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It Wasn't Him In Biology

That's right. It never was Edward in her Biology class. Someone funnier, bigger, and certaintly louder.

Well, since this is another odd pair, it's one of my shorter first chapters. Only to see if you guys like it. You like it. I'll continue. This depends on my review count ya know..

5. Chapter 5

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"I don't think I get it. Are you, ya know, like Dracula or something?"

"I'm being serious Bella."

Yeah. Me too. I don't get what you're saying."

"Bella," He sat back down. "Please, grasp what I am saying. I'm a living, breathing, walking, talking, blood sucking vampire. Let's pretend," He said after he saw my confused expression. "that for one second, you understand that I am not being funny. I am not joking. Can you pretend for just this second?" He begged me.

I sat there for a few moments. With sudden realization I jumped back, causing the boat to rock.

I knew he wasn't kidding anymore. The look in his eyes told me that. Of all the things I could have done, coming to a deserted lake, with no one around, in a boat, was not one of my brightest moves. Especially since I hardly even knew him. My knowledge of horror movies and books also told me that the best choice here is to run. But I was on a boat; no running here.

"N-n-n-no. No!"

"Bella, wa-"

"No, no. NO!" I shook my head and still kept my eyes locked onto him.

"You aren't being serious. You're not. What an awful thing to joke about Emmett." I kept shaking my head, waiting to wake up. Waiting for him to tell me he was just kidding, even though I knew he wasn't.

"I'm not joking here Bella. I'm not."

"But there are no such things as vampires."

"Believe me I wish I could say the same thing."

"No." Was all I could say.

"You hate me." Emmett stated, looking like a lost puppy that just got turned down for adoption. Again.

I took several deep breaths. Then, after that, I kept breathing deep to steady myself, and buy time.

"That depends." I said quietly. Even quieter, I asked, " Do you.... Eat people? Like all the horror movies and books?"

He looked down into the bottom of the boat and twiddled his thumbs. "Some of us do." He said still looking down.

"B-but you don't, do you?"

"No, me and my family don't. Others, almost all of the others do."

"Wait. There're more?" I gasped in shock.

"Yes. But they don't live around here. Most of them are loners any way. Well that's not the point here. No. My family, meaning me, Edward, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, and Carlisle, don't 'eat' people. We drink animal blood to survive." He explained. "Do you hate me?" I struggled to keep up.

"I- I don't think I hate you... No. I don't." I decided. "As long as you don't hurt people."

A giant smile broke across his face. He reached over and embraced me in a bone-crushing hug.

"Can't- Breathe- Emmett!" I choked out.

"Oops. Sorry" He laughed as he released me.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched him. I watched the emotions play across his face. Happiness and joy, love, and horror? He sat stiff and straight, alert.

"Emmett, what's going on buddy?" I asked, riding on his panic wave.

Emmett shook himself quickly. "Mmm? Oh ugh, nothing. I think we should head back though. Those clouds are, ugh, turning, into- look! Over there!"

"What?" I followed his finger towards the shore. "What am I looking for?"


"You- never mind."

"Bella," He laughed. "I think you're hallucinating. Should I take you back home?"

"Fine." Starting to get frustrated, I thought about all the new things I had learned today. For starters, we don't live in that black and white world anymore, and it doesn't matter how many times you tell yourself it all might change, it doesn't. No one ever "learns from their mistakes". They don't learn. Secondly, always expect the unexpected. It's been said before, though I'm not sure how many people actually pay attention to it.

"Are you still there?" Emmett waved his hand back and forth across my face a couple of times.

"Yeah, I'm here? Why? Oh, OK, um, I might need a little help with the whole getting out of the boat thing." I admitted.

"No offense or anything, but do you always lose focus like this? It seems to be happening alot lately."

"Um.. No?" I said. "Only when I think."

He laughed. "You think too much."

"Weren't you supposed to be doing something? Like, oh, I dunno, helping a clutz out of a boat?"

"Alrighty then, let's see, I'll go first, and when I get out, hand me those, things, right there. Then I'll try to get you out.


White ceiling, white ceiling fan. "Ow." I felt the muscles in my back and neck tighten and release painfully. Slowly but surely I was sitting up right and clutching my head. The sudden blood rush made my head spin. White walls, wooden floor, white couch. One leg over the side of the couch, ow. Wooden stairs with a black railing, large screen T.V playing Little House on The Prairie? Rushed conversation came from the next room. I barely made out any of it.

"I don't think we should... Should we... I don't know what to..."

"..we tell her.. It's too late for that..."

"Doesn't look like it... We may win..."

"She's up."

From around the corner came Emmett, Edward and Alice. Alice was dressed exquisitely in a short, light pink dress, black, plain flats, and a light black jacket. Emmett wore the same clothes that he wore this afternoon, and Edward was dressed a bit more formal.

"Hey, sleepy." Emmett said plopping down uncomfortably close to me, shaking most of the couch.

"Um, hi?" I answered still dazed from being asleep.

"Ya know," Edward started, taking up all the left over room on the other side of me. "you really were out quite a long time there. You're lucky Emmett was able to save your but. I mean seriously, though, if he weren't there you'd be all soaking wet." He nudged me twice, scooting me even closer to Emmett.

"Um, I'm guessing I'm in your house? On your couch?" I asked.

"You bet, ya like the inside as much as you like the outside?"

Alice rolled her eyes and shot both of them the "look". "Guys, we have things we need to clear, remember?"

I looked back up at her. "Yeah, about that, I caught some of the conversation you guys had in there," I said, jerking my thumb in the direction of the other room. "and I really truly do not mean to eaves drop but do you mind explaining what you were discussing so thoroughly?"

Suddenly, six, golden eyes were all focused on mine, in somewhat of a stage of shock. "Guys?"

Emmett returned back from never ever land. "I'm guessing you wouldn't believe me if I said we were talking about the latest baseball game, would you?" He said, smiling.

"Considering it's you, and if it were any other time, probably. But since this is not another time, and it's now, I have a feeling that isn't what you were definitely talking about." I said folding my arms over my chest.

Edward shifted position and caught my attention. "And I'm guessing that you wouldn't be too happy if we told you that it isn't the right time to tell you? I mean considering," He laid his and on my knee. "the recent confession that Emmett so helpfully gave you this afternoon."


Emmett had dropped me off at home at around seven-thirty. Although it was, interesting, I learned many new things in one day. I laid awake for quite a long time, just thinking things through. In all of one day, I have learned three things that will change my life forever. One, the world we live in, is not what we think it is. There are many changes, people, and things that will ultimately decide your fate. Two. Men, no matter what the species, are one of the most confusing creatures known to mammal, reptile, and monkey. And three. Always, no matter what you may do in life, always choose your friends wisely.