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It Wasn't Him In Biology

That's right. It never was Edward in her Biology class. Someone funnier, bigger, and certaintly louder.

Well, since this is another odd pair, it's one of my shorter first chapters. Only to see if you guys like it. You like it. I'll continue. This depends on my review count ya know..

4. Chapter 4

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"I'm guessing you like it then," Emmett assumed.

"Where are we?" I asked, ignoring his assumption, although it was true.

"We just so happen to be in one of my favorite places ever."

"It would make this place so much better if only the sun were out. How would a person find this place?"
"Don't worry. The sun is supposed to be out in a few hours," He stated. As I looked up I realized he was right. It looked like the clouds were only temporary.

"I found it once when I was searching for a place for me and my brothers to.... camp. Of course I never told them about it and I kept it to myself." He smiled his big toothy grin. Without really noticing it, seeing him smile made me smile, and slowly but surely his big toothy grin was starting to grow on me.

I sat silent, just staring at him, which I did during the school day when he wasn't paying attention. I felt the corners of my mouth turn up.

He started to smile in return. "What?" He asked me.

I just shook my head. How would I even begin to explain the things running through my head to him? I'm not quite sure, but I think your smile is hypnotizing. Or how about, Whenever I look at you I feel my stomach crowed with butterflies, my thoughts aren't straight, and I can barely form full sentences. No I like this one best, You have this aura about you, it makes everything and everyone seem OK That the world really isn't falling apart. Nothing seems real, I guess. Feels like you're under a magnified spotlight. Yeah. Gag.

I couldn't, though. This was a thought, or rather, feeling, that couldn't be put into words.

Slowly, cautiously, he sat down across from me in the cramped boat, our knees touching. There really wasn't much space in the boat to begin with, both of us sitting so close only emphasized that.

I didn't realize that I did anything, but Emmett must've found something funny, because he let out a small chuckle.

"And what about you? What was that about?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.

"Would this be the part where I shake my head and continue to grin?" He asked me, mimicking me and tilting his head too.

I looked down at the ground and felt something change in the air, a new electric tension had been added. When I looked back up his face had grown serious. With that look on his face, the way he was sitting, and the way the light that there was hit him, it made me want to touch his skin, to wrap my arms around him and just hold him there.

"Bella, I know where this is going. I can feel it. But before anything, anything at all happens, there are a few minor details I need you to know and hopefully understand."

"I'm not sure I'm catching what you're throwing. Can you just tell me?" I asked starting to get more then just a little confused.

"Bella. I-. We-. I'm-" He stuttered.

"Oh please just say it," I said, setting my hand on his cool knee.

He closed his eyes and sighed. "Bella, I'm not human."

"Are you an alien from, oh, I don't know, Jupiter? I don't get the joke. What part am I missing?" I laughed a little, without humor, I don't really think he's lying.

"I'm being serious here. Just hear me out and play along. Have you not noticed how cool my skin is compared to anyone elses? How pale? See these here?" He opened up his mouth and was pointing to his teeth. "They aren't normal. They can slice through anything. And I mean anything. I've tried. Wait 'till the sun comes out. You'll see. Smell me." And now he leaned far enough towards me to where I could really smell him. He smelled good. Really, really good.

"Mmm, you smell so good." I joked.

"Bella, yo-"

I cut him off. "What? All guys smell good. Except Eric. He smells funny sometimes." I said, scrunching up my face at the memory of his smell.

"Bella," He laughed a little. "you aren't getting the point here. I'm. Not. Human."

"Well, then. What. Are. You?" I asked, mimicking his short, clipped tone, fighting a smile was a failed attempt.

"You aren't going to want to know. Wait, you mean you really haven't heard of any of the old ancient legends from around here?"

"I try not to pay attention to stuff like that so that would be a no."

"Promise me one thing." Emmett said, rushing into seriousness.


"No, promise me first. Just say it."

"Although I'm not quite sure what I'm promising to, I promise." At that moment I knew I was telling the truth, even though I had no idea what I was talking about.

"You are to never tell anyone. Ever." This is the scariest I have ever seen him. "And," He softens up a bit. "you won't run away, or scream, or not talk to me anymore." His expression was heartbreaking.

Looking him straight in the eye, I said, "Yes, this I promise. I won't tell anyone, I won't run, I won't scream, I'll still talk to you."

"Imavampire." He rushed. I'm not quite sure I understood correctly.

"Bless you?"

"Are you really going to make me say it again?" He whined.

I nodded. "Yeah, looks like it, ugh?" Nodding some more.