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what if james had a reason for trying to hold back what if he would do what edward wouldnt what if he didnt want bella to die?

i dont know what to say! no i dont mean to sound mean but somthing like 72 peopel have read this and only 2 peopel have revewid if u dont like if fine but tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz?

1. Chapter 2

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(James’s pov)

I know I shouldn’t, but why?

She’s a human

So why do I feel regret?

She’s weak

I think I cant, why?

She’s an ugly puny human!


The blade stopped before the strike

The monster paused

Doubts flickering

Self-control weakening?

(James’s pov)

Why do I pity her?

She’s a human

Why did I stop?

She’s weak

There hear but I stopped, why?

She’s an ugly puny human

And she ended my life