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No main focus, no center. It has brilliancy, it had beauty. This is Edward's view on life only through New Moon.

Thanks to Nightrose for beta-ing this!

1. Chapter 1

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A life, an existence
To live with your life as if it is
the sky, spattered with stars.
An endless amount of bright points,
of reasons.
No main focus.
No center.
Almost no light.
And to have something so
so wonderful
burst into that sky.
A shooting star,
a meteor.
It sets everything afire,
blinding you of that previous sky.
It has brilliancy,
it has beauty.
And, you emptier than you were before,
it disappears along the horizon.
Yet, worse still,
you know it is your fault.
You were the one who blinded yourself.
You were the one who forced the separation.
The stars aren't visible anymore.
Nothing is.
Nothing ever will be again.