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The First Vampire

Did you ever wonder how vampires came into existence? Bella did. Bella is approached by a near stranger on her wedding day, consequently turning her world into a race for time and love. Will she be victorious?

Just to get this out of the way,
Disclaimer: I do not own. And thank you so much to Nightrose for beta-ing this!!

1. Preface and Chapter 1

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I hadn't known that his all depended on me. No one had known, only her, what was meant to be. And she had so graciously shared that information with us, preparing us for what was to come. What was to attack.

But even she hadn't conceived the magnitude of what was coming. How could she? She only saw the decisions, not the outcome. And the one that could see the outcome could see nothing now.

I stood alone, everything was silent-the calm before a tempest. I faced everything alone, I didn't have anyone to protect or help me. No one to save me.

I now stood perfectly still, waiting for my opponent to strike.

He snarled, and charged. I counter-attacked -taking everyone's fate into my own hands.

At least, those fates that still existed...

I linked my shaking arm through Charlie's. The butterflies that had been fluttering in my stomach had turned into mosquitoes, biting me, making my stomach sting. Maybe I shouldn't have had eaten that bowl of cereal this morning-but I hadn't had a say in the matter. Alice had all but forced it down my throat.

I had been amazed that Alice had let me get away with eating only a simple breakfast of cereal and orange juice. Lately, Edward and Alice had been forcing me to eat all of this ridiculously exotic food- things that I would never consider under normal circumstances: lobster, imported Chinese and Mexican food, sushi, and dozens of things that I couldn't even pronounce. I had complained about all of this. What was wrong with normal food? But, they, especially Edward, insisted that they were making up for a lifetime without the ability to eat.

In truth, I hadn't minded the amazing food, but I wished that they hadn't spent so much money on me. Why do so when things that didn't cost nearly as much would suffice? When I had asked that, it didn't go over very well with them.

"It's time, Bells." Charlie nudged me, trying to get my attention.

He was right. Alice, my maid of honor, was just finishing her long walk down the aisle. She was wearing a midnight blue dress. it had a cascading back and dragged on the ground a bit. She had insisted on wearing four-inch, silver, crystal-studded heels, so she didn't look so short. She had gracefully danced up the aisle. She now stood next to Rosalie, gazing at me.

Lately, Rosalie had been... surprisingly nice to me. I didn't know if it was the wedding. Whatever it was, I was grateful to it. I had once asked Edward why she was being so nice to me. He had simply answered, "She'll tell you when she's ready to." That had kept me up at night, pondering what it was.

We were having the wedding in the backyard of the Cullens' place. Alice had decorated it beautifully. There were six rows of white chairs on either side of the aisle, and each had an arrangement of red roses and freesia, which I had said was ironic. Edward had called it redundant. But I wasn't really taking it all in at the moment. No, I was a bit preoccupied.

The wedding party moved down the aisle, Pachelbel's Canon in D playing sweetly in the background. When it was my turn to walk to the alter, the music would change. To my lullaby. Edward had specifically chosen it, and was not going to change his mind. Not that Alice or I had any objections.

The guests were silent, waiting for me. I took a deep breath, then the music started. Everyone stood up, as it was customary. We walked forward slowly, because I didn't want to trip in the death traps Alice had strapped to my feet. I had argued with her that I should wear flats, and not heels, but she didn't change her mind. I glanced around, looking at all of the people who had come to this, the same people that I would not be seeing for a long time, if ever again.

There was one woman in the back, wearing a large brimmed hat. I didn't recognize her, but that didn't mean much. There were many people here that I didn't know. When she ducked, almost as if picking something up, I caught a glimpse of her skin. It was white. Not white like me, but like a vampire.

I couldn't watch her anymore, for she was now out of my line of sight. I stopped looking around and turned my eyes toward my fiancée. I kept my gaze straight into his eyes for the rest of the way. They were so deep, so filled with happiness, rapture. He smiled his crooked smile, and I felt my heart stutter. That made him grin wider. I reflected his grin.

As much as I hadn't wanted this in the beginning, I was so jubilant that I had accepted his proposal now. To be able to call him my husband was... indescribable. Earlier this week, I wasn't even able to put the words husband and Edward together. Husband was too human a word to describe Edward. But now, now it was different. I was ecstatic that we were to be wed.

We arrived at the altar moments later. Charlie leaned over, and kissed my cheek.

"I love you Bella, remember that," he whispered.

I saw the tears in his eyes. He didn't want to let me go so soon. "I love you too Dad." I unlinked my arm from his, and turned to face Edward.

Edward was smiling his crooked smile, that turned into a full smile when he heard my heart stutter. He took my hand, gentle as ever.

"Take care of her, Edward," Charlie murmured to him. I flushed faintly.

Edward looked into my eyes as he responded, "Forever, Charlie. Forever."

I stepped up, so that I was standing next to Edward. We faced Emmett, who had successfully acquired a marital license via the Internet. He grinned at us mischievously. I internally groaned. Knowing Emmett, he was going to make a joke. Edward squeezed my hand, letting me know that Emmett's taunt wasn't going to be too bad.

The rest was a blur, one moment Emmett was starting with "Dearly Beloved," and the next, we had said our "I do"s. Emmett's brief joke had only been that I had "stumbled" into Edward's life. Which was true, I suppose. I had tripped over my own feet the first day in Biology, the day that Edward had gone to Denali to get away from me.

"You may now kiss the bride," Emmett finished, his voice reverberating against the glass side of the house.

Edward turned to me, and lifted my chin up. Our lips touched, sealing the sacrament we had just participated in. We broke apart soon after we started. People were cheering, my mother was crying, hopefully happy tears, Charlie was clapping, trying not to show too much emotion, the Cullens were ecstatic, Alice especially. Edward and I walked back up the aisle, both of us grinning and looking at each other. Of course, it was only natural, I stumbled. Before I could fall, though, Edward caught me, and everyone chuckled.

Alice had set up a large tent by the southeast corner of the house. While everyone headed toward that, we went to the house. I was to change out of my gown and put on something easier to move around in.