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Blood is thicker than water

the cullens come back from a trip to denali to discover that the world has been possessed by aliens. but when alice startes having visions of humans they set out to find them. but what if they were discovered by them what then. would they be accepted of cast away and what if the humans were in danger of discovery would the cullens help or turn away

this is my cross over and if you want more you have to tell me if you want more

1. lucy iam home

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We speed down the twisting high way that led out of Forks we were headed south. It had been 2 years ago that we had discovered the souls had taken the humans minds. We had stayed out of the public eye since then. But know we had to leave all ten of us. We were looking for a hunch. That may sound weird but we were doing the same thing Alice and jasper had done going off and looking for unseen things. We had gone two Denial to come back to find that literally the whole human race had my possessed what was worse Alice couldn’t see them. After this discovery Carlisle went to see the Volturi only to discover it was deserted. The pack had disappeared but we discovered that they had been trying to live as wolves for the time being. Everyone except for Seth he stayed with us and Jacob.

Edward was driving my Ferrari and I was manning the walky-talky.

“Bella,” Alice said suddenly “we are going to go down an abandoned mountain in about 3miles.”

I said to Alice, “Got it ok.”

“We are near Picacho peak.” It was a vague memory from my human life my mother had taken me here when I was little.

“What are we doing here?” I asked Edward.

“Alice wanted to check it out.” He said then he turned onto a road that looked like it hadn’t been used latterly.

We drove for a little longer than parked the cars. We got out and hid them as well as we could.

“Ok here’s the deal,” Alice said to us. “I had a vision there were humans around here some were so I think we should hunt then find them.”

“Why.” Emmet asked like he could care less.

“Because they probably think they are the only non- possessed people left on earth and maybe we could help them out I mean it’s not like we are doing anything else.”

With that we split up and hunted Jacob and Renesmee and Seth went together. Edward and I went together. Emmet and Rosaline, Alice and Jasper and Esme and Carlisle. There wasn’t much to hunt for but we all managed to get enough. Then we started looking for the humans.

The sun was beginning to rise when we found there sent. They were some were under us. We were wearing long sleeves so when we started to rise we put our hoods on. Then we found the entrance to the cave it was in plain sight there was a jeep hidden just inside.

“Renesmee, Seth, and Jacob. Stay behind us I said as we started in.

“why.” Jacob asked.

“Because if they have and start shooting at us you guys aren’t bullet proof.”

“fine.” Jacob said I knew I had won. We walked down at regular speed not wanting to surprise anyone who might see up any more than necessary we walked into a bright room with mirrors everywhere and crops growing. There was no one there we continued to follow the most recent scents they lead into a big room about the size of a foot ball field. They were playing soccer so we stood in the shadows.

“How do you think we should make our presence known?” Carlisle asked low enough for only us to hear.

“Allow me.” Jake said and before we could stop him he yelled


“Jake,” we all hissed at him.

“Who’s there,” an old man with a rifle asked us.

We took a depth unnecessary breath before we stepped out of the shadows.