, but he was physically changing. I didn't bring anything up, because for one, he knows himself better then I do, he would know if he was changing. Number two, I don't need to add anything to his overactive stress.

His usually soft lips were even softer.

Just another thing to add to the list.


I wonder how things are going with Edward right now? I thought as I continued to drive straight out of anyones hearing distance. Time to make the dreaded calls.

I tapped my fingers nervously on the side of the car as I dialed and waited for someone to pick up the phone.

"Ah, Carlisle, good to hear from you. Anything I can help you with?"

"How'd you know it'd be me calling? What if I were, a, oh, I don't know, bill collector?" I said, trying to lighten my glum mood.

"We have new hired help. I think she happens to be like your Alice. Permonitions, is it?"

I brushed off the comparisons of Alice to his help and got to the point.

"You needed something?" Aro started.

"Why would you think I needed something if I were to call an old friend? Well, seeing that there is a problem, I do need to ask a favor of you though." Aro was, in a way, my father figure. Though I used to have one, Aro was here now. Just as I was for Edward. Emmett and Jasper for that matter.

"Something didn't happen with Bella's transformation did it?" He asked a little too eagerly.

"No, no. Actually, we were planning on letting her at least finish high school before any actions were taken." Aro could handle as mush as letting her finish up high school right?

"Very well then," Aro said with mock disappointment.

"Aro I would like you to come over for a little visit. You see something...is..ah..well. Wrong with Edward. I would like to discuss these matters with you and a member of the Denali coven privately." I hoped this would work. Whatever was happening to Edward, he deserved to know. "Please, Aro, for Edward's sake?"

"Yes, yes. Not a problem at all. I will take the next flight out, if that's alright?"

"Well give us a day or so to finish up hunting. Then we will be back at our house discussing the matter as a family. Though a flight in about two days would be fine to take. Oh and Aro I almost forgot, please don't bring any of your family member with you. We need to stay as unnoticed as possible in such a small town."

"Alright, Carlisle my boy, I will see you then." Click. Aro was taken care of. Which Denali member would Edward not mind having over?

"Victor, may I speak to Tanya please?" The phone started to tremble in my hands as I spoke. The last time I had talked to her was when Laurent was killed. Well they weren't that happy after that.

"Hello, Carlisle." Tayna said flatly. This was going to be difficult.

"Yes, hello Tayna. I have a slight favor I need to ask of you." I said tentatively.

"Not many favors are going to be granted for after what happened to Laurent. Though if you feel the need to ask anyways, then ask." She said, in hostile tone.

"Tayna, this isn't about me. This is about Edward. Somethings wrong. I've asked Aro to come to stay with us for awhile, and I'd appreciate it if you would come to help figure out whatever is happening to him and to support him. What do you say?" Oh please, oh please, oh please, please let her agree to this.

"When is the best time for your coven for me to be there?"

"Whenever is okay with you. Aro will be in Seattle within the next three days. The rest of my family will be hunting until tomorrow. They don't know about what's going on yet." I breathed. She was going to come.

"I'll be there." I heard a click as the line when dead.