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The Night Before Life Goes On

So I got this idea in my head about Jake. What if he decided to go clubbing one night? What if Billy found out? What if... Jake was scarred with permanent memories of that faithful night? Heh, heh... just a stray thought that lead me to write this story. Post New Moon. Rated teen for minor language (one word, actually).

Hey, have any of you ever heard of a story called Awaken, My Angel? Just curious... ;)

1. Oops

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Last night was a blur as I rolled out of bed, frowning at the odd taste in my mouth. And... Whoa, my head seemed to be floating in the clouds... I staggered to the mirror, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. Swerving nervously, I was momentarily blinded at the bright light that flickered on. I griped the table edges for support as I breathed in and picked up Billy’s sent... Oh crap, Billy!

I whipped around, my eyes wide open. Sure enough, Billy was there, his arms crossed and his face vex. Uh oh... I looked down and... lost my balance. I ended up on the floor, and chose to stay there. The floor boars groaned with effort as Billy wheeled himself over. I winced as a sharp squeak pierced my ears... God, what was wrong?

"Jacob... What happened?" Billy asked, shocked at... Well I didn’t know.

I eased my way up and stumbled over to the mirror once more. I jammed my hands into my pockets and looked up at the mirror to find my eyes blood-shot. My hair was chipped in various places and... Oh. Well... I was kind of... missing... an... eyebrow. Wait... what?! I did a double take and nearly jumped out of my skin at the stranger staring back at me... Uh oh... God, what had happened?

The Night Before Life Goes On~

"Hey, Jake-y over here ya big wussy!" Came a distant shout.

Crap, I’d come here alone, not expecting anyone to know me. I swivelled in my chair freely, glaring at the general direction of the shouts of laughter.

Turning back, I sipped my drink cooly, listening in on a conversation next to me. The music that was blasting throughout the club was mundane enough for me to drown out, which is abnormally huge for me.

"... Do you see that looker over there?" The guy motioned at a pretty fox by the door, looking unsure if this was really the place to be. Suddenly, I was too.

The guys next to him grunted in agreement. He glided out of his chair and up to the girl, flashing smiles way too much, in my opinion. He slid his arm around her waist and guided her to the dance floor. She stumbled once, not trusting enough, not that I blame her.

He whispered something in her ear and she shook her head once. Actually, it was a very graceful move. She laid her hands across the guy’s neck and started swaying her hips to the beat of the music, which I now noticed to be an upbeat remix of some old country song. Weird.

The guys across the bar table from me started getting pretty restless.

"Seems like the rookie knows a thing or two," one of them laughed.

The others joined in and gave a routy laugh as well. I continued to sip my drink, trying to seem nonchalant about the whole situation.

The same guy who spoke earlier chose that precise moment to stare me down. I looked at him, unconsciously flexing my biceps. As I response, I guess, the guy cracked his knuckles and shook his head from side to side, gathering the attention of the group. In the full light if the situation, I could clearly count ten people in the group. Interesting.

Rather than loose the bit of cool that I had, I waited for the guy to make another move.

"Jake-y, Jake-y boy... Ova hea ya wussy!" Crap (again)... I hear another bout of laughter tear noisily into my newly acquired cool... Sheesh, the guys at the other side of the club were annoying the sanity out of me.

My new friends must of noticed me cringe knowingly; the guy who cracked his knuckles stared mockingly at me.

"Yeah, well what do you want?" I shrugged the question as my defense.

"Nothin kid, go back to your ma," The guy croaked.

My face turned red... not that anyone could see. I didn’t have a mother.

I cracked back at him, unable to stop myself, "‘Bet you’re just talk. You can’t take me in a fight."

All at once, I heard the screech of ten stools being pushed back. Suddenly, the group closed off any chance of my escape... Not that I would run, heck, I was a werewolf!

"I told you, kid, don’t mess with me."

I gave a false façade by throwing my shoulders back and standing my full height. Actually, I think I looked sort of casual and threatening at the same time.

The two words escaped my lips before I could stop it.

"Try me."

And then a new emotion flashed across the guy’s face... Something that had been imprinted upon my brain during my first phase. Something that my father never nurtured, and Sam always tried to prevent. Something that I easily recognized... The emotion the took over the guy’s body was rage.

I smiled airily and placed a collected and serene look about me- a little trick I picked up from Sam. I chose to not instigate the group further.

"There’ll be hell to pay for that..." I heard another person whisper. Oops.