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The Humanity

Something happens to Carlisle. And it scares everyone. This is a crazy idea I thought of. All dialouge, one shot.


1. Chapter 1

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"Carlisle, Carlisle. CARLISLE!"

"EMMETT! Don't touch him."

"Well, what should we do? This isn't normal."

"What do you think happened to him?"

"I think hes sleeping.."

"Shut up Emmett, vampires don't sleep."

"Well vampires don't randomly fall over and start snoring."

"Maybe he fainted.."

"Vampires don't faint either."

"Edward, whats he thinking?"

"I'm pretty sure hes dreaming.."


"Calm down Bella, sheesh. He's not dead."

"Well he's obviously sleeping. Listen to him snore."

"Whats he dreaming about Edward?"

"Esme, and hunting in the Amazon."

"Does he know hes sleeping?"

"He's not sleeeeeping!"



"Yeah, 'UHH' thats what I thought."

"He thinks he's actually hunting. So no, he doesn't know hes sleeping."

"Someone wake him."

"Carlisle, honey. Wake up.."

"Hes still in the Amazon."



"What? Look he's coming to."

"Uuugh, whaahappenedd?"


"I heard someone yell wake up. Did Jacob fall asleep again?"

"Nope, not me. You did Doc."

"I beg your pardon?"

"You were walking to the front door then 'PLOP' you just fall over and start snoring."

"That's impossible, vampires don't sleep"

"Theres a first time for everything.."

"Shush Emmett."

"What an amusing joke you guys. Now please. Someone tell my why I'm on the floor."

"Because you fell.."

"And started snoring"

"Jasper, vampires don't sleep"

"You did."

"I did not, I must have been day dreaming"

"You're eyes were closed, and you were snoring."

"No, thats impossible."

"Nothings impossible, you should know that."

"Back up, I need some air to breathe"


"Breathe, you know. Air?"

"You don't need to 'breathe'"

"Try holding your breath."

"I'll count to ten."


"One, two, three, four, five"

"OHHHH. I can't do it!"

"Not good you guys.."

"Oh dear.."

"Let me stand up.."


"Vampires definantly don't stagger.."

"How about you sit down?"

"That sounds good.."

"You're tired?"

"Suprisingly, yes."


"I wish I knew.."

"Well lets try something.."




"That was an ancient African artifact.."

"Sorry Esme, if Carlisle were normal he would have caught it.."

"We're never normal.. We're vegitarian vampires for goodness sakes"

"Well it looks like someones turning back into a human."



"Oh my."

"In your dream Carlisle, you were hunting an animal, but you stopped."

"Yes, I know.."

"He stopped?"

"The animal seemed unappitizing.."


"So you wanted human blood? No biggie."

"Yes biggie Emmett, he didn't want human blood, he didn't even want blood"



"Yes Nessie. Ask for yourself.."

"Gramps, you smell that food me and Jacob were making?"

"The soup and biscuts?"


"Doesn't it smell disgusting?


"Umm what?"

"It actually smells good."


"Oh jeez.."

"Go get a bowl of soup for him Jacob."

"Okie dokie."



"What. Whats happening?"

"He wants to sleep."


"Not normal at all."

"Here's your soup."


"Jacob if you're hungry, get yourself a bowl."

"That wasn't my stomach.."


"Nope, not me."

"Sorry, that was me.."

"Don't tell me your stomach just growled."

"That would be lying."

"Well, finish your soup,"

"What's happening?"

"Something bad."

"I wouldn't call it bad.."

"Imagine if we could reverse the venom!"

"I could have a baby.."

"Yes Rosalie, you could have a baby.."

"OH MY!"

"What is it Alice?"

"Not good, not good at all."

"Ohhhh nooo.."

"Are you seeing this Edward?"

"Indeed I am.."

"What's going on?"

"Stop looking at me you two."

"Carlisle, you're going to get old, extremely old.."