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Twisted Backwards

Edward's changing. But how? Rose leaves? Bella has finally gotten under her granite skin. Jacob won't give up without a fight. No one will be the same in the end.

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4. Chapter 4

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We got home at about seven in the evening and no one was there yet. He led me up to his room, where we both sat on his bed facing each other. Now is the time I should tell him what I've noticed. I thought. As I opened my mouth to speak I was cut short. "Ed-"

"Bella, other then me.." He swallowed hard. "..tripping..in the meadow, have you noticed anything different about me?" Edward asked. His eyes bore into my own with an unnameable force.

"Yes, Edward. I have and I was just about to say something a moment ago. What's wrong? What's going on?" I panicked. Nothing could happen to Edward. He was my personal angel, and nothing bad ever happens to angels.

"I'm not sure. What have you noticed though?" He was worrying himself. His brows furrowed and his forehead creased. Edward broke his gaze and looked down.

I listed for him everything I had noticed. Not leaving out any details.

"Edward,when we were dancing...I..I f-felt.." I choked. I couldn't get the words out.

"Come on Bella, what did you feel?" He seemed so calm and easy with all that I was telling him.

"I felt..a....heart beat. Only one every few minutes or so, but I'm sure I felt it. Then running home, you were out of breath by the time we got here, which is so unlike you, Edward. Edward?"

"Don't worry I'm listening. Just thinking at the same time."

"What's going on Edward?" I asked

"No one can be sure. Though what you just told me only adds up to what happened yesterday while we were out hunting. I lacked blood lust, I couldn't hear anyones' thoughts. I couldn't hear Alice screaming my name. It's just...so different."

He shifted the both of us until he was laying behind me. I started to feel the activities of the day catch up with me, I was tired. He wrapped his now-not-so-cold arm around me and gave me a little squeeze. Then I felt him sigh into my hair and...yawn?


"Bella, love?"

"Yes Edward?"

"I know it's not technically possible, but.." A big exhausted yawn escaped past his lips, interrupting his sentence. "I think I'm tired. Would you like to, uh, take a nap with me?" He asked, unsure with what he was saying.

"Actually..." I yawned. "A nap doesn't sound half bad right about now anyway." I said right before I heard his deep even breathing, indicating he was asleep already. "Good night, Edward." I said as I closed my eyes and shifted around a bit, then sighed and drifted into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Sometime between midnight and dawn, I awoke to Edward mumbling my name in his sleep. I smiled to myself. Thinking, he was right when he said "If I could dream, It would be about you" and I'm not the only sleep-talker anymore.

Gently, as to not wake him, I slid out from under his arm and swung my legs off the side of the bed. It was going to be a whole new experience for everyone if Edward started sleeping regularly.

Everyone was sitting, or standing in various stances, stress written in so many different ways across every one of their faces.

"Bella..." Carlisle started just as two faces rounded the corner and entered the living room. One who had the same topaz eyes I had grown used to, and the other with the bright red irises of human blood.

The strawberry blonde vampire with the topaz eyes lingered back as the other with the red eyes came forward to greet me.

"Hello, Bella dear. It's good to see you. Though I am disappointed in your current state." Aro greeted. "Hi," I smiled half-heartedly.

"Bella you already know Aro, and this is Tanya," Carlisle gestured toward the gorgeous, almost prettier then Rosalie, strawberry blonde. Being polite I said, "Hello," She simply nodded back in my direction.

Are all gorgeous female vampires self-centered, or was it just Rosalie and Tanya?

"Bella, Edward, Tanya and Aro are here to help us, well, uh, figure out what's happening to Edward."

"Oh, so no one knows what's going on yet with Edward?" I questioned as I sat next to Esme on the love seat.

"You mean, you've noticed already?" Carlisle said, talking more to himself then anyone else.

"Well, I may not have super human memory or eyesight, but I do spend more time around him then I do anyone else; he's not himself. He's....different...." I trailed off thoughtfully.

Right as I said this, a sleepy looking Edward walked down the steps rather noisely, rubbing his eyes.

"Wha-what's everyone doing here?" He croaked. Esme got up and moved toward Alice, Edward took her place beside me on the love seat.

"Edward, were you up there sleeping?" Rosalie asked incredulously, smirking.

"Yes. As a matter-of-fact I was. Oh wait, sorry Rose, did I interfere with any of your plans?" Edward shot back, with a little too much venom. "Is this a problem?" A confused Edward asked.

"No, not at all, son. But you do remember, that our kind don't actually sleep. We can't." Carlisle directed his focus on me. "Bella, was Edward physically sleeping, you know, as a human would?" He couldn't believe his own words.

"Yes. He was." I answered quietly.

"Bella, are you sure?"

"Yes, I am. He was even mumbling while he slept. Which is why I woke up."

Edward slouched forward with his elbows on his knees and took both of my hands in his own. Everyones attention turned to me as I gasped. "Edward.... You're. Not. Cold." I whispered. Everyone was sure to hear it.

Tanya ran over to feel Edwards arm. She knelt in front of him; eyes closed. I listened intently as Edward took a sharp intake of breath. After a few moments, he finally spoke.

"So, Carlisle, what does this mean?"

"Well, lets look at the big picture. Lack of blood lust, you can't hear thoughts, your regular vampire strength hearing is down to a human level, you're not cold, your eye color has shifted, you tripped, and well, you slept." Carlisle admitted.

"Well, it would seem to as though you're more human then you are vampire!" Aro joked. He didn't realize how right he was.