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A Big Happy Family Facing Their Doom

BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! Jacob's POV of pages 722-723, when Bella revealed that she wanted Nessie to leave with Jake. Written for the Novel Novice Twilight August fanfiction contest.

All charecter belong to Stephenie Meyers.

1. A Big Happy Family Facing Their Doom

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As the bloodsucker’s leaders started to talk about what they wanted to do with all of us, as if none of us were even there, I noticed something was wrong with Bella.

Not physically, but deeply emotionally. I knew her well enough that I could tell that whatever she was thinking about wasn’t good, that it would cause her more pain than what she was already suffering. I felt slightly wary as I waited for her to show whatever was bothering her. I hoped it wasn’t one of Bella’s stupid, selfless things. We’d had enough of those in this life.

She reached behind her and loosened Nessie’s arms from her neck. Warmth flooded me as I stared at the small brown eyes girl, the singular reason for my existence.

Bella leaned down to her. “You remember what I told you?” she whispered gently. Confusion washed through me. What could Bella have told her before that would have any effect now—that would be important?

Those Italian bloodsuckers are real bastards, you know that? They act like they can do whatever they want to us? As if! Leah was still ruffled from the guard dog comment that they head vamp seemed to be thinking of him. Aro.

Well, in a way they can, Leah, I reminded her. Now please shut up for a minute. I need my head empty except for me, okay? You too Seth. I could feel Leah’s annoyance, but was grateful that she listened to me. Seth, who had been eavesdropping, did whatever I asked to help. I really did like that kid.

Small tears welled up in Nessie’s eyes, and pain rippled through me at the sight, as well as annoyance at Bella. Why would she do something to upset her daughter? Especially with everything going on right now. The poor girl was stressed enough.

“I love you,” the small girl whispered as she nodded. What the heck did Bella tell her?

I noticed Edward was watching his wife and daughter as well, his eyes wide as he read whatever his daughter thought. Too bad he couldn’t read Bella’s mind. It would save the world a lot of confusion. Like what the hell she was thinking now.

“I love you too,” Bella softly said, and touched the small locket she had given Nessie for Christmas. “More than my own life,” she murmured, kissing her daughter’s forehead.

A small whine escaped my throat as I impatiently waited for either of them to tell us what they were going on about. It sounded uneasy, even to me. I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted whatever had Nessie crying to happen. But if it would protect her…

Suddenly the reason why Edward had left Bella over a year ago became painfully clear to me. I would do whatever was necessary to keep Renesmee safe, no matter the cost for me. Edward obviously felt the same about Bella.

Bella turned to me then, stretching up on her toes in a total Bella-like action. At least she wouldn’t fall anymore. She leaned into me so she could whisper into my ear, and her scent was stirred in the air, making my nose burn more than it already was with so many vampires around.

“Wait until they’re totally distracted, then run with her. Get as far from this place as you possibly can. When you’ve gone as far as you can on foot, she has what you need to get you in the air,” she instructed.

Shock rippled through me, along with horror. Did she truly believe there would be no hope if there was a fight? She rather me leave here than try to help her? Horror washed through me as two things came to my mind. The first being allowing her, my very best friend to die in an attempt to save me. The second was gratitude that she would allow me to leave with her daughter, to make her safe. To let us be safe.

Edward seemed horrified too. I knew it was mostly the fact that Bella seemed to accept that she would die, but also that she never told him—or me—of her plan.

Nessie reached out for Edward, who took her into his arms and hugged her tightly to him. I felt guilt crash through me as I realized he could die for me too, just to keep his daughter safe and happy. I felt bad for ever hating him in that instant, more than ever before.

“This is what you kept from me? He whispered over Nessie’s shoulder to Bella, confirming one of my guesses.

“From Aro,” Bella breathed.

Sometimes, I forgot how smart Bella really was, how ingenious she could be when she wanted to. She knew that Edward couldn’t read her mind, and neither could the Italian leeches. So if she kept her plan to herself for as long as possible, no one would know besides who she wanted to. And everyone around us, who wouldn’t do anything to try and stop her.


Bella nodded.

I felt a small surge of anger, as well as gratitude toward the small pixie like vampire. Though she had abandoned her family in their greatest time of need, she had actually done something to benefit them as well. She gave Nessie—and me—a chance for life, even though I wished it would never get to that point. Edward’s face twisted with pain coupled with understanding, much like how I imagined my face would be.

Anger swelled in me at that moment as another whiff of icy bleach seemed to hit my nose. It reminded me of the other bloodsuckers on the other side of the field, getting ready to kill us all. A growl escaped me, and I bared my teeth, ready to kill anyone who tried to hurt my family—wolf and vampire.

Shock ran a course through my body. I had never considered the Cullens my family before, and now that I was faced with the possibility of their demise, I realized they were family to me as much as the pack. They were my brothers and my sisters.

Edward kissed Renesmee’s forehead and cheeks before he gently lifted her up to my shoulder. Warmth flooded through me at the contact, as well as the desire to protect the small and valuable girl in any way.

But that didn’t mean I wanted to lose my best friend in the process. Losing Bella would hurt Nessie as much as it would me—maybe even more—and I didn’t want to subject her to that. I looked at Bella, the pain clear in my eyes. I couldn’t just leave her to die. Not after all we had gone through.

“You’re the only one we could ever trust her with,” she whispered to me quietly, emotion empty from her voice. “If you didn’t love her so much, I could never bear this. I know you can protect her, Jacob.” Of course I could protect her. But only from the physical harm. The mental pain Bella’s daughter was going to go through would be something I couldn’t fix. I whined, wishing even more now that I didn’t feel my feet ready to leave with Nessie on my back now, far, far away to a safe place. I butted my head against her shoulder to show my feelings. I hated leaving her—even Edward—to this.

“I know,” Bella murmured. “I love you too Jake. You’ll always be my best man.”

I felt a tear bud in my eye, and flow down to my thick fur. Damn these stupid emotions! I thought to myself. I couldn’t make this too hard on Nessie or Bella. I had to try and be tough.

Edward leaned against my shoulder. “Goodbye, Jacob, my brother…my son,” he whispered. I froze. Finally, he had accepted me. Why did this all have to happen just before death came to the door? Why did I have to leave my family here?

A small handed patted me, and a vision of me running with Renesmee on my back, her laughing filled my mind, and I was reminded instantly.

For her, of course.