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What Never Happened

Bella falls, never fell for Eddie. Totally different couple here. Haven't read one of these yet..

I told you I would make one.. Enjoy and review!

2. Demented Destruction-Of-Our-School-Plan

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"Dad! How could you? One, she is a married woman, two, ugh, I don't even know. But you CAN NOT get any farther into this then you already are. You heard their conversation, because I sure did,and I have a good feeling he was talking about you. Dad, before I got here how often did you see Mrs.Cullen?" I demanded on our way home.

"Only at the store. We would shop together. Well sorta. And I help bring her groceries to her car.." He admitted.

"Dad, how long have you been doing that?" I sighed.

"Only for about the past month and a half or so."

"Ugh." I threw my head into my hands, only to remember that I had 8 stitches on my forehead.

"Ow." I muttered.


"Hey Jess," I called to her. She was my second friend here. Mike being the first.


"Come over here. I gotta few questions,"

"Shoot," She said as she sat next to me at the lunch table.

"Who are they?"

"Them? Over there?" She asked pointing straight at them.

"Have you ever heard of being discreet? Shh. Yes, them."

"Those are Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Mrs. Emse Cullen's adopted children. The two blondes? The boy is Jasper Hale, the girl is Rosalie Hale. Twins. The big one? He's Emmett Cullen. The other boy is Edward Cullen. He's in our grade. And the Last girl? Her name is Alice Cullen."

"Oh, thanks. That's all I needed to know,"

"Hey, Bella, the guys and I were gonna see if we could get some people together and hang at First Beach later this week. You interested?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, sure, sounds like fun." I answered, not really paying much attention. The blonde boy had all my attention. What was his name? Jasper? Too bad he was a senior already.

"Ugh, lunch never lasts long enough." Jessica whined.

"Bye Bella. I'll see you in gym." Mike called over his shoulder, smiling.

"See ya." I called, and head toward builging four, Biology. "Wait, Mike!" I yelled, turning around. "Don't you have Biology with me?"

"Yeah, but today I'll be with the office, doing...things. I'll see you in gym," And he turned and left.

"Weird," Jessica said. "Let's go. We'll be late!" She said as she towed me toward the building with the big 4 on it.

We weren't early enough, the only avalible seat was next to...Edward Cullen? I went and sat by him.

Mr.... got started with his lesson and I shuffeled through my things to find my notes from Phoenix. I felt someone watching me and just brushed it off. New kids always get stared at.

Finally it became too much. Their eyes felt as though they were burning holes into my skin. I looked around to see who it was and my gaze locked with Edward. He looked, looked like he was straining. Holding back something. And downright looking at me like I was The worst thing he had ever seen.

I felt my jaw drop down and tried to lift it. I turnded back to Mr. ... What did I do? I hadn't even said a word to the guy! I sat down and apparently I became his object at which his hatred was directed. What a way to start my first year here.

I ignored him the rest of class feeling completely and utterly shocked and confused by his reaction.

"Dismissed." Mr. ... announced.

Edward was up and out before anyone else even grabbed their things.

"Bella, what do you think Mike is doing?" Jessica asked.

"Gee, I dunno. Of course you've known him longer, and been to this school longer. For all I know he is in there plotting some sort of evil and demented destruction-of-our-school-plan." I said, sarcasm heavy in my tone.

"Well don't you think positive."

"Ugh, bye Jess. I'll beat it out of him in gym." If I don't fall.

Today was, interesting. So far, at least. I honestly wonder why Mike wasn't in Biology today.

"Alright, kids today is tennis. Pair up on teams. Send any left-over kid to me and we will rotate tem in somwhere. When you have a partner, one of you go grab rackets for the both of you, then stand across from each other at the half court line. Go."

"Hey, Bella. You have a partner yet?" Mike asked, knowing full well that no one had a partner yet. Coach Clapps just let us choose.

"No. Not yet. Would you like to be my partner?" His whole face lit up like a puppy who just got a treat and a rubber ball.

"U-ugh y-yeah. I do." He stuttered.

I laughed at him. "Go grab our rackets." I ordered. He nodded and was off to the bucket of rackets.

"Lucky, lucky, Bella." Lauren taunted.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just, that, you know. Mike is completely crushing on you. If you don't have a love interest I would suggest taking Mike while you can." With that she flipped her long blonde hair and turned to flirt with Tyler.

"Here you go." Mike handed me a blue racket, with scruffed tape at the bottom.

"I'm warning you now. I have no athletic ability at all. I suggest you not come within ten feet of me if I'm swinging this thing." I warned, waving the racket loosly in front of my face. To prove my point I hit myself in the face.

"Good greif, Bella. Are you okay?" Mike closed to distance between us, set his racket down, and was using both hands to examine my face.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. But see? I told you I have no ability whatsoever. This proves my point."

"Are you suere you're okay? You hit yourself pretty hard. At least you avoided this." He pointed out, lightly running his fingers over my stiches.

I hadn't thought of Mike in any other way then that puppy who followed me around, like everybody else was doing. Lauren had pointed it out to me, Mike was falling for me. And I liked it.

With his hands on my shoulders already, I stood on my tip-toes, wrapped my arms around him, and said, "Yes. I'm definetly lucky I avoided another serious injury. Thank you Mike." I hugged him and went back to flat feet. He stared at me speechless.

I turned around and blushed. What did I just do? It was my first day here, I needed to focus on my work and classes. Not Mike Newton.

We didn't talk for the rest of gym. I went and changed and left before anyone had the chance to see me leave.

I hadn't taken my truck and planned to walk home, when I seen a lovely looking Mrs. Cullen with her head out the drivers side window yelling at me.

"Bella. Bella dear, your father asked me to come and get you. You don't mind, do you?" She asked sweetly.